Why Can’t They Just Leave Gabrielle Giffords Alone?


“She has delivered the same 64-word speech eight times already, but Gabby Giffords is struggling to get through the ninth,” msn.com reports. ‘Together, we can win elections,’ the former Arizona congresswoman tells her Seattle audience before starting to stumble. After a moment of confused silence, an aide whispers the next line, and Giffords continues the broken sentence: ‘… change our laws.'” The rest of the article focuses on the fact that Giffords and her anti-gun group Americans for Responsible Solutions are fighting a losing battle for gun control. But here’s the main question raised by this piece . . .

Is ANY of this Giffords’ idea? The fact that the brain-damaged Congresswoman can’t make it through a 64-word speech she’s delivered countless times indicates either extreme fatigue or ongoing cognition problems or both. I reckon she’s being pushed beyond her mental and physical limits by her “team.” You know. “For the children.”

Here’s my idea: how about Giffords’ “handlers” and her hubby just back the F off and let the wounded Congresswoman rest, recuperate and retire?

Not gonna happen. Giffords is the literal embodiment of the bloody shirt anti-gunners wave – without shame – to further their civilian disarmament agenda. And they call us cynical. [h/t Pascal]


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Proof positive once again that getting shot in the head does not make one smarter. Kelly is taking a page from the disgraced Sarah Brady playbook to get his hands on that sweet Joyce Foundation, Bloomberg and Soros cash.

    1. avatar KMc says:

      Kelly and disgraced in the same sentence. That’s about right.

      1. avatar JasonM says:

        It’s does need the phrase “dirt bag” or “pond scum”.

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:

          Those would be insulting to dirt and pond scum.

  2. avatar Mk10108 says:

    Robert, keep poking that bear for as long and as hard as you can.

    1. avatar Steve says:

      The words “poking,” “long,” and “hard” shouldn’t generally be used in the same sentence. Just saying…

      1. avatar Mk10108 says:

        agreed, sorta get carried away when RF gets it right again.

      2. avatar Richard In WA says:

        They can poke whatever Bears they want for as long and hard as they want!

        1. avatar Clay-in-UT says:

          Yuck! Goats are much less dangerous… Well that that I hear from ISIS.

      3. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

        Especially together with “bear.”

        1. avatar SteveInCO says:

          Agreed. If he had typoed “bare” on the other hand, it would still possibly be appropriate.

  3. avatar Cinncinatus says:

    It’s a shame, really. She seems like a nice lady…the ventriloquist should leave her alone

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      She was never a nice lady. Check her bio — she’s been a social parasite her whole life.

      1. avatar DaveM says:

        The woman was shot in the head and no matter her bio who obviously has handlers who have no problem with what ever it takes money making anti gun agenda.
        Her husband is letting this happen.

        1. avatar Stinkeye says:

          “Letting” it happen? That sleazebag is one of the ones making it happen. He stands to lose out on a lot of money and the chance to feed his ego and feel important if he doesn’t keep abusing his brain-damaged wife in this way.

        2. avatar BigDinVT says:

          C’mon, it’s tough for a retired astronaut to find a good paying job. Give the guy a break!

        3. avatar Roscoe says:

          I suspect he’s working on securing that “good paying job”; politician.

          He certainly has all the right attributes for one, especially one of Democrat persuasion, in this day and age.

  4. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    Gotta’ make $$$…her and the space cadet straw buyer need to keep up the pressure…for the children.

    1. avatar Rick says:

      Here’s my idea: how about Giffords’ “handlers” and her hubby just back the F off and let the wounded Congresswoman rest, recuperate and retire?

      Yep. Put her out to pasture and they’ve all got to find some other way to make a living.

  5. avatar Sammy says:

    I don’t blame gifford for being anti gun. I do blame her husband for continuing her nightmare.

  6. avatar ADC USN/Ret says:

    She’ll be left alone when she backs off these idiotic please for anti-gun cash. What a waste of money.

    1. avatar JT says:

      I think you are misunderstanding what is being said. RF is saying her husband and handlers need to leaver her alone and quit using her as a puppet to push their agenda.

  7. avatar Rob.G says:

    She’s doing this all for her husband who has future political aspirations. The Dems have promised to back him if he can push Gabby to push their agenda(s).

