Question of the Day: What Does This Video Prove?

The two knuckleheads who made this video call it a “social experiment.” That’s probably generous. Perhaps they set out the see if there was a racial component to the reactions of people at whose feet a gun is dropped as they stroll down the avenue. Maybe they thought the gun tossers’ fashion choices would matter. One of the gat droppers is dressed more business casually than is the other dood with the backwards baseball cap. Not that there’s really any discernible difference in the reactions of the passers by in this small sample. If this proves anything, it’s that no one wants to be around people who are recklessly cavalier with their firearms. And that a surprising number of them are willing to help someone who asks for it. What’s your take?


  1. avatar Big B says:

    Since that cheap plastic sound is so easily discernible, it wouldn’t bother me at all. Not the smartest thing to do in public though.

  2. avatar Hegemon says:

    Morons looking to get capped by someone…

    1. avatar Mark Lloyd says:

      For dropping a a supposed gun? I think my reaction would be to call him a douche bag and keep walking.

      1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

        But they’re not all just dropping the “gun”. On a couple of them, they then pick up the gun and accost the passerby.

        Someone could easily interpret that as a clumsy mugger trying to recover and continue. The whole idea seems foolish and unenlightening, and potentially dangerous.

      2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        How about the people that they run after, once they drop the gun and than pick it back up?

        I’m pretty sure I would have red flags going up when observing such behavior.

      3. avatar Joel says:

        The problem isnt dropping the gun. Its picking it up then chasing people that would get them shot.

  3. avatar Xanthro says:

    “I’m kind of jittery, I just robbed a bank”
    It appears they were not really getting the response they wanted so they started upping the stupidity.

    1. avatar peirsonb says:

      It does seem a bit different tjan the scientific method I was taught….

  4. avatar Paul says:

    Well, its a good thing the Po-Po didn’t show up or they would have ventilated red cap.

  5. avatar Shire-man says:

    Amazing they can do this and not get hassled while schools get locked down because somebody walking by was wearing a green jacket or carrying an umbrella and cops will hop fences to shoot leashed dogs.

    But wander public streets chasing people and tossing guns around? Nobody notices.

  6. avatar Icabod says:

    Sad really. As with some of the insane clown “jokes” there will be a time when someone gets shot. Deadly stupid.
    Notice nobody cleared the gun.

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      There is at least one video of a guy walking around Brooklyn asking random hoods if they want to buy a gun. He gets drawn on at least once in the process.

    2. avatar rlc2 says:

      Yup. Not one., and most were clumsy holding it. Noticed halfway through I was watching for same. I guess thats a side benefig of reading so much TTAG….

      You’d figure out of that many there would be one vet with a ingrained good habit.

  7. avatar GunTotinDem says:

    When cops are only minutes away

  8. avatar Kirk says:

    The rapper dood gets kicked in the head before he finishes reaching for his gat, obviously.

  9. avatar Cknarf says:

    I thought they were just gonna drop it and keep walking, you know, like in the wallet videos.

    “Hey friend, you dropped your gun!”

  10. avatar IdahoPete says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  11. avatar TexanHawk says:

    This proves that it’s not racial profiling but rather, behavioral profiling.

  12. avatar Lucidity108 says:

    This is nothing. There are many videos where “pranksters” approach random citizens at night with scary masks on and fake weapons painted to look real, and then the citizens usually run away in fear.. It’s unbelievable. I don’t know if they’re doing it in cities that don’t allow CCW but I can tell you that if someone approached me at night with a shotgun, a Jason hockey mask, and proceeded to aim it at me; they would receive several rounds to the chest.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    Great video of the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety drop-testing team in action!

    1. avatar (Formerly) MN Matt says:

      Well played, Ralph. Well played.

    2. avatar John M. says:

      LOL. Was it a Glock?

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        Nah. Glocks don’t need to be drop tested ’cause everybody knows that they only go off when you clean them.

