Jeremy’s Muzzle Brake Contest Winners Revealed!


Unfortunately the turnout for my little Halloween Costume Contest (aka shameless YouTube subscriber drive) was pretty lackluster. Fortunately, the one (1) person who legitimately submitted an actual photograph of himself in costume submitted a pretty good one. So the winner of a brand new OSS BANNAR Alpha 1 flash hider + brake + comp is…

Cross Shot, wearing what used to be his paintball getup but what is now used primarily for Halloween fun:


Hopefully that doesn’t include breaking into the wrong house or shooting the wrong dog.

As I also promised a second prize for the best costume idea (no actual costume necessary), and I can’t give the prize to myself for “slutty Yankee Marshal” or “Hickok69, Hickok45’s pornstar evil twin,” the winner of prize #2 is Bill for his “Gun Nut” costume idea:


Bill will soon be the proud owner of a shiny new ALG SCB (Single Chamber Brake):


Thanks to all who submitted ideas! Hopefully the next giveaway contest will have a few more submissions 🙂



  1. avatar DJ9 says:

    Congrats to the winners, both are well-deserved!

  2. avatar Elizabeth O'Connor says:

    Congratulations! I don’t observe Halloween for religions reasons but I’m delighted for the people who won!

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