Weekend Photo Caption Contest – Win a LaserMax Genesis Rechargeable Laser

Wyland Stanley - Blaisdell - 1919-20 Briscoe - eb 102014 - 6.5x8.5 glassneg

Pen the most entertaining caption for this silver image and get it into the comments by Sunday at midnight and you’ll win a LaserMax Genesis USB rechargeable green laser.


  1. avatar Usriflecaliber.30m1 says:

    Do you really think they will fall in to this well camouflaged pit?

  2. avatar jiminky says:

    Wife Swapping 1920 Episode “It really does taste like chicken”

  3. avatar Javier says:

    Ok you two will sleep in the car tonight if you don’t catch some food soon.

  4. avatar cmeat says:

    ah left ma ttag rat hyar but now it’s gone… it’s that ko- reean boy an’ them three letter tweakers wuts behind all this.

  5. avatar Forrestt C. says:

    If only we had a Lasermax Genesis USB rechargeable green laser we might have some rabbits for this fire. Wait, what’s a laser again?

  6. avatar Stinkeye says:

    With the TTAG website down, a few regular readers take the opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life.

    1. avatar 357M28 says:


    2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:


    3. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Stinkeye, you bastard. Beat me to it…

      Enjoy the laser.

  7. avatar 357M28 says:

    Hey, Robert…do you think we are safe from DDoS out here?

  8. avatar Samson says:

    I wanted a Lasermax Genesis since they came out, finally getting one this July.

    Lasted about 4 months of very sparse use before the right switch stopped working (apparently an extremely common occurrence ..) and I took the thing off, realizing I like the pistol better WITHOUT it hanging off, just waiting for it to be actuated by a miniscule bump.

    Who knows if Lasermax will repair or replace it, as I haven’t tried contacting them yet.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      That stinks. Contact them for sure. My experience with the company (and the product) has been positive. I’ve been using a green laser and a micro red laser from them for like 8 months now and they’ve both been pretty stellar little units. I’d expect they’ll help you out.

  9. avatar Pikes Pete says:

    Rachel Maddow travels the country lecturing to groups on feminist theory.

    1. avatar Kent W. says:

      Are you saying Rachel Maddow is a girl? I had no idea.

  10. avatar Rsu11 says:

    Ma supplements the Joad family income with what would later come to be known as “curb service”.

  11. avatar Paul53 says:

    The Beverly Hillbillies BEFORE finding the “bubbling crude” oil in the swamp.

    1. avatar Paul53 says:

      OH, R.I.P. Donna Douglas who went to the great cement pond in the sky last week. At the age of 90! Elly Mae will live forever in my dreams.

  12. avatar Paul53 says:

    Bugging out has come a long way since this original trial of concept picture.

  13. avatar John says:

    “So did you hear Glock still hasn’t released a single stack 9mm yet?”

  14. avatar Taro Tsujimoto says:

    “So the plan is, before this spreads into a wildfire, Smokey the Bear shows up, and Bonnie plugs him. Boom. New rug.”

  15. avatar Taro Tsujimoto says:

    “Relax. Frank Hamer’s a Texas Ranger. What’s he gonna do, lasso us?”

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    “You traded the Airstream for a Purdey? What the hell is a Purdey?”

  17. avatar David in NC says:

    Lasers? Consider the headlight. After more than a century of reliable use, it remains the most trusted 10,000+ MOA dot for only the most discerning gun owners.

  18. avatar Joe Lopez says:

    Are you sure this is the way to the Shot Show?

  19. avatar jwm says:

    Cabela’s cover-1920.

  20. avatar Stu says:

    I’m sure glad we splurged on this luxury car-camping set from Sears-Roebuck: much more useful than one of those dog-gone gimmicky Tommy guns!

  21. avatar Jimmy says:

    “This orgy sure is off to a slow start.”

  22. avatar azshooter says:

    The first NFL tailgate.

  23. avatar Jerry Bradley says:

    You can hide your gun inside a log if you wish, but I’m carrying mine on me!

  24. avatar Richard Solomon says:

    Colorado Governor Hickenlooper (far right), pictured outside the Governor’s Mansion with his girlfriend, indulges in some of the state’s finest smokable vegetation while explaining to a county sheriff (seated) how he signed the magazine capacity ban “because my staff said I would”.

  25. avatar jwm says:

    “You know, John, Maggie’s got a right to be mad. She told you, we all told you, don’t put your life savings into Zeppelin stocks. Now look at you. Pissed off wife and living in a park.”

  26. avatar Almost Esq. says:

    On the Homefront in 1918 even Ma and Pa join the militia to plan for the inevitable invasion by the Kaiser and his Hun lackeys.

  27. avatar Rick K says:

    Don’t rightly know how I’ma gonna git cuzin Tilly to marry me Cletus, but she sure is purdy.

  28. avatar protaganis says:

    Billy Bob and Michael reminisce over the times they DIDN’T bring their wives hunting with them…

  29. avatar Tom Collins says:

    I got the fire goin, you wimmens git ta cooking!

  30. avatar aaronw says:

    Things were just a bit too casual around the Ebola isolation tent back in those days…

  31. avatar JC says:

    Hey fellas, look at how much Tannerite I was able to buy now that we don’t have a mortgage!

    1. avatar MR nobody says:

      Wow, if you are referring to the bag in her hand, I hope they are in the middle of nowhere when they shoot it.

  32. avatar Paul53 says:

    This is a photo of me taken last month by Donald Trump to prove what a luxurious life I live on SS Disability and Medicare.

  33. avatar tmm says:

    Mutual of Omaha presents…Mild Kingdom

  34. avatar Watcher says:

    Bugout; The early years

  35. avatar jwm says:

    “Earl, that damn gps got us lost big time.”

    “Well, Ben, it’s a more originol line for the girls than that old ‘we ran outta gas’ bilge.”

  36. avatar Mercutio says:

    Dunno, Ethel…not so sure double-dating with Bonnie and Clyde is such a hot idear….

  37. avatar Shorpy Reader says:

    How about, “Hey, I found this restored photo at Shorpy.com, cropped out the watermark at the bottom, and gave them no credit for their work, cause I love when that happens to me.” 😉

    By the way, you can see it at http://www.shorpy.com/node/18732

  38. avatar Burley Ole'Bear says:

    “you do indeed have a steely glare, Elmer, and you may have fooled the girls, but you ain’t foolin’ me! I saw you sneak that Lasermax outta yer pocket to start that fire!”

  39. avatar Paul53 says:

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you, paw. We wouldn’t be in this mess if we had a LaserMax Genesis Rechargeable Laser!

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