Texas International Firearms Festival Exhibitor of the Day: SIG SAUER



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The Texas International Firearms Festival – November 8, 9 at Best of the West Shooting Sports outside of Austin, TX – offers gun guys and gals a chance to sample the latest guns from over two dozen of the world’s best gunmakers. One price: $69. Free ammo. Just so you know how awesome that is, we’re going to highlight the exhibitors one-by-one. First up: SIG SAUER. If you’ve shot a SIG, you know how much win the German/American company packs into its pistols and rifles. If you haven’t, you really should sample their range. At the range. And you really can . . .

The company’s sending 18 employees to help TIFF visitors get to grips with its guns, including the TTAG-touted MP5-killer, the MPX. (Combine it with the new, slimmer SIG Stabilizing Brace and you’ve got something short ‘n special.) Come and shoot it! Click here to buy your tickets to the Texas International Firearms Festival while tickets can be bought. If you really want to cozy-up to SIG, buy a two-day VIP pass. SIG’s sponsoring the VIP tent; lunch, shade and soft drinks included. And early access to the range and close-in parking. They’re going fast.


  1. avatar Full Cleveland says:

    SIGs are so nice. I’d like a 320 but my 2 P226’s, P220 and P239 will not wear out. Bought a 938 Scorpion 2 months ago and it’s been in my pocket ever since.

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