New From SIG SAUER: Four New P220 10mm Pistols


Nick got wind of the new SIG P220s in 10mm via the SIG forum a few months back. At the time, the grapevine spoke of three new models. As it turns out, SIG’s actually been beavering away on four new guns. Check out their press release with all the details after the jump . . .

NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 12, 2015) — SIG SAUER, Inc., introduces the classic P220® single-stack pistol chambered in the powerful 10mm Auto cartridge.

The SIG P220 has now been paired with 10mm ammunition to deliver increased energy, longer-range capability in a proven hunting round.

“A 10mm version of the legendary P220 is at the top of the list of ‘most requested products’ from fans of our products,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG SAUER, Inc. “We heard the demand, and created a P220 that will make full use of the cartridge’s potential.”

Four different models of 10mm P220 will be offered, each featuring a 5˝ barrel to maximize the internal ballistics of the 10mm round. From duty carry to self-defense to wild game hunting, the P220 10mm delivers the ballistic performance fans of the cartridge need in a pistol.

The Match Elite Reverse Two-Tone P220 features the Elite Beavertail, a stainless finish with front cocking serrations. Black G-10 Piranha grips and adjustable match sights round out the package. This is the DA/SA model of the 10mm series.

The Stainless Elite P220 and Stainless Elite Nitron® P220 are single-action only P220 pistols, and also feature the Elite Beavertail. SIGLITE® night sights and front cocking serrations come standard. The Stainless Elite is done up with a natural stainless finish and Rosewood grips, while the Stainless Elite Nitron features a durable Nitron finish and black G-10 Piranha grips.

The Hunt Ready P220 is a single-action only pistol, also features the Elite Beavertail and front cocking serrations. The Hunt Ready P220 comes ready for the field with the SIG SAUER Romeo1 mini red-dot sight installed, black G-10 Piranha grips and a Kryptek® Highlander camo pattern finish.

All 10mm P220 pistols feature the rugged design and premier quality that elite military units, top law enforcement agencies, and demanding shooters worldwide have come to expect from SIG SAUER.

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About SIG SAUER, Inc.

SIG SAUER, Inc. is a New Hampshire-based weapons systems provider leading the industry in American innovation, ingenuity, and manufacturing. SIG SAUER® brings a dedication to superior quality, ultimate reliability, and unmatched performance that has made it the brand of choice among responsible citizens, and many of the world’s most elite military, government, and law enforcement units. As a complete systems provider, SIG SAUER offers a full array of products to meet any mission parameter, from handguns and rifles to silencers, optics, ammunition, accessories, and airguns. The largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland, SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with more than 700 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER, any of its products, or the SIG SAUER AcademySM, log on to

P220® Match Elite Reverse Two-Tone  
Caliber 10mm Auto
Action Type DA/SA
Trigger Pull (DA) 10 lbs
Trigger Pull (SA) 4.4 lbs
Overall Height 8.9″
Overall Length (Extended) 5.5″
Overall Width 1.5″
Barrel Length 5″
Sight Radius 6.8″
Weight w/Mag 39.1 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Sights Match, adjustable
Grips Black G-10 Piranha
Frame Finish Stainless
Slide finish Nitron®
Accessory Rail Yes
Options Beavertail, front cocking serrations
MSRP $1422
P220®Stainless Elite  
Caliber 10mm Auto
Action Type SAO
Trigger Pull (SA) 5 lbs
Overall Height 8.9″
Overall Length (Extended) 5.5″
Overall Width 1.5″
Barrel Length 5″
Sight Radius 6.8″
Weight w/Mag 39.1 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Sights SIGLITE® Night sights
Grips Rosewood
Frame Finish Stainless
Slide finish Stainless
Accessory Rail Yes
Options Beavertail, front cocking serrations
MSRP $1422


P220® Stainless Elite Nitron®  
Caliber 10mm Auto
Action Type SAO
Trigger Pull (SA) 5 lbs
Overall Height 8.9″
Overall Length (Extended) 5.5″
Overall Width 1.5″
Barrel Length 5″
Sight Radius 6.8″
Weight w/Mag 39.1 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Sights SIGLITE® Night Sights
Grips Black G-10 Piranha
Frame Finish Nitron
Slide finish Nitron
Accessory Rail Yes
Options Beavertail, front cocking serrations
MSRP $1422


P220® Hunt Ready  
Caliber 10mm Auto
Action Type SAO
Trigger Pull (SA) 5 lbs
Overall Height 8.9″
Overall Length (Extended) 5.5″
Overall Width 1.5″
Barrel Length 5″
Sight Radius 6.8″
Weight w/Mag 39.1 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Sights Match, adjustable
Grips Black G-10 Piranha
Frame Finish Kryptek® banshee
Slide finish Kryptek banshee
Accessory Rail Yes
Options Beavertail, front cocking serrations, MRX mini red-dot sight
MSRP $1713

Weights and dimensions are approximate. Specifications subject to change without notice.


