Question of the Day: What Trick Shot Can You Do?

I’m a pretty mean pool player. Thousands of hours spend racking-em-up in the basement of the family home taught me how to sink pool balls like ringing a bell. For which I was rewarded with a sliced-open chin in a Providence pool hall. Trick shots? Like you read about. When it comes to ballistic prestidigitation, very few people can match Miss Weiss’ performance shooting prowess. But God knows they try. Especially if it’s a friendly competition. Five Hour Energy bottles at 50 paces with your EDC? I’m in! What trick shots do you do to keep you and yours amused?


  1. avatar Mike says:

    Stuck at square ranges, here, so don’t really have any tricks. Though I have thought about hanging penny-sized pieces of paper from the target holder and maybe pick ’em off with my 22 rifle at 25 yards, but haven’t tried that yet.

  2. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

    I can hunt ducks with a bolt action rifle lol.

    Seriously though, its more of a game, but it is alot of fun to move a golf ball downrange with a .22. Even better when you are racing with a buddy.

  3. avatar RDSmith says:

    I can make ammo disappear 😉

    1. avatar Jolly Roger Ouy says:

      What about pencils?

      1. avatar 80 D says:

        You’re a joker.

    2. avatar Ralph says:

      So that’s what happened to all the .22LR. You fiend!

  4. avatar Accur81 says:

    I cut a steel chain at 50 paces with a pair of coaxial mounted de-milled (semi auto) Browning 1919 .30 cal machine guns with open sights in front of a crowd at Rahauges. Had to use 10 round links to keep it CA-legal.

    They had 55 gal barrels set up for people to shoot, but that is too huge of a target, so I walked up, got a sight picture, and cut the chain holding the right barrel. The chain took 2-3 hits before failing. It fell and got a nice reaction. Good times.

    I was thinking about linking the video or sending it in as a post, but it isn’t as interesting as the stuff KJW does.

    1. avatar DJ9 says:

      What the he|| are “ten round links”? Do you mean short, linked, belts of ten rounds each, or are there links that can somehow sense and prevent belts of more than 10 rounds from being connected together?

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        They were instructed to break the links down to 10 rounds apiece. For California. I wish I was kidding.

        1. avatar DJ9 says:

          As stupid as that sounds, it’s a lot more comforting that someone figuring out how to create links that would automatically limit creation of ammo belts longer than ten rounds.

          I was picturing something like links with tiny blinking LEDs, counting each other through small gold-plated contact points on each link, and beeping out a warning if round #11 was snapped into place…

          Glad to hear it was just run-of-the-mill boneheaded application of an ignorantly-created law.

        2. avatar Nigel Tufnel says:

          In Virginia, ours go to 11. Or more.

  5. avatar IdahoPete says:

    A fairly easy one to do at a muzzleloading shoot is to fire a lead round ball at the edge of a double-bitted ax stuck in a log round, with one edge facing the shooter – the idea is to split the round ball and break two clay pigeons set up on nails on either side of the ax blade. We used to set this up at about 10 yards, and I could usually split the round ball 1 out of 2 shots.

    It helped to use a .50 or .54 cal rifle – the .45s and .36s were pretty small and hard to split.

    Card shoots like Kirsten’s are also a lot easier with a .50 cal than a .22!

  6. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I’m calling he B.S. flag here.

    There is no such thing as “a whole bunch of bullets” in .22lr.

    Seriously, considering that crosswind, damn good shooting.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      Natchez has CCI .22 LR 36 grain HP for $7.99/100. I just ordered the max order of 5 boxes. Ssssshhhh…don’t tell anybody.

  7. avatar DJ9 says:

    Lethal Weapon movie smilie-face-on-the-target.

    With a baby Glock (G26/G27).

  8. avatar Rokurota says:

    That’s some mighty fine shootin’, Ms. Weiss!

    1. avatar Kirsten says:

      Thank you Rokurota!

  9. avatar Dale says:

    On an average to good day I am pretty consistent at busting clay pigeons arranged on the ground.
    at 100 yards
    with a SIG 229 (.40 S&W)
    “Bullseye Stance”

    I usually get 7 or 8 out of 10 with 10 shots taken and yes, I have plenty of witnesses.
    Never actually done 10 out of 10 but I keep trying.

    1. I would like to witness that too.

  10. avatar notalima says:

    I typically manage to not shoot myself or my friends. That seems like an accomplishment given the media lately.

  11. avatar LC Judas says:

    Square range…limited.

    Q – tip hanging on cardboard edge. Tape a business card and split it in half on the edge. But most days staying on a 2.5×3″ post it note is fine for impressing onlookers. Can drill it at 15 and stay on at 25 feet at a slower pace. Sig 226 is repeatable for accuracy.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    I can miss the bullseye at any distance.

  13. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    If I get a bad beak on my first shot when out shooting clays I try and pulverizing the bigger falling fragments with whatever shells remain in the tube. That’s about as close to “trick” shooting as I can claim.

