The Making of Magpul’s 2015 Calendar Shoot

For some reason ‘behind the scenes’ videos are de rigeur these days. Recently we’ve had the GLOCK 41 tactical shoot which was impressive in its scope. And God knows the Utah National Guard won’t forget the Hot Shots calendar shoot any time soon. So with the year winding down toward its conclusion, Magpul’s now putting together their 2015 calendar featuring some easy-on-the-eyes operators, too. The super-quick cuts employed here make your average music video look like a Fellini film by comparison, so if you’re epileptic, consider yourself warned. But the bluesy Blind Boy Fuller tune is worth pressing play on its own. Enjoy.


  1. avatar Another Robert says:

    Catchy tune, alright…

  2. avatar Joe R. says:

    So much for “I only read TTAG for the articles…” 🙂

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Oh, yeah…

      Years back G.Gordon Liddy did a ‘Stacked and Packed’ calendar, Liddy had his listeners submit pics of their women with firearms.

      The poor G-Man had to personally inspect each and every pic that was submitted.

      1. avatar Avid Reader says:

        I know he’s retired but I wish he still did the calendar.

  3. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    From a safety perspective I’m not diggin’ the 1911 in the hip pocket of the daisy dukes. But I was impressed with the trigger finger discipline. The production company obviously had a safety consultant on-site, which I appreciate.

    For the children.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      See now….
      Come on Curtis.
      From my perspective, that was my favorite scene!

  4. avatar Leo says:

    there were guns in that video? 😉

  5. avatar Roll says:

    “Easy on the eyes operators”- Ha, Thats good, you need to trademark that one

  6. avatar Jarhead1982 says:

    Lawd have mercy thats a lotta sugar and a lotta toys!

  7. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Makes me want to own some pmags. Oh wait I already do. Maybe buy some more. 🙂

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Girls & Guns-a winning combination 🙂

  9. avatar ArtM says:

    I do believe I’m going to get my hands on one of these here calendars …

  10. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    I don’t own anything Magpul, but I think I should. They need my support.

  11. avatar David p. says:

    If we want to move gun rights into the 21st century all gun rights groups should have to run any production past Magpul for editing before being released to the public. Anyone who can make cleaning a gun and a sitting in a VW bus look sexy is doing something right!

  12. avatar TheBroke1 says:

    Well if my future looked that “BRITE” after just pulling the pin on California and a Shoot Like That I’m betting there were plenty of places to hang ones “HAT” as the saying goes!! Well Done And may your business Double for taking a stand against that Liberal Piece of Shit California!! Bravo on a job well
    Done mag-pul management

  13. avatar Pull my Mag says:

    I had to hit pause 147 times…..

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