Coming Soon: Dan Wesson 715 Review

SHOT Show is going to delay my writing of the Dan Wesson 715 revolver review. As there was a decent amount of interest in Dan Wesson’s return to the wheel gun game here in the comments under a few CZ-related articles, in addition to Chris Dumm’s proverbial shot over CZ’s bow nearly a year ago, I figured this might be a good time for this video.


  1. avatar AndrewinDC says:

    I have a couple S&W revolvers that I barely get a chance to take out to the range as it is, but I really, really want one of these. Too many guns, too little time.

  2. avatar Scrubula says:


  3. avatar Bear says:

    The Dan Wesson revolvers are everything a s&w wants to be!

    Dan Wesson worked for s&w then quit and started his own arms company.

    The guns are better quality, more accurate and stronger.

    You get more choices for one gun, with the interchangeable barrels system.

    The gun comes with a 2 in., 4 in, 6 in., 8 in.,
    10 in. & 15 in. barrels system.

    All the parts easily interchange.

    Wow that is a lot choices for one gun!!!!

    This is one of the best revolvers made in the world!!


    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Hard to argue with that.

  4. avatar Bob says:

    Is that cylinder cut for moons?

    1. avatar Bear says:

      No moon cuts.

      The gun won’t use s and w speed loaders.

      Don’t know on the trigger, I have never
      seen one that needed any work.

      The old model number in blue steel,
      was a 15-2, it came very beautiful
      wood presentation case, laid out
      like the new plastic box now,
      with more barrel slots.

      There was a 2, 4, 6, 8 10 and 15
      inch barrels, in the felt lined slots.

      There was a barrel not tool, that
      tool also turned every allen wrench
      screw in the gun.


      1. avatar Jeremy S says:

        The cylinder face is recessed. Not sure if it’s for a speed loader or moon clips or what, but it’s recessed. Go to ~3:23 into the video to see it up close…

        1. avatar Bear says:

          It is not set up for moon clips.

          The recessed cylinder face,
          makes the gun accurate & stronger.

          There was also Patent issues,
          with s&w and ruger back in
          seventies, that recessed cylinder
          face got them around.


  5. avatar TomCruise says:

    given the mark on it the trigger is definitely cast

  6. avatar Pascal says:

    Great revolver like other Dan Wesson gun but will have the same problem, they will not produce enough, whatever ones are available will sell at MSRP+ and gun shop employees will purchase them first or their friends and everyone else is screwed. Would buy but will never find one to purchase.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Well there are two in stock at one of my local LGSs. And one is a “blem,” which means for a blemish that you’ll never ever be able to find without opening the letter that comes with it and has it circled on a diagram, you save a couple hundred bucks. …they’re out there…

  7. avatar bontaijoe says:

    I’m waiting for a 22LR version. I have a blue pistol pac in .357 and one in 44 mag that I bought way back when I was young and good looking

  8. avatar jack says:

    I haven’t heard people say much about the new production Dan Wesson revolvers, they seem pretty interesting. I wonder how they hold up to lots of fast double action shooting or a large volume of hot magnum loads. Thanks for the review.

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      Hopefully they will hold up as well as the originals. The Dan Wesson .44 mag would easily outlast the S&W model 29 because of it’s massive frame. And I am not exagerating when I say the .44 was massive.

  9. avatar Bear says:

    The guns are as strong as it gets.

    The 357 mag frame was very strong.

    Dan Wesson lengthened frame to shoot,
    the 375 maximum round.


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