New From ERGO Grips

ERGO Grips is diving into the KeyMod scene, not only with accessories but with rails of its own. I dig the small things like KeyMod QD socket mounts, bipod mounts, and grippy rubber KeyMod slot covers, but also like the machined aluminum, rather than polymer, forward gripping accessories like the Mini Max vertical grip and the angled forward grip in the photos to follow . . .


^^^ pretty slim and sleek rail, that.


^^^ the KFR, or KeyMod Forward Rail, mounts to an A2 front sight and gives the shooter some extra rail space and grip space.


My go-to AR grip is from ERGO, and I’m happy to see the line expanding. I just picked up one of their SWIFT Grips to use on a short LoP rifle/pistol and will report back on how that compares to a couple other options out there. The ARGO is cool, if not a bit extreme for the rare times when I’m not Operating.


  1. avatar PeterK says:

    That forward clamp on rail looks cool. Anything to make a gun look more spacey, heh.

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