New and New-ish: Various AR-15 Drop-in Triggers

At SHOT Show 2015, I ran across a couple of drop-in AR-15 triggers that I don’t believe I had seen before. One was RISE Armament’s RA-535, and the other was KE Arms’ Drop-In Trigger. Both are on the way for reviews, and will be great to compare against the Elftmann Tactical ELF Match Trigger, the […]

OMG! NH Bill Would Expand Right to Carry! OMG!

Three New Hampshire states representatives have proposed a bill that would remove restrictions for persons who can legally own a firearm to carry it them in a concealed fashion without needing a separate license, reports the Concord Monitor. “New Hampshire law requires gun owners to obtain a separate license from their local law enforcement officials […]

New From Delta P Design: BREVIS II Monolithic Suppressors

I found Delta P Design in, unfortunately, a non-shooting booth at SHOT Show 2015’s range day. They were showing off their BREVIS II line of suppressors, which are made entirely out of a single, monolithic piece of Inconel or titanium. No welds inside or out, no seams, no separate mounting parts. They are uniquely short and very […]

Question of the Day: What Will You Do Under Stress?

In the video above, Dutch cops “storm” a man who’d taken over Dutch broadcaster NOS’ news studio. The lead cop has his finger planted firmly on the trigger. The other has considerable difficulty holstering his standard-issue Walter P99 Q NL (that recently replaced the old Walter P5). Was it stress that caused the cops to fail to be operators operating operationally? In fact, stress degrade […]

Gun Review: Remington Mohawk 600 in 6mm Rem

(This is a reader gun review contest entry, click here for more details.) By Russ C in Alaska I am a lifelong hunter/shooter and an avid reader of TTAG since the days of Sandy Hook. I’ve long wanted to do a gun review but didn’t own any firearms that everybody didn’t already know about. Also, I’m […]

Quote of the Day: Tell That to New Jersey Edition

“It can’t be mandatory — the issue is too inflamed for that. But if a fingerprint-activation gun grip was on the market, you’d have moms in homes with small children pressuring their husbands to get one. It would take off.” – Washington CeaseFire president Ralph Fascittelli in Washington smart gun push ignores key issues [at]

WFAA Forgets to Mention Membership Numbers for Huey P. Newton Gun Club

Ever since I first noticed the media noticing Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, I’ve complained of carefully chosen camera angles. It’s the Moms’ media enablers’ attempts to hide the fact that MDA events are sparsely attended. Well, here it is again. Except this time, Dallas’ WFAA used editing to hide the fact that the police-averse Huey P. Newtown […]

Wilson Combat GLOCK Barrel: GLOCK Perfection Perfected?

GLOCKs are perfect. Well, they’re profitable. Wildly profitable. If Gaston Glock’s mob set out to improve GLOCK perfection – as oxymoronic as that might seem – every penny spent upgrading the gun would come out of the company’s bottom line. And, potentially, raise the gun’s price. Why bother? Why perfect perfection and punt profits? How many pistoleros say “I […]