New from Gemtech: “The One” Universal Silencer, “Trilogy” Silencer Kit, Suppressed Bolt Carrier


I take it back — the theme of this year’s SHOT Show is silencers that work like LEGOs. Liberty Suppressors had their Mystic-X first, then SilencerCo came out with their Omega can, and Gemtech’s response is The One (notice a distinct biblical theme here?). The idea behind both cans is that you buy one serialized part, and put it on ALL THE THINGS. Direct thread .308 rifle? Fast attach 5.56 carbine? Bolt action .300 BLK pistol with a duck for an aiming sight? All these things and more can be suppressed with this one silencer. Just one tax stamp and all this can be yours.


The key to the system is that the mount end of the can is threaded on the inside, and the mounts are simply screw-in inserts that the end user can change at will. I think its a great concept, and I love that more silencer companies are taking this route. The real kicker is the price though: $1,000 gets you suppression on anything from 5.56 NATO to .300 Win Mag. That’s a huge drop in prices compared to only a year ago.


Also on the books this year are suppressed bolt carriers. Silencers have a tendency to increase the backpressure in the rifle and cause the bolt to cycle much more quickly than when running without a can, and as a result it increases the wear and tear on the rifle and increases felt recoil. Gemtech has a solution for that problem. Instead of changing the gas system, simply drop in a bolt with an adjustable gas key. Available in 5.56 and .308 versions, the adjustable gas key can either run full open for normal conditions or “suppressed” where some of the gasses are redirected away from the expansion chamber and keep the bolt from cycling too fast. Making the swap does require removing the bolt from the gun and pushing a couple pins, though.


Last on the list is the new “Trilogy” silencer set. Shipped straight to your SOT in a stylish case, this kit contains the three silencers that you need to suppress almost any firearm. They include a rimfire GM-22, a 45ACP pistol can the GM-45, and The One for everything else. The kit actually is pretty reasonably priced at $1,900, considering the price of the individual components.


  1. avatar Thebear says:

    I can’t believe how overpriced these things are in the US.

    1. avatar Excedrine says:

      You can thank the National Firearms Arms Act of 1934 for that, and every politician (usually Leftists) that has ever blocked its repeal, and every mewling moron who elected those politicians.

      1. avatar Thebear says:

        I don’t disagree with you.

        That said, if I ever file my Form 1, I will be making a .22 silencer out of a flashlight, not paying 200-600 bucks (on top of the tax stamp) for something that does the same thing.

        1. avatar Reef Blastbody says:

          I take it you’re in New Zealand? One of the few places off the top of my head where private gun ownership is relatively common (not as bad, as, say, England) and suppressors are completely unregulated. Hell, in many towns, they’re mandatory for outdoor shooting for noise pollution reasons.

        2. avatar Thebear says:

          ^ No I just know what people in other countries pay for them.

        3. avatar Sian says:

          Has anyone done a side by side test of the cheapie unregulated euro silencers vs expensive regulated American silencers? I’m really curious.

          I get the feeling that with the cost and trouble of entry here (setting up a trust, tax stamp, 6-10 month wait), people expect more than a $50 can will provide. (and indeed, silencer tech is decidedly behind the curve due to low demand, but that’s changing)

  2. avatar El Mac says:

    @ NL, Sweet! What though? No links???

  3. avatar David PA/NJ says:

    Can the gas system be shut off completely? I don’t have a suppressor, but I think that it would be a cool feature to shoot subsonic rounds suppressed without the rifle cycling and making a bunch of noise.

    1. avatar LC Judas says:

      That, if you’re on an AR platform, is a switch block miracle. It’s a gas block you can install on the rifle itself which modulates the gas the rifle has. Noveske, they started the trend as I recall but there’s multiple makers of that part already out here.

    2. avatar LarryinTX says:

      But I don’t see a way that a bolt could accomplish that, seems like this just allows some gas to be bled off, trying to cause the bolt to not move at all would be pretty iffy, I’d guess. And would make a mess. Shut the gas off at the block, boy, that would be slick, and the action would stay pristine! I may have to try that!

    3. avatar PavePusher says:

      Or just get a bolt-action….. which will be quieter when you reload…..

      Seriously, where do you folks come up with this stuff?

    4. avatar Jermy229 says:

      Check out AdamsArms piston driven uppers. Adjustable gas pressure w/single shot capability.

  4. avatar Alan in FL says:

    Sweet, an all in one package!

  5. avatar Bob says:

    If the price of the carriers is right, just buy a couple and swap carrier depending on what your shooting. Especially if they could be tuned vs just having discrete settings.

    It’s surely not very Operator though 😉

  6. avatar Matthew says:

    It’s too bad they can’t manage a “do everything” kit with just one serialized part. That would be awesome!

    1. avatar Rambeast says:

      Rifle cans tend to be much heavier, and would be terrible shooting with a pistol. The pistol cans are made of lighter materials, but cannot take the blast from a rifle cartridge with almost 5x the powder burning through. I think this kit is as close to a universal setup we’ll get until newer alloys are produced that combine the good aspects of both.

  7. avatar Red in Texas says:

    Until GemTech learns to keep their cans from cracking, and blowing apart, and using concentric tubes, I think I’m gonna have to stick with Silencerco. And there is that whole GemTax thing.

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      Somehow, I kinda suspect that you think GemTax Day is a bad thing.

      1. avatar Red in Texas says:

        Not the tax free day from GemTech, something entirely different. Google GemTax, and you’ll see. It is a bad thing. 😉

        1. avatar PavePusher says:

          Reason #199,999,999 why the BATFE needs to be closed down.

          Preferably with a large fire…..

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