  1. avatar Dry Sider says:

    Another fine Sig I can’t afford.

    1. avatar WestGermanSig says:


    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      Yeah. I mean I’m sure there are some sig fans that will buy one, but it just doesn’t seem all that sustainable.

      1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


    3. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “Another fine Sig I cannot afford.”

      My thoughts exactly. I can see paying maybe as much as $800 but $1200+ is utterly out of the question.

  2. avatar DaveR says:

    10mm = what the .40S&W should have been 😉

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      You mean what it was?

      1. avatar Ben says:


    2. avatar Gregorio says:

      Sig had to make a limited version of the 10mm 220 elite GT20 so they could jack up the price. Does anybody know how much the GT20 sells for? I’m curious. Since they only made 1000 I guess the price is well over $2000.
      Is it twice as good as a Colt Delta Elite 10mm? I could care less about the rail.

  3. avatar Charles5 says:

    I like that SIG is branching out like this, but 8 rounds in a full-size duty pistol is simply not enough capacity compared to the other 10mm guns on the market. What I want to see is the P320 in a 15 round capacity 10mm.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I’m far from a GLOCK fan, but there’s nothing about these that would make me switch from my G20. I’ll take the 15-round capacity, basically indestructible frame (plus the polymer seems to soak up recoil more in the case of full power 10mm), and large aftermarket for extended length hunting barrels and other parts, etc etc. Oh and the much, much lower price tag.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        My sentiments as well.

        1. avatar WestGermanSig says:

          8+1 no thanks

      2. avatar Gray05 says:

        Look! It’s a full size 10mm with the capacity of Glock’s subcompact 10mm but at 3x the price!!!!

        Yea, I was excited to read the title. But that vanished quickly upon reading.

      3. avatar BlueBronco says:

        I agree. 15 + 1 up the snot locker is hard to beat. 8 + 1 comes up a bit short when SIG’s own .357 SIG pistols are 12 +1.

      4. avatar Jeff in CO says:

        Jeremy, I completely agree with you! I like training people on Glocks, used a 21/30 as my duty/backup combo, and also own a 20 (+ the 6″ barrel), 17, and a 42. I also own several Beretta’s, 4 1911’s, and too much other stuff in the handgun department. 1911’s are still my favorite, but the Glock durability in the field is difficult to beat (and I’ve never worried about scratching it like a custom stainless 1911). It also handles the hottest of 10mm loads. The 21 was overbuilt for the .45 since it was based off of the 20 with a thinner slide. When I’m hiking and such (and until I can afford a .454 Raging Judge), I carry the 20 loaded with with DoubleTap’s 230gr. Hardcast Solid’s. I’ve always liked the idea of getting 16 hard-hitting chances out of the holster with any bear or there surprise out there before having to reload!

      5. avatar flyingvlover says:

        I totally agree except with the grip. P320 in 10mm and 15 rounds will kill a glock 20 because of the ergo grip vs the block grip

    2. avatar Phil says:

      ^ THAT

      10mm P320!

      1. avatar Angry & Irish says:

        Now THAT would be a great 10mm pistol, and at a great price that could actually compete with a Glock 20.

    3. avatar Justin says:

      I hear that, I would love a conversion kit for 320 in 10mm in a double stack mag

    4. avatar Martin Masuth says:

      Yes of course. 8 rounds are not enough. I agree the P320 in 10mm is a must have gun for me too. Iam waiting for this…

    5. avatar Martin Masuth says:

      Yes i want a P320 with 15 rounds in 10mm too nothing else

  4. avatar Shannon's Pimp says:

    Kinda low on the capacity, eh?

  5. avatar John M. says:

    OK, I really wanted one of these, but $1400? That’s almost three lifetimes worth of Glock 20s.

  6. avatar Former Water Walker says:


  7. avatar Scrubula says:

    Should have been a P227 style frame. I want to hear their excuses of why only the target model comes SA/DA and why it’s on the outdated single stack P220 frame.

