Immigration and Firearms Registration

“‘This deferred action is a temporary permit,’ says Claudia, who fled from violence in her native Mexico and has been living in the US since 2000. ‘What is going to happen when Mr Obama is no longer president? They are going to know where I am, where my family is. Is it possible that we […]

MSNBC Melissa Harris-Perry – “I Hope Hope Trayvon Martin Whooped the **** out of George Zimmerman”

In the recently-surfaced video above, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry tells a group of college students that she hoped that Travyon Martin “whooped the shit” out of George Zimmerman. Even though anti-gunners like Harris-Perry lobby for more and more draconian laws to limit Americans’ ability to defend themselves – in the name of public safety no less […]

Focusing on M855 Is Missing the ATF’s Ultimate Intent

Reader SAS 2008 writes: While I agree that M855 should not be classified as armor piercing because its core is not “entirely” composed of the restricted materials, I am concerned that everyone is focusing on M855 and missing the point of the ATF proposal. The title of the document is: ATF FRAMEWORK FOR DETERMINING WHETHER CERTAIN PROJECTILES […]

Question of the Day: Are Veterans Dangerous?

As regular readers know I’ve been hanging out with TTAG writer, combat medic and Bronze Star recipient Jonathan Taylor. (Taylor has just accepted a position creating, establishing and enforcing hiring protocols for veterans seeking gainful employment inside Texas government.) Jon and I have been talking about all sorts of military-related issues, from his service in Afghanistan to the […]

SHOT Show 2015: Seekins Precision New Products

Seekins Precision kicked off 2015 with two new products; the K20 Incline Grip and the SP Safety Selector Kit. The K20 is an angled foregrip that will be available soon for both Keymod and MLOK attachment. It’s machined from an aluminum billet, weighs only 1.9 oz, has an integrated QD sling socket, comes in a […]

An Example of ATF Confiscation and Forfeiture

TTAG reader and lawyer Eric left the following comment underneath our post AG Holder Gives ATF Power to Confiscate Property I’m an attorney and I represent an FFL dealer/SOT manufacturer. Last fall, about $110k worth of his property was stolen. This included NFA items, 20,000 rounds of ammunition, non-NFA firearms, and other “stuff.” He cooperated with local […]

The Three Reasons Anti-Gunners Want to Disarm You

Speaking of manipulating the language, I feel free to substitute the term “civilian disarmament” for “gun control.” That’s because I never met a gun control advocate who didn’t want to disarm someone – by preventing firearms purchases, making it difficult (if not impossible) for citizens to carry a firearm and/or banning certain types of guns (and ammunition). Why? There […]