Do it for the children! gun grabbers proclaim. Yeah, well, children this! This young lady’s got it going on, obvs. The fact that CNN didn’t diss the little darling tells us something important: the pro-gun side is winning. We’re gradually “normalizing” firearms for the gun muggles. If you want to help this process – and why wouldn’t you? – open carry where you can and concealed carry everywhere else. The future of our nature rests on you! And your children.


  1. avatar Jeremy S says:

    Guns + Kids usually doesn’t result in something negative. This chick rocks, and it’s awesome that CNN is dipping a toe into a fresh perspective (for them). Story here:

    1. avatar Jim Jones says:

      I would point out that we are simply RE-normalizing firearms. You used to be able to walk to shop class with them and order them through the mail.

  2. avatar Gunr says:

    Great shoot! I love to see young kids getting involved in a shooting sport, do you suppose they will let her bring her guns to school for “show and tell”

    1. avatar Prepd says:

      She wont need to take it to school. Class fieldtrip bring the class to her. I’ll bet she wont ever get bulied too.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        Nope she definitely won’t! And what I was even more impressed with was her great trigger finger control! It is good to finally see people again with the truly straight finger above the trigger guard and not across it (as lazy habits seem to be more frequent than ever)! It scares me walking into gun stores these days and watching customers handling firearms at the counter. Her “finger off the trigger” was automatic every time when moving. She’s been taught well and could maybe teach a few adults how to properly “shoot responsibly!”

  3. avatar Skyler says:

    Impressive! Just keep her away from Billy Abbate.

  4. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Can you imagine how smokin fast she’s going to be when she’s old enough to buy her own gun?
    Too cool.

    1. avatar Bdub says:

      I was thinking the same thing. By the time she is 20, she will be a holy terror – a finely tuned shooter, with a good chance of being another Miculek.

  5. avatar T.G. says:

    This is why we need guns. Its for the children. The anti’s say if it saves even one child than anything is worth it….
    Well in that case, if it even makes one child happy then anything is worth it.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:

      “The anti’s say if it saves even one child than anything is worth it….
      Well in that case, if it even makes one child happy then anything is worth it.”

      Simply use their argument as is: children who know how to use firearms and have access to them have saved lives. Children have stopped attackers and home invaders from injuring, raping, and killing themselves, their siblings, and even their parents.

      1. avatar Roger says:


        “Simply use their argument as is: children who know how to use firearms and have access to them have saved lives. Children have stopped attackers and home invaders from injuring, raping, and killing themselves, their siblings, and even their parents.”

        The part “Children have stopped attackers and home invaders from injuring, raping, and killing themselves,” this reads like children have stopped attackers and home invaders from committing suicide. Themselves should just be “them”.

  6. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Trying to figure out HOW to share this vid with my daughter without her becoming envious.
    Although my daughter has the good fortune of a pro 2A dad, and shoots pretty damn well-allbeit not competitively, our urban life has her limited to lane shooting at indoor pistol ranges.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I bet you don’t have to go too terribly far. Even when I was living in San Francisco there were 4 outdoor shooting areas I frequented within an hour’s drive (two within 30 minutes) and 3 of those places hosted competitions. I bet there were others I didn’t know of. Then it was only a couple of hours to get to National Forest or BLM land where you’re just out in the wild making your own range areas (and packing everything out and keeping them clean, of course).

  7. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Shannon will be very proud . . . . . Grrrrl power!

  8. avatar Sammy says:

    Some woman named watts just platzed.

    Is that a down sized gun? She handles the recoil very well. Oh yea, give Mom and Dad an A+ in parental responsibility.

  9. avatar Excedrine says:


  10. avatar Taylor TX says:

    All I see is a black box, no video or anything. Did something happen or what?

    1. avatar Taylor TX says:

      Thanks for the link Jeremy.

  11. avatar LC Judas says:

    More winning is the amount of “comment awaiting moderation” bordering on six days old underneath the article.

    Maybe even CNN is sick of the trolling guns get? I never thought I’d see the day.

    1. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Those comments include a fair number of people who honestly, sincerely, cannot see anything positive in teaching a child to shoot. They also included the usual, ignorant stereotypes of toothless, uneducated rednecks, gun owners compensating for a small penis, etc.

      Our nation contains a HUGE number of people who have been brought up in disarmed urban utopias where the only gun use they ever see is by gang bangers and cops. The thought of civilians using firearms for self-protection is as foreign to them as a subway is to someone in Wyoming.

      The task before us – To educate our fellow Americans about our individual, personal responsibility of self-defense and the best tools for that purpose – is a large task indeed.

  12. avatar JWTaylor says:

    This brings up a kind of a side issue for me. My 9 year old son is a great shot, and a down right incredible hunter. (killed, gutted, and fully butchered his first deer at 5, from start to finish). I shoot a bit, usually a few hundred rounds a week, and a hunt a lot, definitely most days a year and usually a lot more. And over the years since he could walk, so does my oldest son. He’s become my favorite hunting partner, and one of my most effective. Damn proud of him. I could go on and on about his shooting, and how good he is in the field.
    But I don’t, I often don’t tell people about it because I’ve seen it end up in ostracism, not by his friend, but by their parents, and seen how it alienates him. There are parties and events with his friends that their parents won’t allow him to attend, because (with the teacher’s approval) he brought a .45 caliber Hawken percussion cap muzzle loader to school for show and tell. Plus, I’m just a paranoid old vet who doesn’t want people to know my son is a friggin’ murder wagon with his .44special.
    For those of you with kids, what strategies do you use in discussing your kid’s shooting hobbies/skill sets? And have you seen any that work?

  13. avatar Joe R. says:

    Better that way than last-ditch, in an emergency, because your 5-0 took an arrow to the knee and the Barbary Coast and points North/NE learned how to export turds.

    Teach the young ‘n to draw from an appendix carry holster while being assaulted by more than one attacker in an elevator.

  14. When the constitution was signed private citizens were allowed (encouraged) to own any weapon any govt had. Fast forward to the1990’s when we barely held to semi auto, the bottom. Over the last 15 or so years we have won back (pick a number) maybe 10% or so of what has been lost. Good start but not exactly an established trend reversal. I am very encouraged but this fight is 200 years old and is apparantly never-ending.

  15. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    I will repost a comment from the comments section of the original CNN aritcle from last week

    “This is one girl who will never be a victim of anyone”

    Unfortunately this wont stop people like Shannon from accusing her of being a traitor and un-feminist. Silly her doesnt she know that women are only supposed to be helpless victims?

  16. avatar Skylor says:

    What pistol is that? I’d love to get one for my kids. I bought them a .22LR single shot bolt action Crickett and it has been amazing. We recently graduated from BB guns to the Crickett. It’s an amazing thing to watch them learn proper safety and marksmanship fundamentals and I swell with pride every time they nail that bullseye. Now I need to start planning for pistol training…

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I think it’s a Glock 19. I know she shoots rimfire challenge stuff also, but in this video she’s definitely shooting plenty of .223 and 9mm (or it could be a Glock in another centerfire caliber but I’m going to assume it’s a G19)…

      For kids or other small folks or petite ladies (or dudes with small hands) shooting centerfire, I think the Ruger SR9 is a good choice. Slim grip circumference.

  17. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I love the video, and I really admired her good solid technique. I have only one minor criticism and that is her hearing protection. She may be ok, because I can’t see what kind of plugs she is wearing, but if it was my kid, she would have muffs on. I suffer from permanent hearing loss PLUS tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and I sure would not wish that on anyone that young. But it sure made me smile to see the kid shoot. Two thumbs up for her and her enlightened parents.

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