Deal Alert: BOGO on AAC Pistol Cans

Suppressors have gone mainstream. But not that mainstream. As anybody who’s purchased NFA items can tell you, cans ain’t cheap. Or for the impatient. I’ve held off on getting my trust paperwork done and starting the buying process because it is SOOO expensive but I think Capitol Armory’s Buy One Get One special might help get me motivated . . .

The deal seems to be pretty straightforward. Buy one of the AAC Ti-Rant 9 cans at MSRP and then get your choice of a couple other models. Nick has one of these, and it is super cool. The Ti-Rant series is definitely on my “must buy” list. Here’s the fine print:




  • AAC Prodigy
  • AAC Element 2



1) You must add this Ti-Rant 9 suppressor and your free selection to receive the promotion. Select your free selection and piston choice below. 2) Purchaser pays the ATF $200 transfer tax per suppressor. 3) This combo qualifies for $400 in promotional credit from AAC when purchased before Sept. 30 2014. 4) Due to demand, all transfer paperwork (Form 3&4s) and UPC codes (rebate redemption) for this promotion will be submitted after Sept. 30 2014. 5) Customers who have purchased one of these suppressors in the past 30 days are eligable to take advantage of this promotion. Please contact us for details. 6) Supplies are limited. Capitol Armory reserves the right to modify FREE suppressor selection based on available inventory. 7) Due to shopping cart limitations, $1 will be added upon FREE suppressor selection.

If you’ve been fence sitting, this might very well be the thing that can help push you over the edge.


  1. avatar Sam Schifo says:

    This would be fantastic for me if I lived in a free state. Damn.

    1. avatar Omer Baker says:


  2. avatar Chris B. says:

    What no .40 or .45 for the can I have to buy? Dealbreaker!

    1. avatar Steve In MA (now RI) says:

      .45 is listed. One still in stock, the other is sold out.

      1. avatar DavidT says:

        What he’s getting at is you need to buy a 9mm can to get a free .45 can, you can’t buy a .45 can to get a free second one. Some of us don’t have any 9mm handguns, preferring larger calibers for various reasons.

  3. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Too bad I don’t have a trust set up yet.

    1. avatar doesky2 says:

      Not a valid excuse…$125 and 5 days.

      1. avatar Kory says:

        Or do it yourself for free and then pay a lawyer a very small fee to check it over.

        1. avatar Stinkeye says:

          Do you know any lawyers that will do any work for a “very small fee”?

          In my experience, what most lawyers consider “a small fee” and what I consider “a considerable sum of money” are the same number.

      2. avatar Timmy says:

        It doesn’t have Missouri listed. Bummer.

  4. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    $1200+ I do not have to spare. That does include the $400 tax stamp for the 2 cans.

    1. avatar Scrubula says:

      You do get $400 in AAC credit with their deal i believe…

      1. avatar doesky2 says:

        Still $1200 out of pocket.
        The $400 is store credit….which by the way you’ll probably need to spend anyway on adapters and such.

  5. avatar Alex says:

    Am I missing something because I see out of stock for the 9mm can. Or did the deal expire already?

    1. avatar freezercharlie says:

      That’s what I found as well when I when to the promo page

    2. avatar Joe says:

      No, you’re not missing anything. These went OOS yesterday morning with no plans of them getting any more before the 30th. I’m not sure why this post was even made when this deal wasn’t available at the time of posting…

  6. avatar Grindstone says:

    I wish I had money.

    Ammo alone is expensive enough. (In before the “reload!” comments)

    1. avatar Greg says:

      Well dude shooting is an expensive hobby or sport. I’m a former military UH60 driver and still in the reserves, former LAPD motorofficer and current Fed Leo/UH60 pilot. Ive been a collector and shooter since I was 6. My pop started my collection and now its in the mid 3 digit range. Now NOT showing off or bragging but I may be able to give you tips. Buy ammo in bulk as atm guns and everything gun related are at a all time low, prices are great I bought a a lot of guns EG: just got another (own 4) MR556 and a Hk Compact Tactical .45 as Hk had a $200 off for a month and got em from Bud’s gunshop with their low prices so got em both with a $600 discount like I said great time to buy, ammo and other stuff for really great prices. I also have 5 more SBR’s and Cans on order. Its a buyers market atm.

      Pardon the rant anyway yes buy ammo in bulk Aim Surplus and Cheaper than Dirt sells 1000rnd packs for $300 or so. Also don’t believe the negative crap about Wolf or Bear ammo they work fine and cost is very affordable, been using em for target practice for years with NO negative results. You also can buy reloaded ammo but be aware it will void your guns warranty, but this only goes for new or any gun with a lifetime warranty. And reloading? As you said you are low on funds and very sorry to hear that and I feel your pain. But reloading start-up costs can be quite expensive. So sorry to say probably shooting a smaller cal like a .22 etc would be you’re best bet for now till you can build up your till.