  8. avatar Noishkel says:

    Well as the survivor of a massive orange sized cerebral meningioma I’m always hesitant about poking fun at someone who’s suffered a neurological injury. Even if I find their message and actions repellent. And can also say with full confidence and knowing that when you’ve taken that kind of damage things sometimes just don’t work right in your head. Hell in my case my tumor was in my temporal lobe. Which did a real number on my ability to speak and process language.

    That said I don’t believe that this injury has affected her ability to function. And I don’t believe she is being ‘paraded out’ by her hubby. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised that she’s actually playing up her difficulties to get more attention to their cause. But again as someone that sufferer with damage like that I’m not going to say that with full confidence.

    1. avatar JT says:

      The shot went from front to back through the left side of her head so a lot more than just her temporal lobe was damaged. She definitely had frontal lobe damage which can cause a decrease in planning for future events, decision making skills, and judgement.

  9. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    It’s Howdy Doody Time! Hey, at least Buffalo Bob could remember his lines, something Kelly cannot do.

  10. avatar Taylor TX says:

    “Why Can’t They Just Leave Gabrielle Giffords Alone?”

    Why the hell cant she just leave our gun rights alone?

    I dont know why either but…

  11. avatar PeterC says:

    This is just a modern version of the brain-dead dipsomaniac that would be trotted out by the old-time Temperance lecturers.

  12. avatar Dave357 says:

    Her gaze in that photo does not look vacant, and she may well be more acute mentally than her speech problems might suggest. So, why speculate on her condition? The problem is her stance on gun rights, which was very lukewarm even before the shooting, despite her being a Representative from Arizona.

    I would take issue with the msn article’s statement that, “She will be widely outspent this year by the NRA and others who support the rights of gun owners.” This may be true of her organization alone, but overall the anti-gun forces seem to have more money this year than the NRA. Just look at Washington state alone.

    1. avatar angryaz says:

      Some sections of Tucson belong in new York

      1. avatar PeterC says:

        Right on! The “University community’ and the La Raza types should be deported to Gotham.

    2. avatar Ing says:

      Thanks mostly to a homegrown trio of anti-freedom Seattleite billionaires, backers of the reprehensible I-594 initiative here in WA have outspent the pro-gun I-591 by about 10 to 1. If I wasn’t paying attention to state politics, I wouldn’t know the first thing about 591.

      Meanwhile, My household has received three big, glitzy mailers from I-594 this week alone. I tore them into little tiny pieces, threw them in the toilet, took a dump on them, and flushed them. The low-info voters of this state have been bought wholesale by Nick Hanauer, Bill Gates, and Paul Allen (may they rot in hell along with Gabby Giffords’ shameless puppeteers).

      1. avatar Richard In WA says:

        Nick Hanauer, of Amazon.com and “The Pitchforks Are Coming for us Plutocrats” fame. Surprise, he’s anti-gun.


        And Paul Allen is busy suing to get the tank he claims he bought (but it wasn’t for sale?) and owns many NFA items..


        1. avatar Ing says:

          I read Hanauer’s article, and as angry as I am at him, he’s not entirely wrong. Raising the minimum wage significantly may be a really good thing, especially if it reduces demand (need) for federal welfare programs and lets us actually cut some of our bloated bureaucracy and reduce government debt.

          But even a $15/hr minimum wage, while it might help lift some people out of poverty, isn’t getting anyone to that thriving, spending middle-class he wants us to have. There are bigger issues in play, like inflation and wage compression; the median income today (which is by definition the middle of the middle class) buys far less than it did two decades ago.

          For instance, I’m at almost exactly the national median. My only debt consists of student loans at 2% interest, I’m very careful about my spending, and somehow I’m still living paycheck to paycheck as I support my wife and two kids solely on my income. Somehow I doubt that a minimum-wage increase is going to boost my mid-range professional salary or keep the pitchforks of the lower classes away from good St. Nick Hanauer in the long run.

          In light of his support for the repugnant I-594, I thought this part of his article was enlightening: “You show me a highly unequal society, and I will show you a police state. Or an uprising. There are no counterexamples. None. It’s not if, it’s when.”

          So…he’s betting on the police state. Because forcing everyday people to ask the government pretty-please for something that should be a matter of basic personal freedom doesn’t say “freedom and equality” to me.

