Sponsored Content: Texas International Firearms Festival Announces Lineup

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Kirsten Joy Weiss tells us she’s finalized the lineup for the Texas International Firearms Festival. The “try before you buy”, ammo-included event scheduled for November 8 & 9 in Austin, Texas has a top flight list of some of the gun world’s best names set to demo their guns and gear. Press release and exhibitor list after the jump . . .

Austin, Texas – The inaugural Texas International Firearms Festival (TIFF) has finalized arrangements with over two dozen exhibitors for the November 8, 9th event at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Austin, Texas.

 “The idea has caught fire with both the industry and the public,” TIFF spokesperson Kirsten Weiss says.

“We’ve got some of the best manufacturers in the business coming to The Lone Star State to show – and sell – their stuff. “Ticket sales are ramping-up quickly as word of the Lone Star State’s ‘Come and Shoot It’ festival gets out.”

TIFF has hired Austin’s Big Blue Sky advertising agency to promote the event. “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” ad exec Chad Swishers boasts, “and the TIFF ad campaign is no exception. We’re launching a six-figure ad campaign via radio this week, hitting stations in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston and a bunch of smaller markets. We’re also buying print ads, putting out posters, doing some guerrilla marketing and mounting a major social media campaign.”

Companies demonstrating their products for 5000 gun-hungry attendees per day include:

  • – AAC
  • – Action Targets
  • – Barrett
  • – Beretta
  • – Black Rain Ordnance
  • – FNH USA
  • – Henry Repeating Arms
  • – Kangraroo Carry
  • – Lapua
  • – Noveske
  • – Primary Weapons Systems
  • – Republic Forge
  • – SilencerCo,
  • – Silencer Shop
  • – Slide Fire
  • – Tac-Con
  • – Tracking Point
  • – Trophy Tools
  • – Underground Tactical
  • – Walther Arms
  • – Winchester

Gun makers at the unique “try before you buy” event will be able to sell firearms at a tented gun store, complete with NICS checks and secure storage. Transfers will be facilitated by Austin firearms retailer Sportsman’s Finest.

“The Texas International Firearms Festival is set to be the best gun show in the U.S.,” Weiss says. “And you’re invited.”

Provided you buy a ticket before they sell out, of course . . . Click here to buy now,.


  1. avatar John Boch says:


    So, do we get to meet Miss Kirsten too?


    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I’m thinking we’d have to stand in line.
      But it would be worth it.

  2. avatar Robert Farago says:

    She’ll be there.

  3. avatar Skyler says:

    That banner ad has a distinctly communist look to it.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Well, it would if the rifle was an AK.

  4. avatar BDub says:

    I can’t wait!

  5. avatar John says:

    Can you open carry a pistol at the event?

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      I would say that depends on whether the venue is on private property, and if it is, whether the owner or person in control grants permission to the visitors to carry.

      1. avatar John says:

        Well I’m going, and I emailed the shooting range and asked, but they never responded. I would like to know before I get there…

        Seeing as how they are a TTAG sponsor, it should be simple to find out?

  6. avatar Ken says:

    What?! No Larue?? Really??

  7. avatar Kyle says:

    Brethren Armament will be partnered up with The Silencer Shop to demo an HK53 in 300blk and a standard BAP9, both with the suppressors offered by The Silencer Shop.

    Can’t wait to see you all there.

  8. avatar Garrett says:

    I asked them and they said open carry was allowed.

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