2A Halloween Costume Idea Contest: Two Prizes Up For Grabs


In a completely shameless attempt to gain a few new subscribers to my mediocre-at-best YouTube channel, I’ve belatedly decided to do a 2nd Amendment-related Halloween costume contest. Details on how to enter — you don’t even need a costume! — and on what the two winners shall win are as follows…

There’s a prize — an OSS BANNAR Alpha 1 (5.56) or Bravo 1 (7.62) — for the winner who includes a photograph of his or her costume and another prize — TBD but likely another muzzle brake — for the winner who simply comments on YouTube or on this post with the best 2nd Amendment-related Halloween costume idea. Either way you have to be subscribed to win. Yes, like I said, shameless.

Please link to the photograph in your comment. If you’re commenting on here, either include your YouTube username or at least input a valid e-mail address when you comment so I can track you down should you win. If linking to a photo in a public comment isn’t possible for whatever reason, you’re welcome to e-mail the pic to GunsAndGearEJ20 [ at ] Gmail [ dot ] com.

If you don’t have a firearm that can accept one of these brakes, we’ll find something different and equivalent to use as a prize instead.

Submissions will run through November 15th, and I’ll select and announce the winners shortly thereafter. Nov 15th also happens to be the due date for our 2nd kiddo, so my apologies in advance should I be MIA for a few days +/- around that date. I’ll definitely announce the winners within a week of the 15th though.


  1. avatar Lurker_Of_Lurkiness says:

    Dress up as pelosi ***shudder***

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Does that mean I get to ride a broom? The whole witch thing is kinda played out for Halloween, I think 😉

      1. avatar DJ9 says:


        I think there might be a “sweep” joke in there somewhere, too, considering the likely results of the upcoming election…

  2. avatar Cross Shot says:

    I’ll wear the same thing I wear every Halloween

    My Tacticool outfit.


  3. avatar DJ9 says:

    Get old/ragged long-sleeve shirt or jacket.

    Tear or cut sleeves off at shoulder.

    Put on shirt/jacket without sleeves, then slide sleeves into place on arms. Temporarily secure them with hook-and-loop fasteners or duct tape tabs on the back (less visible).

    When asked “What are YOU?”, you dramatically rip the sleeves off one at a time, and tell the questioner “I am the Second Amendment, the right to bare arms!”

  4. avatar DJ9 says:

    Alt: Have a friend who is artistic draw a simple line drawing of a bear on each of your biceps with a Sharpie, so it looks like a tattoo. Once again, you have “The right to bear arms.”

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Did you see the shirt I was wearing in the video? 😉

      1. avatar DJ9 says:

        Yes, but it was after my first post, and before my second post.

        What can I say, there are a lot of variations on the “bare/bear arms” thing.

        You could also do a dyslexic 2nd amendment by dressing in a bear suit and holding a prop gun (right to arm bears), but some folks might think that is insensitive…

  5. avatar Bill says:

    Dress up as Mr. Peanut and open carry at least 3 guns.

    “What are you?”
    “I’m a gun nut”

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      “Gun nut.” Nice!

  6. avatar Shire-man says:

    Walk around with a pistol and half empty bottle of whiskey and you can tell people you’re a Democrat from Chicago, Louisiana, DC, New Jersey, California, New York, etc…. in favor of UBC’s, AWB renewal, CC bans, publishing the names of gun owners, etc….

  7. avatar aaronw says:

    If this were thetruthaboutsailing.com, I’d make a wearable cargo container costume and stand just below the waterline at the local marinas. Unseen navigational hazards are pretty scary!
    Back in high school, I didn’t really wear a “costume” per-se, I took an old white t-shirt, made holes and used markers to simulate entry and exit wounds. (I went to high-school well before Columbine, et al)…

  8. avatar PeterK says:

    Minuteman. Has to be a minuteman. Dang, now something else I need to buy, haha.

  9. avatar SigGuy says:

    Costume would be an AR-15 lower receiver in white without a serial number. So in other words a “ghost gun”

    1. avatar DJ9 says:

      I like it!

      You could wave it at anti-gun liberals and yell “BOO!” to scare them!

      But just the lower; I wouldn’t recommend waving around anything that REMOTELY looks like a firearm. Heck, I might make it a stripped lower…

      1. avatar Jeremy S says:

        Hahaha this is a solid idea. Just go naked from the waist down and say “I’m a stripped lower.”

  10. avatar Frank says:

    You can wear your everyday w work clothes and be a disgruntled employee.

  11. avatar Sam Wright says:

    Dress up as Rambo and visit your local gun grabber’s house.

  12. avatar Will says:

    Hazmat Suit with an AR slung over your shoulder. Ebola Containment!


    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I hear hazmat suits are all the rage this year! …your link isn’t working for me, though…

  13. avatar DV says:

    Just left a reply!

  14. avatar ken says:

    I’m dressing up as a concealed carrier. Remember, concealed means concealed. Funny but nobody ever guesses what my costume is. 🙂

  15. avatar Brian says:

    White shirt
    youth football shoulder pads
    string tied to pads to make them lift up.
    shirt says assault weapons ban….now
    with shoulder thingy that goes up…/liftsupshoulderthingy.

    Also obligatory slutty moms demand MORE action risqué costume with kroeger shopping cart full of Starbucks and Chipotle……

    Go as a depressed 10 rd magazine. ..who only has 7 friends because he lives in ny

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I was thinking slutty Yankee Marshall would be a good costume 😉 . Or maybe Hickok69, the porn star version of Hickok45.

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