  14. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Dimes at 100 yards with my hunting rifle. Holing them without breaking the edge.
    I like a challenge. Think I’ve gotta try this one.
    Nice shooting Ms. Weiss!

  15. Ha! I could do that from a bench at half that distance!

    1. avatar Nigel Tufnel says:

      Meh, I get 1/2″ one shot groups with my 45 at 30 yards.

  16. Finding 22lr in stock at Walmart

    1. avatar Dale says:

      I’d say we have a winner

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        I’m about 1 of 327 on Walmart .22 LR runs, so I work OT and buy online.

  17. avatar John M. says:

    My best party trick is hitting the 200 yd gong with my Glock 20 from the bench. I love long-range pistol shooting, though I can’t claim to be great at it.

    1. avatar SigGuy says:

      Nice! I’ve never had a chance to try steel at 200, but I can manage a gong (12″ I think) at 100 with my kahr cm9.

      1. avatar John M. says:

        100 yards with a pocket gun in 9mm? I salute you, sir. I doubt 200 yards with a duty-sized 10mm would give you much trouble.

        1. avatar FreakinPeanuts says:

          I have videos posted on YouTube of me hitting 2 liter pop bottles at 100 yards with my Glock 22, and more impressively my Rock Island M206 (a 2in revolver). Ive made those hits with Winchester white box as well as reloads (mostly reloads). I absolutely love long range pistol shooting.

  18. avatar ShaunL. says:

    I live just to the left of the middle of nowhere so we try all kinds of trick shots. We’ve done the over the shoulder mirror thing, playing cards, ricochets and splitting the shot on an axe head with .22 @ 50 yds(NOT easy!) but my favorite trick is the disappearing fruit trick sponsored by tannerite…. That one ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.

  19. avatar Tim says:

    Watching Jerry Miculek throw his 9mm a thousand yards on the second shot. That man practically had to aim it like a mortar round.

  20. avatar lolinski says:

    I can get a 2000 USD bolt action to jam (with match ammo). Probably not a good or cool thing but it is really hard to do.

  21. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    I sure liked what I saw! I can’t do any tricks, but sometimes I hit the target.

  22. avatar Corey says:

    Me and my son shoot 12 gauge shells at 50 yards with iron sight 22’s. Each setup 5 shells. First with all down wins. He cant beat me, yet…. 🙂

    1. avatar Ing says:

      Fun stuff. I do that with my son too, although we usually do it at 25 yards.

      My personal best — the closest I’ve ever come to a trick shot — was nailing a piece of spent 9mm brass at 25 yards. That was in response to my son putting a round through a .30-30 case; I bet him 5 bucks he couldn’t do it, and he drilled it. I couldn’t let him beat me, so… 🙂

      This was with a Henry rifle, just like the one KJW is using in this video. Those things are great little guns.

      We keep those two bullet-holed little trophies on a bookshelf in the living room. They’ve sparked a couple of interesting conversations with visitors.

  23. avatar gemalo says:

    I once hit a Barry Manilow LP that was on edge with my S&W Model 41 at about 15 yds., when our range used to have a plinking area. Don’t think I could ever do it again.

  24. avatar John says:

    The “Tom Knapp throw-your-own-clays” trick. I can get 5.

  25. avatar Evan says:

    I can break mosins. That has to count for something.

  26. avatar David says:

    She has the “hip bone” advantage shooting offhand. Maybe I could use my beer belly the same way…. Hummmmm

  27. avatar Southern Cross says:

    Seeing and hitting a Figure 13 service target at 300 metres, using peep sights and from the prone position with only a 1907 sling for support. At worst I’ll miss once or twice out of ten shots.

    Can’t beat the No4 Lee-Enfield for bolt-action service rifle shooting.

    The Figure 13 target is coloured black and represents a machine gunner and loader. The target often disappears into the backstop in some light conditions and is wide and low, so correct elevation and sighting is critical.

  28. avatar ChuckN says:

    My Dad can snuff candles at 10yds with his Ruger single six.
    I can do pretty well but can’t quite beat him…yet.

  29. avatar Phil COV says:

    So awesome. KJW- I’m looking for a sweet 22LR lever action; your thoughts? I’m leaning Henry 18.5″.

  30. avatar aaronw says:

    Got bored at my (now closed) square range.

    Two things with my .22 bolt action:

    1. Hip-shooting soda cans at 25 yards
    2. Going after the staples which held my paper targets to the Homasote backers.

  31. avatar John L. says:

    I can shoot my mouth off … Oh wait, this isn’t the photo caption contest…

  32. avatar Kevin A. says:

    I can hit the 200 yard gong with my Colt Woodsman.

    A few of the guys at the range can hit the 200 yard gong off hand with their .22 pistols.

  33. Balancing on my knees on a raft in my pool drifting by a line of clay pigeons set up on Pigeon Perch holders shooting them with a pellet handgun. Took all four out with an eight shot revolver.

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