More Details about Magpul’s AK-47 Furniture


When I saw Magpul’s new AK furniture, I had some questions about how it all worked. The AK-47 isn’t exactly the most versatile firearm to customize after all, and as someone who has spent a long and bloody afternoon cursing at his Russian creation trying to remove a gas tube I can attest to that fact. Replacing the stock on an AK, for example, usually requires a grinding wheel and a rivet gun. I was curious how Magpul had pulled it off, and they were happy to oblige.


Starting at the back, the stock is attached just like the standard wooden stock. The rear trunion remains firmly riveted in place, no matter whether you use the straight fixed stock or the folding stock also offered. All the end user needs to do is unscrew the existing stock retaining screw, add what’s there at the time to the firewood pile, slap the new stock on and screw the retaining screw back in. It’s a quick swap, and makes a huge difference.

The Magpul stocks on the AK line all offer replaceable cheek pieces to raise your comb height to the point where you can use your preferred sighting system, which is really cool. And I like. Add in the quick change nature of the stock and it’s pretty cool.


The handguards are the toughest to change, but totally worth it. Instead of a small wooden block, Magpul gives you acres of real estate with which to perform your preferred Costa-grip stance. They use the M-LOK system to allow you to put some rail sections or whatever on the gun, and are offered in versions that allow even those rifles with the funky sling loops on the side to fit. One of the nice features is that the handguard has a sufficiently large slot that you can fit an Ultimak rail on your gas tube and be able to use it with the handguard installed. That, or you can use the associated top cover instead and everything will match.

The prices are pretty darn reasonable, and the aesthetic is consistent with the rest of the Magpul line. No doubt they will continue to print money with this new product line.


  1. avatar El Mac says:

    Hey Magpul….pay attention please!!! YUGO parts……YUGO parts…………………….YUGO PARTS PLEASE!!!!!

    1. avatar dracon1201 says:


    2. avatar JT says:

      Calm down. They said in a reply to a comment on facebook that they are working on it.

      1. avatar El Mac says:

        @JT, Thanks for letting me know that. I’m not a Facebooker…

      2. avatar El Mac says:

        @JT, “Calm down. They said in a reply to a comment on facebook that they are working on it.”

        JT, I looked but did not see where they posted anything like that. Can you post the quote?

    3. avatar BigDawgBeav says:

      I’m with you… I have a Zastava N-PAP and it’s begging for Magpul furniture.

      1. avatar 2hotel9 says:

        I want to change buttstock on my M70 Zastava. Don’t need a rubber cushion to fire anything chambered in 7.62, and need a trapdoor for the cleaning kit. 😉

  2. avatar Aono says:

    Bulgarian milled. It’s just another tang slot..

    1. avatar JQP says:

      ….another Bulgie milled (SF) here, so the stock’s not really an option for me (?). (Would insert a shamless plug for my Krebs UFM-M handguard here, but guessing that’s not appropriate!)

      1. avatar mlloyd says:

        Me three. I don’t think there’s anything in that black bag for me. Bulgy Milled, slant receiver, Arsenal SAM7R
        I am NOT cutting tangs off. Forget it.

        1. avatar JQP says:

          Damn that thing’s gorgeous. Just have to get my RS mount and Aimpoint and my AK build is done (and will be very similar to yours)

        2. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

          Question for the guys with the milled receivers:

          Would this work on Aresenel’s other models with the stamped rcvrs (104/107)?

          Just curious, and don’t know that much about the differences between various civy AKs out there.

    2. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Bulgy milled underfolder, oh wait. Nevermind.

  3. avatar JaxD says:

    Perfect timing for the parts kit I ordered.

  4. avatar O-Hebi says:

    New Jack City or Menace To Society style?

    1. avatar slowroll says:

      I missed both of those movies, but if I get my moe for vz58 they can have it however they like

  5. avatar Pete S. says:

    Want the stock, Shut Up & Take My Money!

  6. avatar tom12121112 says:

    I heard lots of praise for the forend, but not a peep on the install. Anything?

  7. avatar Rick says:

    Please keep filthy comments to yourself.

    1. avatar slowroll says:

      Jimmies russled much? It was a joke, I am not going to give head to the entire magpul staff. I thought we were all adults here that could take a joke and not be a prude, guess I was wrong.

  8. avatar Julian says:

    “Replacing the stock on an AK, for example, usually requires a grinding wheel and a rivet gun.”

    Wat. If you’re putting on a folding stock that replaces the rear trunnion, sure, but otherwise it takes a screwdriver. Possibly a drill to make sure the screw holes on the new stock match the rear tang of the rifle. Not exactly rocket surgery.

    1. avatar Kris says:

      Agreed. Hey Nick, when you were changing the furniture on said AK, was it your first time ever taking a gun apart? The description you use for working on an AK make me think about the woman on the infomercial who becomes hopelessly frustrated trying to flip an egg in a pan. Are all Texans like this? Illiterate cave dwellers have no problem breaking down AKs. Just sayin’

      1. avatar Brian Patterson says:

        You’re an idiot. If you knew shit about AK’s, you’d know some are build so poorly that the cam lever doesnt want to move, or there could simply be a bad fit for the gas tube. If you werent there, STFU.

        1. avatar Kris says:

          Ya, those stuck levers are a real doozy. You actually have to hit them with a rubber hammer or block of wood. Gasp!

        2. avatar Cody says:

          AK cleaning kits have a slot in them meant just for the gas tube cam lever. So if your AK has a cleaning kit, then you won’t have any issues getting that stubborn cam lever up to remove the gas tube.

      2. avatar Azman says:

        He’s got to be aliterate about it, it’s a blogger thing. And dude below me, maybe you need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers to change out furniture. If you need more than that, your gun is out of spec and needs a gunsmith.

  9. avatar cmeat says:

    this fits stomped hungry sa85? i like the 25yr old blonde (ahem) thumbhole (by cracky) furniture but this is nice too… aargh.

  10. avatar what? says:

    Changing the ak furniture is the easiest thing to do. I don’t think you’ve ever touched one or worked on one in your life.

  11. avatar 2hotel9 says:

    Now Magpul is getting my attention!

  12. avatar syn says:

    I am new to guns in general but recently bought a Zastava N-Pap. The N-pap article on this site is what made me consider it to be honest. The furniture on the N-pap is beautiful but if Magpul makes this MOE® line N-Pap compatible how could you pass it up? I like having the wood furniture and keeping the AK as authentic as possible too but Magpul nailed it on style. Really impressive looking and I am sure it performs immaculate. Thanks for the article Nick.

  13. avatar Garrett says:

    It is now June 1, 2016 ….

    Where are the parts that will fit Zastava N-PAP, Magpul ….?

    Hmmm …..?



    Skunked again.

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