Texas International Firearms Festival Sponsor of the Day: Cabot Guns


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The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8 & 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports – is just two days away! You need to buy a day pass now – to ensure your chance to sample (and buy) firearms and gear from over two dozen major gun makers. Click here for the full list. Click here to buy a $59 one-day pass or a $95 weekend pass. Ammo included! Cabot Guns witll be there in our retail village, showing off and selling their finely crafted, stunning 1911s. Guns like the beautiful Jones Deluxe. Be at Best of the West Shooting Sports outside Austin this Saturday and Sunday see one for yourself. 


  1. avatar Hal says:

    Uuuuuuummmmmm, isn’t cabot the mfr. that supported/allied themselves with the evolve organization? If so, not exactly friends of the RKBA. Just sayin.

  2. avatar PavePusher says:

    $59 and $95 for a gun show?!?! You gotta be f#&%ing kidding me…..

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      It’s not a gun show. You dont look at the guns, you shoot them. Ammo is free Worth alot more than the ticket price.

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