New From Troy Industries: M7A1 PDW Stock Kit

Troy Industries has created a unique bolt carrier with integrated buffer weight and pad, thereby allowing the shortest possible buffer tube. Attached to that buffer tube is a 6-position adjustable stock, and with all of these components together you now have Troy’s new M7A1 PDW Stock Kit. Definitely pretty slick for anyone wanting an extremely […]

Ban Axes!

“An officer with Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department came under an unprovoked attack Friday from a man wielding an ax, police said, the second such attack in two weeks that is prompting warnings and new protocols to officers on the job.” So reports  This follow last week’s hacking at two NYPD officers by an Islamic […]

The AP Gives Up on Disarmament for the Midterms

The AP used to be a reliable ‘disarmenter‘ media outlet. John Lott documented how an Associated Press editor managed to tell a story about shooter at the Appalachian Law School without mentioning the armed students who helped to subdue him. But this has begun to change as the pro-gun culture media has been able to document and challenge the […]

Gun Tweet of the Day: Glocktober 31st Edition

Here’s some creative carving by a gunny who’s ready to let the neighborhood kiddies know he’s open for business tonight. Though we’re guessing any Moms Demand Action types who may live in Mr. Dechert’s neighborhood will probably shuffle their little ghosts and goblins right past his door to the next house. But that’s OK. Those kids […]

BREAKING: One in Four Americans Want to Ban Handguns

Gallup released their latest poll on guns today. It’s full of win for fans of firearms freedom. Less than half of Americans (48 percent) currently favor stricter laws for the sale of firearms. That stat’s more-or-less back to where it was before the Newtown massacre, which raised the “more gun laws, please” answer’s popularity to 58 percent. Which […]