          Unless he’s diabolically playing both ends against the middle. When the rabble comes for Hanauer and his fellow plutocrats, he can say “hey, don’t look at me, I wanted to help you.” And since the rabble isn’t likely to care, he wants to be sure they eventually are limited to *only* having pitchforks (his security team, of course, will suffer no such limits).

  13. avatar Southern Cross says:

    And if she dies, she is a martyr for the cause.

    Expect a state funeral when the event happens.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      even if it’s thirty or forty years from now…

      1. avatar Gs650g says:

        And Loughner will be charged with murder in his padded cell.

    1. avatar NYC2AZ says:

      A lot of female bobble heads up there in Portlandia.

  14. avatar Joe R. says:

    [this was a reply to a deleted post]

    Well, as soon as he was unable to speak for himself (except through his electronic device) i.e., unable to communicate with his wife, or through his student helpers, he has been anti-God (do a little digging there before you get pissy).

    His mentor (and I believe a truly bigger genius) Roger Penrose (step away from the computer and pick up a book) is reported to have made similar (although more genteel) accusations.

    Just sayin. . .

    1. avatar Lurker_Of_Lurkiness says:


      1. avatar Lurker_Of_Lurkiness says:

        didn’t see the reply to deleted post thing.

        So Hawking I’m guessing?

        1. avatar Joe R. says:

          Ya, trapped and tortured soul.

  15. avatar Jus Bill says:

    Why Can’t They Just Leave Gabrielle Giffords Alone?

    Because if she becomes obscure and just another wounded victim in a nursing facility, speaking and donation money will evaporate overnight. And no more trips in private jets and stays in four-star hotels. And pictures on the Web and in the news. And instant access to the rich and powerful.

    Instead, just her Congressional retirement (large $$$), and the Space Cowboy’s Navy and NASA retirements (even larger $$$$).

    And being consumed by overwhelming unfulfilled greed. The children have no place in the calculus.

  16. avatar MD Matt says:

    Why does she have to be a mentally deficient puppet on the strings of a self serving husband or a manipulative witch playing on the ashes of her own tragedy? I don’t agree with her current crusade. Her husband hasn’t done anything to make me like him—quite the opposite actually. Perhaps getting shot has given her conviction for a cause and those 64 words are her way of fighting back. It’s a lot easier to dismiss her if you can pity or denigrate her I guess. I find this article and many of the comments in poor taste at best and shameful at worst. Until I hear otherwise I’ll treat her as a respected opponent.

  17. This is so deeply, profoundly and transcendentilly sad that I don’t even know where to begin. So I won’t.

  18. avatar barnbwt says:

    Oh, please. Gabby is a dyed in the wool politician. Am I supposed to believe she is an innocent vegetable, now? We all know she’s not close to that far gone, but likely has good and bad days like anyone else with brain trauma. What I do expect is that the political impulse to be important, adored, and self-righteous is probably more firmly ensconced in her psyche than breathing, so I personally think she loves being the bloody shirt –it’s the only thing better than waving it, after all. Husband & wife were hardly pro-gun before (at least not politically, they certainly enjoyed guns themselves, like all good nobility), and parlayed this terrible circumstance the best way they could with the connections they had. Anti-gun connections within the Democrat party. We should bear them no ill will as individuals, but that does not mean we should feel sympathy for where their circumstance has led them politically. I sympathize with the family –the people– but that’s not what is on display at these ‘speeches’ nor is that what is threatening our freedom with sentimental garbage.

  19. avatar Mike says:

    They can’t leave her alone. They have to milk all the PR they can get before she fades from the public eye. Like Jim Brady. I didn’t know he was still alive until I heard he died

  20. avatar Desert Ranger says:

    She has every right to do what she wants … It’s a free country. Just as we have a right to speak up and defend our rights for the same reason.

  21. avatar Fed Up says:

    Why can’t GunGrabby Giffords just leave our civil rights alone?

  22. avatar Biff Baxter says:

    The left will sacrifice any and all in their quest for ideological domination.

    Giffords is but a mere speed-bump.

  23. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    So your’re saying that more people with brain damage support civilian disarmament than any other political agenda?

  24. avatar Gs650g says:

    Too bad Gabby is campaigning to change the wrong laws and shame on those exploiting her so the masses can be disarmed while politicians build their police armies.

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