Quote of the Day: Man of (Blued) Steel Edition


“I was terrified. I’m a big, strong guy and my knees were buckling like ‘Oh my gosh. I’m armed to-the-teeth now. At 4 o’clock in the morning come bang at my door, my knees won’t buckle.” – Dean Cain in Dean Cain on why he’s not afraid to talk politics [at foxnews.com]

(h/t Pascal)


  1. avatar Todd S says:

    I’m glad he’s ok and I’m glad he’s on our side. I wish it had happened before he was robbed, but better late than never.

  2. avatar the ruester says:

    I liked his acting, what little of it I saw. He is in the same club as Kirk Cameron and Kevin Sorbo, shunned by hollywood for speaking his mind. More power to him.

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      Well, quality over quantity then.

      Kevin Sorbo is an awesome, awesome guy.

      1. avatar BDub says:

        Thanks, I need the laugh.

        1. avatar TheBear says:

          I was not joking.

          Am I missing something here?

    2. avatar Bob72 says:

      Today, honorable men/woman may not be popular in the US, but if history is any indicator, the honorable living in a society that glorifies dishonor will be an inspiration to honorable people for the centuries to come.

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        Amen to that.

    3. avatar Tomyironmane says:

      Kinda amazing that the anti-McCarthy-Blacklist Hollywood elites would have a blacklist, unless you know about Hollywood, I suppose.

      Anyone notice that they’ve lost their stranglehold on Popular Movies these days? Money talks, Ideology Walks.

  3. avatar William says:

    Seems liked good people.

  4. avatar The Pete from LA says:

    Like Adam Baldwin, no relation to the kook Baldwins

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      Stephen Baldwin is a die-hard conservative.

      1. avatar Jandrews says:

        Which explains why his Hollywood career went nowhere…

        1. avatar notalima says:

          Exactly. Pro-gun hollywood types get, at a minimum, the cold shoulder from their proglib peers, or completely frozen out.

        2. avatar JasonM says:

          No need to look for a dark conspiracy. Just look at the quality of his work.

        3. avatar Grindstone says:

          Fred Thompson seemed to to do alright.

  5. avatar pod says:

    Dean put his personal ideals over making money, which is a good thing. And look, he’s still doing quite well…

  6. avatar Philippe says:

    I work in the entertainment business, mostly TV and the actors who are pro guns keep a low profile about the subject for fear of being labeled as a right wing nut and therefore risking their work status.

  7. avatar Sheepdog6 says:

    Dean Cain also did the show Stars Earn Stripes a few years back. Was paired with Chris Kyle. Finished 3rd.

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Dean Cain is a genuinely good guy. Yes you risk everything in Hollyweird by being Republican, Christian, Right and especially pro 2A. You get labeled with a proverbial “mark of Cain”. God bless him.

  9. avatar Shire-man says:

    Must be an older pic. He was on the fast track to rotund circa Bloopers.

  10. avatar Craig says:

    Even with as much fame as he has, he is still humble. I’m glad that people like that do exist in Hollywood, and I’m glad he’s not scared or the political machine that is Hollywood.
    A well spoken, intelligent and respectful man. That’s the kind of people we need for our kids to lookup to. Not the Kardcrahians.. (Spelling? and name?)

  11. avatar JoshinGA says:

    The proverbial “anti-gun supporter until you get mugged” scenario plays out again.

  12. avatar GuyFromV says:

    I agree with everything said here except Kirk Cameron…replace his crazy ass with Dwayne Johnson or Kurt Russel. Hell, even Tony Danza.

  13. avatar pod says:

    The problem with a lot of celebrities other than latent sociopathic tendencies is greed. Celebrities who hold conservative or libertarian values can and do get well-paying work in the entertainment industry. Enough to live comfortably anywhere in the US, by any metric. But a lot of them succumb to greed. They aren’t content with being millionaires, they want to be billionaires, and then they sell out their values on the slim hope that they will get to be a billionaire.

    By all means, reach for the stars and be the best you can be at your chosen vocation. But don’t sell out your values.

  14. avatar Ralph says:

    Dean Cain breaks all the stereotypes. He’s bi-racial (Japanese-American father), an Ivy League grad (Princeton), and an actor who definitely leans right on most issues. No wonder the leftards in Hollyweird shun him.

    Compare his comments to yesterday’s farce of Gwyneth Paltrow practially fellating POTUS on stage at his latest fundraiser. “You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly. . . . It would be wonderful if we were able to give this man all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass.” What a twit (excuse the misspelling).

    1. avatar DisThunder says:

      Ironically enough, though, she’s one of the most openly despised actresses in the business. There was a mostly-unsubstantiated claim going around that folks who try to round up stars for “public service” type blurbs generally avoid her, since people react badly to causes she supports.

  15. avatar Lucas D. says:

    The robber’s bullets bounced harmlessly off his chest, but alas, he was forced to surrender when the bad guy threatened to fling the empty gun at him.

    In all seriousness, though, I’m sorry that it happened, but glad Mr. Cain learned the right lesson from his experience. Lofty ideals on the way things “should be” don’t mean a whole lot when a worst-case scenario pops up, and Dean Cain gets that; not many entertainers do.

  16. avatar Grindstone says:

    I really enjoyed “God’s not dead”. It was great to see all the Christian strawman arguments shoved into one movie for a circlejerking good time!

    1. avatar Lucas D. says:

      I had a feeling your respect for other people’s beliefs would abruptly terminate somewhere before it got to Christianity.

      1. avatar Grindstone says:

        Well, you’d probably be wrong because you fallaciously base your conclusion off of one smart-assed post on the Internet.

        Of course, you probably also misconstrue “criticism” with “disrespect”. And that I base on your one smart-assed post on the Internet.

        And we haven’t even gotten to the “respect” for any beliefs other than Christianity in the movie. Honestly, I can’t believe anybody but the 60+ “forwardsfromgrandma” crowd would give that movie any credibility.

        Oh, and I’m Christian, BTW 🙂

        1. avatar Lucas D. says:

          You misspelled “asshole” at the end there.

        2. avatar Sambo82 says:


  17. avatar DisThunder says:

    Glad he’s okay, and even more glad he now understands what the rest of us have been saying for years. No “toldja so”s necessary, but we coulda saved him some trouble.

  18. avatar ChuckN says:

    I always thought he made a great Superman. It’s nice to
    know that he has the attitude and conviction to live up to
    the name.

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