Winchester Unveils the XPR Rifle

Over the last couple years, there has been a considerable push from gun companies to produce a new entry level hunting rifle to replace the quickly deteriorating Remington 700. Ruger has their American Rifle, Weatherby has their Vanguard S2, and now Winchester looks to be getting into the game with the XPR. The website for […]

Hunters: Time to Play Offense Against the Antis

The Future of Hunting The following is by the good folks at republished with permission from The anti-hunting movement has overwhelmed the consciousness of the hunting industry. Hunters, hunting land, firearms, and the sporting way of life are under attack politically and socially. Millions of hunt-able acres are shut down in Oregon to “protect” […]

BREAKING: Darren Wilson Resigns from Ferguson PD

“Citing security fears, Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who fatally shot Michael Brown Aug. 9, has resigned from the police department,” reports, a move that should surprise no one with a pulse and even minimal brain wave activity. While in his resignation letter (after the jump), Wilson cites the risk to residents and fellow […]

Ferguson Illustrates Why Gun Grabbers Want to Grab Guns

Reader Tim T. writes: What does Ferguson show us? The antis admonish that in a hypothetical confrontation between gun owners and law enforcement or the military, a ragtag group of gun owners doesn’t stand a chance. But this week’s events show that argument to be just more foolishness from the progressive left. The organized militia and […]

Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge of the Day: PA Hunter ND Two-fer Edition

“The [Pennsylvania] Game Commission said Wednesday that a 52-year-old Tamaqua man told investigators he was unloading his rifle when the weapon accidentally fired,” reports. Clearly, he didn’t train his weapon to stay safe during the unloading process. Either that or he didn’t keep his finger off the trigger. Worse, our hapless hunter failed to […]