  14. It shows people have way too much of unproductive time on their hands!

    1. avatar Elysium says:

      Unfortunately, we line there pockets with cash, every time we watch this video. =(

  15. avatar Sammy says:

    In a word, Senseless.

  16. avatar ChiGurh says:

    I think a better ‘social’ experiment would be to go to a spot that allows open carry, then see how people react towards different races of people both dress as business casual, and more casual. I think in this video’s situation, the result is going to be the same for both of them: most people would be nervous around any person, irregardless of the way they look, with that kind of irresponsible gun ownership and handling.

    1. avatar Bear The Grizzly says:

      I was going to say the exact same thing. These people just wanted to get stupid responses.They could care less about any social experiments.

  17. avatar rlc2 says:

    Jeez. It was funny in a millenialish way. I suppose to mock pc sensibilities….

    But clearly there were a handful who were NOT shocked, or panicky, and clearly recognized the possibility of a bad situation, and calmly but warily walked out of it.

    That says something about SA and 3Ss, and practiced response, that didnt fit the humor, or mocking.
    Actually more interesting data.

  18. avatar GenghisQuan says:

    Ya know, now that we controlled for race…notice how red cap got a lot more scared responses than nice shirt? Looks like people aren’t scared of armed blacks, just blacks who may potentially be gang members based on attire.

  19. avatar Gary Schulze says:

    Clearly not a single person *shown* in this video is the least bit familiar with guns. I would have either stepped on it or kicked it away. If I picked it up I would’ve cleared it and asked if he has a permit. I do wonder what responses they did not show, because I doubt they would have shown an appropriate response.

    1. avatar rlc2 says:

      This neighborhood is in north hollywood, a “diverse” area. Anyone notice the guys on corner, wheree the pretty black woman in dress ran towards. Pretty wary, probably since two lit up little pipes after…and the group of black guys all on cells scanning the street, down the other way?

  20. avatar Phil says:

    What to say about this video? So many things, I don’t even know where to start…

    1) Even thought this kind of video could be dangerous (like all “clown jokes” and such), it’s mainly the result of people having way too much time in their hands. But somehow, it’s quite inevitable with a society where we will have less and less work because production of goods and services will be done by automation and robots.

    2) But unfortunately, it’s also the result of the new youth where everyone want to be “famous”, even if it’s by a a stupid youtube video… pushing always the limits further and further to get more attention and views from the other channel.

    3) However, the test per se is interesting because we can clearly see a difference of reaction between both people… at first regarding the “look” of the person, but also to his behavior. Casual clothes and proper behavior will not scare others as much as “gang-ish” look and behavior.

    4) Nonetheless, it also shows clearly this is _NOT_ a matter of race whatsoever. It mainly depends on how people are reacting to guns. Some like us here, will just say: “Hey man, you dropped your gun”… and keep walking. While some MDA members will just run away screaming for help.

    5) Once again, this is not about guns.

  21. avatar BLAMMO says:

    The drop @ 1:54 … two girls locked in their cell phones didn’t notice a thing. Talk about situational awareness / i.e., victims who just haven’t happened yet.

  22. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    I found nothing whatsoever “funny” about the video.

  23. avatar jug says:

    I found

    “Chip Bennett says:
    November 22, 2014 at 17:21

    I found nothing whatsoever “funny” about the video.”

    to be quite correct.

    Kinda sickening in fact! Way beyond stupid, actually.

  24. avatar Bob in Washington says:

    This video was stupid. I couldn’t finish it.

  25. avatar Clown Syndrome says:

    This piss poor idiocy is incalculable.

  26. avatar 2hotel9 says:

    So, this two aspiring “videographers” wanted to test people’s reactions to a gun being dropped? Really? Key&Peele clearly have nothing to worry about!

  27. avatar Don K says:

    Why does it keep falling apart every time they drop it ??? I don’t have any guns that fall apart if you drop them, although I never have …

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