It’s Never Too Early to Get Them Involved

A reader sent this picture of his daughter assisting him in reloading cartridges. On a single-stage press, such as the RCBS pictured, there’s plenty to do. A young child can easily and safely deprime cases, such as this young girl is doing. She deprimed 500 of them for her father, and was very pleased with […]

This Is What Happens To A Disarmed Populace: Their Crime Rate Plummets!

One in five crimes not recorded by police,‘s headline reveals. Nearly a million offences a year are ignored by target-chasing officers. I’ve posted the eye-opening stats after the jump. Startling, but not surprising. Not if you understand the dynamics of gun control. First, you disarm civilians in the name of public safety. Then you claim that it […]

SAF Forces Park City to Repeal Illegal Gun Control Laws

Park City, Utah officials are the latest in a series of local government functionaries who have been forced – kicking and screaming – by the Second Amendment Foundation to respect the Constitution and repeal illegal gun control laws. SAF has run up an impressive number of wins protecting Second Amendment rights. They’ve become the ACLU of […]

San Antonio Express: Open Carry is “Openly Dumb”

Openly dumb? That’s dumb. But then it’s only a headline writer’s idea of pithy. The real stupidity here is the “argument” the San Antonio Express’ Editorial Board uses to condemn open carry – ahead of the Texas legislature’s determination to put a bill on Governor Abbott’s desk. “Say you’re at your local store or on […]

Question of the Day: Are You Buying a Gun on Black Friday?

Like dozens of gun sellers [list here], our friends at Florida Gun Supply are about to run a Black Friday sale. Their electronic portal opens at 12:01am on Friday morning and closes at 12:01am on Saturday morning. To make sure they stock the right guns at the right price, FGS is asking customers what firearm(s) they’d like to buy to mark the end of […]

Gear Review: Geissele Armorer’s Package

I’m a man on a mission. A special tools mission that is. I guess it started with my first action block. A polymer affair that clamshelled over a standard flat top upper. As soon as it arrived, I eagarly invited a friend over to assemble his box of AR parts so we could try out […]

LaserLyte Secures Patent for Center Mass Laser Sight

The LaserLyte’s center mass laser sights have been out for some time. Now the company would like it to be known that the U.S. Patent Officer has finally blessed their invention with a patent. Press release after the jump. And speaking of jump, that’s my main problem with laser sighting systems: the dot (now dots) jump […]

FBI Report: Bad Guys Shot and Killed 27 On-Duty Cops in 2013

The FBI has released the 2013 edition of its cheerfully titled Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted. [Click here to read. Press release with summary after the jump.] Once again, the greatest danger the police face is . . . accidental death. The report reports that 49 police officers died in accidents (26 killed in motor vehicle accidents, two “accidentally […]