      For us it took me an my wife till now in our 40’s to be able to afford our toys. We sacrificed 20yrs of work and school to get where we are my wife is a Cardiologist Surgeon (and no she does not buy my stuff) and 2 of 3 daughters also in medicine on an MD the other an OD same thing imo so in other words we took care of our family and important needed things before buying “toys” heck during those days all we had was one Glock 22 .40 for home defense and a Walther .22 pistol for practice as the reason I mentioned my family is we all shoot now in competition, courses like Costa Ludas and of course CCW or concealed carry .

      Some Dave Ramsey talk haha jk. But seriously. One secret is to NEVER EVER USE CREDIT. We never did not for anything,even for our 2 homes we saved never went out to eat or movies etc etc etc. The worst thing NOT to do in the credit world is buy cars, cars loans are probably the worst thing and leasing even more so and I don’t care what others say but I know it is personally from family and friends who did go that route. Again pardon the rant. Last thing never rush into buying stuff ,there will always be time to get stuff. Don’t be those lemmings who wait for days in line for a stupid Iphone etc. Sigh..

      Well again buy in bulk and shoot cheaper or smaller cal’s that’s basically all you can ATM do as I said shooting can be or is very expensive and the golden rule is if you buy cheap? You buy twice. And that goes for anything and everything this I know from personal experience. Well I’ll shut up now 😉

      Good luck bro!

      1. avatar Greg says:

        Oh by cheap I meant cheap guns and accessories like optics, parts and other crap.

  7. avatar Scott in IA says:

    Thanks Iowa for saving me money.

  8. avatar David says:

    Tirant 9mm is out of stock.

  9. avatar Nelson says:

    going out of biz sale??

    1. avatar Rabbi says:

      No, special promotion by the manufacturer.

  10. avatar John B says:

    I figure those times I may “need” one, I won’t be caring much about the noise level; for e an unnecessary expense and one more “tie” to the government.

  11. avatar Andy T. says:

    Torrey at Capitol Armory is great to work with as well. I ordered a can prior to this deal and sent him a message and he was nice enough to backdate the deal for me and I just paid the difference between the normal price and the can deal price + ATF stamp.

    So now I’m waiting on UPC’s for $800 worth of AAC credit lol

  12. avatar J Russell says:

    Nope. I ain’t budging. I’m not gonna pay the “masters” to obtain something that is mine to have by rights…

    Nothing changes because we don’t stand on any principles.

    1. avatar mike says:

      Interesting logic. So you rather just do nothing and not have anything at all at the end of the day. Yep that truly shows the “masters” just how important those rights are to you….

  13. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    I’ll gladly and happily buy one or more suppressors when NFA paperwork is no longer required. Until then, that’s just one more list I don’t want to be on….

  14. avatar RT says:

    Missed it by a nose. Would have been a great deal, as I’m wanting a TiRant 9 anyway. Oh well, Silencer Shop, here I come.

    Standing on your principals is great, but so are quiet guns. Enjoy your ear-pro.

  15. avatar Missouri Josh says:

    I need a can for my 22/45 Lite. Er- rather I want a can for my 22/45 Lite.

    Optics first, though. The sights that it came with are CRAP. In fact, my kids Nerf guns have better sights on them than what’s on that 22/45 Lite model.

    Oh well. I’ve only got one gun which is suppressor ready anyway. And no, I won’t be getting any barrels threaded anytime soon. A man can dream, can’t he?

    1. avatar JR says:

      You had it right the first time. I run a Sparrow on my 22/45 Lite and it is awesome. I find the gun feels better in the hand with a can on it, the balance is a bit better (for me anyway).

      As to not having threaded barrels, that’s what the wait on the stamps if for, you send in your form 4’s and spend roughly 9 months getting barrels threaded and buying pistons, adapters and threaded barrels for when your form 4’s get approved.

      And your absolutely right, the sights are as bad as it gets on the 22/45 Lite. I’m looking to pick up a red dot for mine ASAP.

      1. avatar Missouri Josh says:

        JR- not only are the sights hard to pick up (vision wise), my front sight works itself loose once I get to shooting magazine # 3.

        So when accuracy starts to drift away, and the groups open even more, I know its time to pull out the screwdriver and give that front sight a little tighten.

        Locktite is on my urgent list, but not sure if I will need it after I pick up a red dot.

        It’s like Ruger was trying to punish us putting them sights on that sweet little pistol.

  16. avatar John E> says:

    it makes me curious as to how much these cost to produce. We’re talking if a can is $1200 and that is buy one get one, they would be $600 ea. still with a profit enough to give a $200 credit each. That would be $400. So I am gonna go with a production cost of $150. Give the $150 a 100% mark up to retail. You should be able to get cans for under $400.

  17. avatar RT says:

    TiRant 9, or .45 = 850.00 MSRP + 1 Free + 2 stamps 400.00 = 1250.00

    There is a big profit margin, as my dealer sells most of their cans at a discount that will cover the 200.00 stamp, most of the time. And you can get cans for under 400.00, they just SUCK.

  18. avatar Randy in Indiana says:

    Out of Stock.

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