New From MagStorage Solutions: AR-15 Magholder



Here’s an option for solving your AR mag storage problems. MagStorage Soltuions is turning out mag storage racks for your safe, car, wherever. The injection molded plastic model that can be screw- or magnet-mounted to your safe holds six mags (including 10- and 20- rounders). They run $29.95. For a more robust solution – usually in a truck or car – they make steel MagSafe models in three- and six-mag configurations ($89.95 and $109.95 respectively). The MagSafes include a velcro strap to keep everything in place while you’re tooling around . . .






  1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I just use big rubber maid totes.

    1. avatar B says:

      You can fit like 16 loaded pmags in those plastic ammo cans, plus they stack.

  2. avatar GWHNick says:

    I like the idea, but it seems to take up a lot of space to organize a few magazines. Also for that price, I will take an extra dozen pmag’s and just throw them in a bag like the rest of my mags.

  3. avatar MurrDog says:

    And if you keep your mags in a bag you can take them with you. No one goes through six mags from their front seat.

  4. avatar dracon1201 says:

    The safes would be great for Ohio where we have to store the mags separately.

  5. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    This is not new, LaRue Tactical has been selling these (same brand and everything) for at least the past year in their online store. Feel like I saw them at Brownells too.

    1. avatar Drew says:

      Had to “fact check” that statement and you are correct. Now we need a review of who did it better.

  6. avatar preston says:

    pretty useless idea except places like tactical training institutions would probably like these quite a bit.

  7. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Over the door shoe rack from Walmart. It’s under $10 and holds a lot of mags.

  8. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunnies says:

    I use an MTM magazine carry case. It’s a plastic ammo can with foam inserts stores 10 ar 30 end mags. Portable and cheap. I keep one box loaded at all times. It’s part of mySHTF plan. I’d like to have 300 ready that way.

  9. avatar Bob says:

    Got couple of Craftsman tool bags, 13L X 8.5W X 8H approx, they hold about thirty 30 round mags. One for loaded and one for empty.

  10. avatar pun&gun says:

    I have one on my safe. I store the bulk of my mags elsewhere, but a few preloaded mags for home defense, protection against animals, hunting, etc are nice to have at hand.

  11. avatar Fuque says:

    I throw mine in a diddy bag..I like to keep it simple.

  12. avatar Eric P. says:

    A Kalashnikov-friendly variant would be cool.

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