    1. avatar PerplexedPistolero says:

      Seriously, what the heck? If it moves product, then bring on the SAO options, not initially. And is there something about the P227 frame that makes it unsuitable for 10 mm?

    2. avatar BlueBronco says:

      Exactly! The 227 would allow it to be 12 + 1 like the .40 S&W and .357 SIG pistols that SIG makes.

  8. avatar Noishkel says:

    You know I seem remember a company that was doing a custom conversion for a certain model of Sig to make it 10mm auto. Might have been that very model. A bit to pricy for me, I fear. I’ll stick with my Witness.

    But hell, it’s always good to see more 10mms on the market! That round doesn’t get enough love. IMHO.

    1. avatar scoutino says:

      Yeah, I’d rather get 10 mm conversion kit for my Witness Stock to keep company to my .22, 9 mm and .40. That would leave me with enough money to buy another decent gun or two.

    2. avatar Brian says:

      You said it right but if I was a wealthy man I would buy this pistol 8 rounds is more than enough for 10mm

  9. avatar MattG says:

    Yawn. Dear Sig, where’s my 9″ .300BLK MCX?

  10. avatar mjc104 says:

    Do they have the height and length reversed? 5″barrel with a 5 1/2″ extended length. 8.9″ height for 8 round capacity?

  11. avatar Glenn says:

    As a happy Glock 20 owner it’s nice to see more 10mms out there. But at those prices I’ll take a pass, and it’s hard for me to say that, being a rabid fan of the 10mm and only a lukewarm Glock fan. When CZ comes out with a 10mm chambering for their 97, though…

    1. avatar dracon1201 says:

      Oh yisss! That’s the ticket!

    2. avatar mdc says:

      The CZ97 in 10mm would be a dream. However they absorbed the Dan Wesson line that is 10mm. Keep e mailing them.

  12. avatar dwb says:

    Spinning Rolodex for way to convince the Mrs I need to to buy new gun…..

  13. avatar Excedrine says:

    8 rounds? Are you fucking kidding me?

  14. avatar Scott says:

    What? They’re only releasing the expensive models? Come on SIG, if you released standard models you would move tons of product because it’s what people want. There are plenty of people who will pass this over purely because of cost. Release a standard DA/SA without any fancy extras and it will sell.

    1. avatar B Bradley says:


  15. avatar JSIII says:

    8 rounds is kinda a letdown; I was hoping for at least 9 or 10…Suddenly this gun just got a little less attractive.

    1. avatar Charles Thompson says:

      I know. Given the case diameter, I was hoping for at least a 12 round capacity like what you find in the .40S&W P226. As usual, SIG has a solid starting point but just can’t seem to close it.

  16. avatar Anon in CT says:

    If a G20 can hold 15 rounds, surely Sig can do at least 10?

  17. avatar ST says:

    If one’s looking for a 10mm for ‘defensive’ employment, nothing in production is going to beat a Glock 20. Sig is smart enough to not bother challenging that title.

    What those folks in Exeter are doing is going after the “fun gun” category; the kind of guys who dont buy their 10mm at the store because its not the full house load. You know, the kind of ammo which makes Glock 20s soil their strikers.In that they will succeed, so long as the guns dont fall apart.

    1. avatar Charles Thompson says:

      I see your point. However, if Sig could come out with a 12 or more capacity on a 227 frame or the 14 or 15 round capacity in the P320 frame, and make it capable of handling full house loads, they could give the G20 a run for its money, even with it being half the price. I would probably buy one and I have owned a Gen4 G20, so I know what I am comparing to.

    2. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      Why would it be bad business for Sig to make a competitor to the Glock model 20? I’ll bet they would take about one-third of Glock’s market share and possibly even expand the market.

      Why? Glock triggers are mediocre. And many people (including myself) detest striker fired pistols. That means lots of people who purchase Glock 20s buy them because there are no alternatives. And still more people buy nothing. If I could purchase a hammer-fired 10mm semi-auto pistol with a nice single action / double action trigger and a decocker, I would have no qualms paying an extra $200. In other words I believe a lot of people would happily pay $800 for that kind of handgun. I think Sig is blowing a huge opportunity here.

      Now if Sig really wanted to hit a home run, they would create a durable hammer-fired semi-auto pistol in 10mm with a good SA/DA trigger, 5 inch barrel, 10+ round capacity, dococker, offer 22 round extended magazines, and create a matching lightweight carbine with 16 inch barrel that uses the same magazines as the pistol. That combination would sell so fast it would make heads spin at Sig. And, it just might end up being the new standard for law enforcement special response teams. I know that is exactly what I would want.

