MasterPiece Arms Releases New DMG Series Handguns


I’m not a fan of the MAC-10 style handgun. It’s not my speed, and with the improvements that have come in the nearly 50 years since it was first developed, the design has become decidedly outdated. Nevertheless, the guys at MasterPiece Arms say the guns keep flying off the shelves, and there’s something to be said for the modular nature of their product. Building off of that modularity, MPA is releasing a new line of firearms specifically designed to easily swap from one caliber to another. And it looks like they may have finally introduced an improved grip style as well. Presser after the jump . . .

Comer, Ga. – (November 2014) – MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, proudly announces the MPA30DMG, the first “multi caliber” pistol from the new DMG (Defender, Machined, Grip) Series. This 9mm pistol is based on the 30sst, but includes a fully machined aluminum pistol grip. The DMG series grip is MPA’s most ergonomically designed grip system allowing the ability to change calibers by changing the grip housing, bolt and barrel (depending upon the caliber).

The 30DMG ships as a 9mm, using a GLOCK® style magazine; however, by changing out the grip housing, bolt and barrel, other calibers can be fired using this modular system. Additional calibers in 5.7x28mm, 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG kits will be available. MPA is working on adding the .45 ACP as a possible caliber and plan to have it developed potentially by SHOT Show 2015.

The MPA30DMG also includes additional upgraded features, such as adjustable front and rear sights, L-Bracket with QD plate for single point sling system and a Cerakote Flat Dark Earth coating. It is also available in Black, Gunmetal, Tungsten and Burnt Bronze Cerakote finishes. The pistol is further equipped with a side cocker, scope mount, lower Picatinny rail for flashlight or laser systems, hammer with disconnect (plus original hammer) and comes in an MPA polymer case.

MPA30DMG Specifications:
Caliber: Ships in 9mm (additional calibers to become available)
Barrel Length: 5.5″
Weight: 58 oz.
MSRP: $679.99

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of pistols, rifles, carbines and suppressors, visit


  1. avatar Ahil925 says:

    Why did they have to add those damned finger grooves to the grip?

  2. avatar jwm says:

    Mac 10 Tec 9, none of those gang tacticool “handguns” did a thing for me.

  3. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

    It would solve the issue of a semi auto being pushed out of battery in a close struggle.

  4. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Mr. Leghorn,

    Please correct the spelling in your link. Your link currently reads, “MaterPiece Arms” … the word “MasterPiece” is missing the “s”.

    1. avatar John L. says:

      What, you mean that’s not a Pixar Pistol? Awww….

      1. avatar Defensor fortisimo says:

        When did WALL-E start packing heat?

  5. avatar Joe R. says:

    So, . . . it’s a glock with an overmolded steel frame?

    1. avatar Jack says:

      I guess that is my big question about this gun. People tell me that, using the definitely-not-a-stock buffer tube on an AR pistol as a stock, you can engage targets significantly easier than with a pistol. Is that true of this thing? The barrel length isn’t a whole lot longer than a pistol, it can’t fire anything more powerful than a pistol, Is it actually better at engaging targets than a pistol?

  6. avatar Bret says:

    It’s ugly as sin, but I find myself wanting one for some reason.

    1. avatar Michael says:

      I think they are ugly, but I want one, but cannot justify spending the money on one.

  7. avatar Scrubula says:

    You know, I could see a compact design with the same functionality as the AR15 pistol being useful for a truck gun or whatever. Would have to be in SBR capable caliber though (maybe .300 blackout?) and a design without a giant buffer tube sticking out behind it.

    1. avatar brando says:

      the problem with a mac10 style 300 blackout is that you’d either have a giant grip (since the magazine goes there) or you’d have a totally different design and end up making something completely new

  8. avatar Nick D says:

    10mm Machine Pistol.

    That is all…

  9. avatar PeterK says:

    That sounds awesome to me. Way to go MPA!

  10. avatar Philthegardner says:

    IF I were to get one, I would immediately follow it up with an order for a Sig Arm Brace. But wait, it can’t be fitted with one… too bad. I guess I’m looking at something else on Black Friday then.

    1. avatar Blamodactyl says:

      Actually Masterpiece Arms makes a buffer tube adapter for these so you can put a Sig brace on one.

      1. avatar Mmmtacos says:

        If you look at the end it looks like it can accept a buffer tube. Looks like it just has a sling swivel screwed into it in the pic.

        Just a hunch.

  11. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    A Sig arm brace, a red dot, and a 100 round Glock drum magazine. Could be fun.

  12. avatar jwm says:

    These will show up in a sy fy channel space opera with cgi muzzle flashes and a wannabe actor going pew, pew, pew.

  13. avatar ShaunL. says:

    I love my MPA57sst. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are definitely fun. I’d never cc the behemoth but when I’m walking the property and meet up with a poacher it makes an impression.

  14. avatar Thomas Everett Haynes says:

    All of these calibers are kind of meaningless unless they make 30 round magazines for them all.

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