New from FNH USA: SCAR 20


The more I use my SCAR 17S, the more it grows on me. I wasn’t a huge fan at the outset, but the performance of the gun has started to change my mind. FNH USA submitted a modified version of the SCAR 17 for the CSASS program that was looking for a short semi-auto sniper rifle platform, and while the contract has yet to be inked for any of the competitors they have decided to go into full production with a civilian version of the rifle. Made 100% in the United States (unlike the current Belgian imported receivers for the SCAR series) the rifle sports some cool features.


Instead of a 16 inch barrel, the SCAR 20 has an eponymous 20 inch tube. The receiver has been extended another six to eight inches forward of the gas block to provide a longer stance for the rifle and a longer top rail, and looks very slick. The stock has been replaced with a great looking adjustable version, and the trigger has been swapped from FNH USA’s design to a Geiselle trigger. That last part is especially important — I love FNH USA, but I hate that SCAR trigger.


Availability for the new rifle will be “soon,” but the price point is said to be astronomical. If you thought the SCAR 17 was expensive don’t even peek at the price tag or you will have a heart attack. The plan at the moment is to launch the gun as a kit, including a hard case full of goodies like a silencer and scope, all for one price to try and quell the sticker shock.


  1. avatar Farmer Tyler says:

    Got a SCAR-17S myself and I too am very fond of it. I might entertain the idea of getting one of these. Just wish they made these to use P-Mags….

    1. avatar Cain says:

      Look up Handl Defense’s aftermarket lowers for the Scar. They look nicer, are reputed to be more robust and solid, and can take P mags. A bit pricy though, but for the utility they provide it’s probably worth it.

    2. avatar pun&gun says:

      Stryker Enterprises has an aftermarket lower that takes Pmags, as does Cavalry. Handl isn’t the only one in the game. Stryker seems to have closer ties to FN itself than the rest do, as well, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about the company and the owner.

      1. avatar pun&gun says:

        Also the aftermarket lowers take standard AR-pattern grips. If you look, even the one stuck on the pictured lower doesn’t fit right. For some reason the default SCAR lower seems designed not to be compatible with much of anything.

  2. avatar Rokurota says:


  3. avatar John says:

    Wasn’t the price something ridiculous like 6 grand?

    1. avatar DPV says:

      If it includes a suppressor and a scope? Oh I think it will be a lot more than $6k.

    2. avatar @TheRealDonaldTrump says:

      It’s $5000 and only available for CT side, but it isn’t worth buying because it can’t one hit on body shot and it’s a noob weapon. Also it doesn’t have a silencer.

  4. avatar seans says:

    Do not waste your money on these. The MK20 is one of the biggest POS weapons I have ever seen issued. If it was just one gun that was issued that had problems, I would have such feeling about it. But when it a systematic turd that has a variety of quality control issues it’s another thing.

    1. avatar Gordon says:

      I heard that a lot of the USSOCOM guys were shying away from the SCAR in general.

      1. avatar seans says:

        Yeah. There is a reason the SMUs refuse to use the SCAR family. It’s going to come out sooner or later just how unpopular the SCAR family is in Socom, and how it unfortunately became issued.

        1. avatar James says:

          I would like to know what sort of problems you’ve had with them
          As I own a 17s this interests me

        2. avatar seans says:

          With the 20s I have seen a large amount of guns going full auto, random POI shifts of above 5 minutes, and a high level of general unreliability. The 17s have improved to a decent level of reliability. But they still are outclassed by a large amount of 7.62 rifles. The SCAR is a family of weapons that was pushed on SOCOM against the wishes of a lot of people, from a extremely screwed up acquisition programs.

        3. Was the POI shift due to the rifle eating optics? I heard a few years ago that the SCAR 17 in particular was known to kill optics. Confirm or deny?

  5. avatar Don in PA says:

    As much as I like the whole M14/Sage setup, this would make a lot of sense as contemporary replacement.

  6. avatar Azman says:

    How would this be any better than an accurized FAL?

    1. avatar anonymoose says:

      A scope mount that isn’t attached to the dustcover? Drop-free mags instead of rock-in?

  7. avatar Chris says:

    Nice rifle, modern M21.

  8. avatar KD says:

    Wow, for just a few seconds that was the most exciting announcement so far from SHOT Show 2015. All American made SCAR, 20 inch barrel, better trigger – WOW! I rocketed to a quick high, then had the rug pulled out from under me. Leghorn, why did you have to mention price?

  9. avatar savaze says:

    I think I’ll wait for the Desert Tech MDR…

  10. avatar Josh says:

    How about a 20″ barrel for the 17 – this should be offered by FN given the purpose of being able to swap barrels on the 17. Charging an astronomical price for a kit is a drag.

  11. avatar goplat guy says:

    seans – still throwing tampons…Mk20 is solid and bros are running it with the geissele trigger and seal module now. good on fn to get it to the civvy shooters. EGLM is a no go.

  12. avatar Greg says:

    I have a SCAR 17s but shortened the barrel to 14″ and installed a Surefire SOCOM muzzle break/suppressor mount for a CQB rifle. If more than a max 500 yards I would go bolt rifle that out preforms in the accuracy column. I have not had any issues with the FN but have upgraded to the Stryker Magpul lower and Geissele trigger which made large improvements. But a 20″ barrel i think is too far a reach and barrel lenght does not increase accuracy just FPS.

  13. avatar Louis says:

    Just tell what the fucking price is. If you thought the SCAR 17 was expensive don’t even peek at the price tag or you will have a heart attack. Knock off this stupid shit. If you know the price then let people decide for them self what is to expensive. If you don’t know the price then don’t act like you know and post nothing. Typical click bate bull shit. Also what is soon? This article was published over 1.5 years ago. If that is your idea of soon, then all of humanity will die of old age. Go back to journalism school, because you seriously suck at doing this for a job.

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