      1. avatar PW in KY says:

        YES! I would absolutely buy the gun you described. I was pumped when I clicked on this article. Then the capacity and the price let me down hard.

        I would be one of the “fun gun” purchasers of something like this. I’m not buying a “fun gun” that costs more than all but 1 of my other guns and only shoots 8 rounds. This release is going to appeal to a very small, niche market, nothing more. I would pay $800-$900 for a basic sig with the traits you described.

      2. avatar Robert Sorbo says:

        I am planning to purchase the DA/SA version. I prefer the smaller flatter single stack grip. I am also watching for possible conversion kits.

    3. avatar Kyle says:

      I haven’t found a 10mm load that my Glock 20 can’t handle, or for that matter shoot better than my Delta Elite. Including the hot stuff and some special reloads i make for it.

  18. avatar Terry says:

    So is this a new frame size for the 10mm?

  19. avatar Angry & Irish says:

    I love the sound of a 5″ barreled 10mm SIG SAUER, I love my 226 in 9mm and would love to get it a new best friend, but not with the extremely limiting 8 rounds.

  20. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    I just came a little…

    too much information?

  21. avatar OldGlory says:

    I’ll stick with my G20, G29 and soon my G40.

    I like Sigs for the most part (not their 1911’s) but these new 10mm offerings seem meh at best.

    Hopefully more places will start stocking 10mm range ammo though…

  22. avatar dracon1201 says:

    I blew my load when I saw this.

    Then it said 8+1. $1400?

    I am ashamed. I should have saved it for a much more momentous occassion.

    How can Sig have such large grip sized and such low capacity?

  23. avatar JoshtheViking says:

    I’m throwing money at the computer monitor but nothing is happening.

  24. avatar Shane Lien says:

    Between this and the rumored Glock model 40, I’m going to need to get creative with my budget.

  25. avatar Matthew says:

    In Wisconsin the minimum barrel length to hunt medium game is 5.5″. I’d hate to plunk down for a Sig and immediately need to purchase an aftermarket barrel just to let it do what I bought it to do.

  26. avatar Joe Mack says:

    Interesting picture…I don’t see any front cocking serrations…

  27. avatar Jon says:

    Failure in translation. I’d love a Sig in 10mm, but I just can’t figure out why they didnt make a normal model with a lower price point to gain wider sales appeal or bump the capacity at least one cartridge.

    A 320 in 10mm config would be both price-considerate and give more flexibility for practice ammo (running .40 barrels and mags).

  28. avatar scott says:

    i love sig so i will probably buy one of these someday….but i wish they just would have came up with a new p22x and made it exclusive to 10mm. kinda like how they came up with a p229 they designed it specifically for the .357 sig.

  29. avatar RandallOfLegend says:

    2015 is the year of 10 mm. Wash your pants folks, it’s about to get dirty!

  30. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    As much as I love my G19 and especially G26, I keep coming back to my G29. Pretty much the most versatile pistol I own. Loving the fact that there are more 10s on the market, regardless of manufacturer – it’s good for everyone. The 29 is small enough to conceal well for me and with a 40 drop-in barrel I can run any 40 ammo I want, and with 10 I can run from watered down 40-wanna-bes to my usual carry load, Hornady XTP 180s that run at sort of a 40+P, to the nice new Federal jacketed soft point hunting load. Which announces its presence with authority at the range (i.e., “what the hell is that” from the 9mm guys).

    Going to be an interesting couple of years. The 9 craze took hold, then the 45 push hit, now it looks like 10 will be the focus round this year. I like it!

    1. avatar John M. says:

      Careful shooting off those Federal Trophy Bonded rounds. They are currently unobtainium.

      It’s my preferred “town and country” load in my G20 and I wanted to stock up. I couldn’t find them anywhere on the web. Anywhere. So I’ll save the few I have and hope Federal does another run soon.

    2. avatar David says:

      I really like my G29 too, its my EDC gun. Like you said, it can run .40ish loads up to .357 Mag level loads w/o problems. 10 + 1 for under $500, its hard to beat. I carry Buffalo Bore loaded with Barnes 155gr TAC-XP loads in it.

      I’ve always wanted a Sig, and 10mm makes it more appealing, but not in this setup and for that price.

