MasterPiece Arms’ MPA-308 BA Reigns Supreme


As Nick wrote when he announced our first-ever choice for firearm of the year, MasterPiece Arms hasn’t generally been known for their high-end guns. But in naming their MPA-308 BA our Editors Choice New Firearm of 2014, he noted that “it’s a wonderful gun: a hand-crafted, precision-machined bolt action rifle. Each barrel is individually bored, rifled and hand lapped to perfection. Every action is individually tested to ensure that what leaves the factory is up to spec. The chassis provides a solid platform for the rest of the gun.” That’s MPA’s main man, Phil Cashin, above, accepting the honor. If you take the time to check one out, you won’t be disappointed.


  1. avatar Ahil925 says:

    “That’s MPA’s main main,” main… Main?

    It’s neat to see MPA’s rep with you all recover so much from the first time you talked about ther bolt guns.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Probably meant ‘main man’…

      1. Damn fingers have a mind of their own sometimes. Text amended.

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