SIG SAUER Collects Best Handgun of 2014 Award


SIG SAUER’s P320 was far and away the winner of this year’s TTAG Reader’s Choice Awards for best pistol of 2014. The reason is clear: the gun is as close as you can get to a LEGO set for gun guys. This year they’re coming out with even more options, including the .45 ACP version that we shot at Media Day. Above, SIG SAUER’s manager of the handgun line accepts TTAG’s highest honor.


  1. avatar Dan says:

    The P320 is Sig’s entry into the MHS competition, nothing more nothing less.

  2. avatar j says:

    its also a damn good pistol all around, definately the best pistol released in the past year

  3. avatar Daniel says:

    It is easily one of the nicest pistols around. The only thing I wish was they would speed up production on being able to switch out calibers. Same goes for the 556xi.

  4. avatar Glen says:

    I thought the HK VP9 was the champ this year???

    1. avatar Dan says:

      kinda hard to decide. slightly modified HK P30 (VP9) or slightly modified Sig P250 (P320) ?

  5. avatar Bob101 says:

    It deserves the recognition. I bought the p320 carry. I liked it so much, I bought the subcompact as soon as it arrived at my favorite gun store, and that is now my conceal carry gun of choice. If you haven’t tried a Sig p320 yet, you really ought to. It is impressive.

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