    3. avatar SteveInCO says:

      With no ammo to speak of other than 40 S&W target loads in a stretched case or boutique bear loads you wouldn’t WANT to use for self defense against two legged predators (because of over-penetration), much less shoot them for practice because of their price, 10mm ain’t going to go nowhere.

      I wish it were otherwise.

  31. avatar Skeptical_Realist says:

    I’ve wanted Sig to release a 10mm for a while. When I saw this headline, I was excited. Until I read the press release, that is. Sadly, as noted by many here, “This is not the 10mm Sig I’m looking for”.

    I want a pistol that looks like a P226, functions like a P226 (DA/SA), preferebly fits in most P226/P220 holsters, and has the same 12+1 factory mag capacity as the P226 .40 (because the .40 and 10mm have the same diameter, which should allow equal round count). The 5″ barrel is fine (and probably useful for 10mm loads), but in every other way, I just want a .40 P226 bumped up to 10mm.

    Instead, Sig gives us a handful of boutique pistols that don’t give us anything the 10mm 1911s on the market already offer. Hopefully they’ll follow this up with more practical/useful versions based on the P227 frame.

    1. avatar Texas Raider says:

      Totally agree. The original press release got me excited. Now I’m just mad as hell. For one, the price is stupid high. Two, it only has 8 rounds – mindboggling. And three, they changed their minds and trashed the ONLY one that was worth having, the Stainless 5″ DA/SA! It’s almost like Sig is sick of people asking for the 10, so they set out to build the most repulsive models possible, to put that fire out once and for all.

      Well, it worked. I’m now changing channels to a Colt Delta Elite stainless with custom, fully supported barrel, combat sights and a guide rod. If I’m going to carry a SAO 10mm, it won’t be this delusionally priced half baked misfire.

  32. avatar Texas Raider says:

    Great Sig, take a wonderful idea and totally cock it up. THREE single action models? Only one DA/SA in ugly as dog squeeze two tone? What the hell are you thinking? You announce earlier a 5″ Stainless Elite DA/SA. That, I was saving my pennies for. This crap? This detritus? If I wanted a damned $1300 single action 10mm it sure as Hell wouldn’t be a jerry-rigged P220, there’s a LOT more options in SAO 10mm than your overpriced abortion, like say THE FREAKIN’ 1911!!

    If you’re so damn hot on SAO, why didn’t YOU JUST MAKE A 1911 IN 10MM INSTEAD OF TOTALLY HORKING UP THE P220!!??? Geez!

    You just took the greatest idea you’ve had in 20 years and ran into the wood chipper, morons. Looks like I won’t have to worry about dropping a grand plus on your galactic ally ill-conceived crap ball after all…

    1. avatar PW in KY says:

      Good rant. 8/10. Needed more swearing, caps lock, and animal references.

      Still, would read again.

  33. avatar Jim says:

    Forget 10mm. Now if the standard 220 could shoot .45 super as well as .45 ACP I’d be a happy camper. With .45 super out there I don’t get why anyone would be interested in 10mm. They’re ballistics are almost identical .45 super is easier to find and cheaper if you use .45 acp to practice with.

  34. avatar SteveInCO says:

    With no off the shelf ammo that isn’t just a .40 in a longer case, who gives a damn? Oh yeah, and the stuff I find on line is at the bleeding edge of “maybe hot enough to blow up even a G20.” Anyone ever heard of a happy medium?

    And forget about personal defense (except against bears), the bullets are all designed to penetrate about three feet.

    (And spare me the lectures about reloading. I can’t find data for the powders I can find for sale, I no longer trust the data I used to use because the manufacturer has come out with new max loads below their old starting loads, and besides, if you are relying on reloaders to make your market, you’re already screwed.)

  35. avatar Jim L. says:

    If SIG had offered this as a DA/SA based on the P226 or P227 frame, I would be picking up one, even at $1400.
    As it is, my LGS can get me a 14+1 Tanfoglio Witness for $490 out the door. Guess where I’m going?

  36. avatar Shawn Graber says:

    [This comment may seem condescending and hateful but for reals I am good-natured most of the time, kinda.]

    Sig “hears from its fan base” and releases some 10mm firearms. The prayers of the very vocal minority have been answered, evidently. Reminds me of the time that Remington re-released the 870 in 16-gauge “requested by popular demand” and seemingly shot by no one. (My father picked me up a 16-gauge 870 and I loved it, though, so more power to the 16-gauge!)

    I hear so much rabble about the 10mm cartridge and how “We wish there were more guns chambered in this fabulous cartridge because then we’d be relevant in the mainstream.” but when those very firearms come out, they get picked apart. Too expensive, too low capacity, not the right frame, etc, etc. Those things may be true about this newest offering from the venerable SIG Sauer, but what would satisfy you? A palm-concealable 105mm howitzer that can fire 30 rounds?

    The only experience I’ve had with the 10mm cartridge was in a Glock 20 and all of my shots pulled heavily to the right, despite my large beefy hands willing that gun to behave. Sure, the cartridge could stop a peeved bull moose but if I can’t hit him, that doesn’t really help me. 😀

    1. avatar PerplexedPistolero says:

      Given the nice amount of forethought that SIG showed with the P227 release and the P229-1s being built on a beefier frame, the indications were that new products were going to be built with large capacity and stronger frames in mind. From the detailed uproar in the comments, a hybrid of the P220 Match Elite and P227 were what most of us were expecting. Five inch barrel, all steel construction, SRT trigger, good sights and a 12 round capacity, with the potential for 15-16 round extended magazines. Wonder if Bruce Gray could cook up something like that….

    2. avatar John M. says:

      I’m thankful that Sig is supporting the 10mm cartridge, which gets far too little love, IMHO.

      I like Sig’s traditional DA/SA pistols a lot and would gladly pay a cool $1000 for a P220 in 10 mm. $1400 is just a bridge way, way too far. I can pick up a good-condition Colt Delta Elite for $1100 without any effort at all, and I have seen them advertised as low as $900.

      I shoot my Glock 20 just fine, but I prefer DA/SA and single-stacks. But it looks like I’ll be sticking with my G20 for now. Glock just has no competition in this space.

  37. avatar Peter says:

    As soon as I can lay my hands on one of the new G40 pistols, it will be mine!
    Now, which red dot to mount…
    Sorry SIG.

  38. avatar Lee Woiteshek says:

    Wonder how many posters have sunk 1500.00 into a 1911 and didn’t even blink? Nor did they complain about capacity when doing so.

    I would imagine a 227 in 10mm would be so heavy in stainless that no one could carry it. All that said, I too wish for a SRT trigger and fixed night sites. I’m guessing 1200.00 street price for the DA/SA.

    1. avatar John M. says:

      You can get a good condition used Delta Elite (8+1) for $1100 without trying very hard. The Kimbers in 10mm aren’t much more than that, but are rarer. So what’s the upside on the P220? DA/SA? For another $2-300? And three of the four new models are SA only? What? No thanks.

  39. avatar Eberhardt Huhn says:

    Geeze, if you want a good – and affordable – 10mm:

    Glock 20, and Glock 29…

    “nuff said.

  40. avatar Gregorio says:

    Sig had to make a limited number of the 220 elite GT20 so they can overcharge consumers. Does anybody know how much Sig is selling the 220 GT20 for. I would guess over 2500$.
    Is it 2 or 3 times as good as a Colt delta elite 10mm. I know it’s nice as a gun collector to have a rare pistol. Please somebody tell me what sig’s price on a 220 elite GT20!

  41. avatar Charley says:

    Just bought the Stainless Elite for 25% off retail. It is my first Sig and I’m in love. I’m not getting rid of my G20, but the Sig can handle my hyper loads with ease and won’t be hurt by an ungodly round count. The G20 is being reserved for SHTF duty. You can’t beat Glocks capacity or Sigs attention to detail.

  42. avatar Frank says:

    It’s a cool toy for people with extra disposable money. Is it worth two Glock 20? But some folks don’t see this as a uncomfortable amount of money to spend. Why buy a BMW? I get it. Unfortunately I’m not likely to get this. But it’s very nice.

  43. avatar Eberhardt Huhn says:

    Mag count too low. I’ll stick with the venerable, and ultimately customizable, easy to find replacement parts, and easy to fix with 1 tool (that you could make out of a wire clothes hanger) Glock 20 with the 15+1 mag (unless you add the Pierce PG-G45P2 Mag extension, which is +2), or “little” bro Glock 29, which is slisted for 10+1 out of the box, but it actually fits 11+1 (unless you add the Pierce PG-1045+ Mag extension, which is +2).

    So, should your day be goin’ sideways, do you want a pretty looking Sig with 8 rounds, or an ugly block of Glock that can fill in all the blanks with misery to spare?

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