Incendiary Image of the Day: NRA Abs Edition

I'm the NRA

I’m assuming created this image for their join-the-NRA post, Are You One of the Good Guys? Not the NRA. Which is a shame. Or is it? I’m not sure. Every time I link to an Israeli supermodel I get accused of sexism. In our last post-demographic survey pow-wow, TTAG readers rejected snaps of attractive women in the firearms industry (a.k.a., “booth babes”) and suchlike. Call me a creeper (you wouldn’t be the first), but I reckon The People of the Gun should show the world that we’re genetically gifted. Even (especially?) the NRA. Make the jump for the official NRA recruitment video, featuring their supermodels. Sexy enough? . . .


  1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

    Wtf Farago! You promised supermodels!

  2. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Robert, you get accused of sexism, because, well, you know, uh, gee. . .I guess because you scared Emily Miller.
    Yeah, that’s the ticket! You scared Emily Miller!

  3. avatar SD3 says:

    Can’t quite…make all that out…could you just unzip that a little bit?

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      I had a similar thought…

      “Little lower….little lower…”

    2. avatar doesky2 says:

      This ain’t the big hair 70’s….I would have to go a LOT lower now days.

      1. avatar doesky2 says:

        That should have been written…….

        This ain’t the big hair 70′s….it would have to go a LOT lower now days.

        Although on 2nd thought, the mistype kinda works too.

  4. avatar jwm says:

    If 1 person calls you a creeper there’s room for doubt. How many called you a creeper?

  5. avatar Another Robert says:

    Just lately realized how cute outies are…

    1. avatar Toby in KS says:

      You mean “can be.” Not every outie is ooglable.

  6. avatar Michael B. says:

    Robert, you’re not a creeper or a sexist. You just know how to appreciate feminine beauty.

  7. avatar Big_McLargehuge says:

    That ammo model looks like she fell inside a Claire’s.

  8. avatar Frank says:

    Creeper! Ha! Just kidding.

  9. avatar Rokurota says:

    She needs a better gun belt.

  10. avatar Lurker_Of_Lurkiness says:

    if we are generally ofwgs perhaps that stands for
    “non represenative abs”?

  11. avatar Mediocrates says:

    When the zombie apocalypse arrives, she’s on my team.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    I thought that the NRA was right of center.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      That is right of center. From our point of view. And at the moment, it’s the only view that matters…

    2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Umm I am more of a middle of the road kind of guy, at least as far as her pic is concerned. Does that make me a creeper?

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Unfortunately, if you have to ask…

  13. avatar FoRealz? says:

    Do not be ashamed of having a pair or of the testosterone coursing through your veins, nor should you listen to the timid haters cowed by political correctness and their fears of feminine disapproval. The “If momma ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy” crowd needs to reclaim their nuts.

    Despite media reports to the contrary, testosterone is good. It brings us things such as running water, cities, paved roads, air conditioning, the Interwebz, the law, modern medicine and science, the space program, gunz and fast cars, among many others. You know, civilization and the trappings thereof.

    Imagine if for the next thirty days the men of America said screw it and stayed home. All of them. What would the country be like?

    No cops, no army to speak of, hospitals short of doctors and surgeons, construction would stop, things wouldn’t get fixed, food and goods would stop flowing in and out of the cities as the big rigs sat idle. No planes to fly on, the Internet would be down in fairly short order, little to no news, crops would sit in the fields, the sewer and water systems would break down, electricity as well, etc., etc.

    Again, despite media reports to the contrary, men do the dirty work of keeping the joint running. So, if you’re a man, and you’re out there every day doing your work, whatever that is, give yourself a pat on the back for keeping the world humming along.

    Link away good sir, link away…boobies is good for the soul.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Interesting idea. It sure would cut down on the spree shootings, serial killings, home invasions and road raging, too. Lots of +’s all around, I’ll admit.

  14. avatar John Galt says:

    Like Star Trek, TTAG is a wonderful thing, causing people to think, delve into the issues and imagine a brighter future.

    Like Star Trek’s creator Gene Roddenberry, TTAG’s creator comes across as a bit creepy and an objectifier of women.

    1. avatar TheBear says:


      Not a hater but I know how a lot of the ladies think.

      A guy doesn’t have to be a beta male or a hipster to know how to avoid presenting himself as a creepy creeper.

  15. avatar former water walker says:

    I like women. No apologies given. Yeah I know Cowgirlup thought I was a pig. Some gals got NO sense of humor:-)

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      I miss Cowgirlup…

      Probably because she reminded me of a particular girlfriend years back…:)

      1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

        I don’t…

        I had my own mother read our eScrap and while she told me I was being a dick, she said that CGU needed to live up to her name.

        The chick may be pretty cool but she bit off a bit more than she can chew trying to take on the world, I think…

    2. avatar TheBear says:

      It’s hard to relay tone on the internet – including sense of humor.

      It’s also usually not wise to let one’s sense of humor hang out with strangers – the obvious exception being social media and places like youtube where people are free to come watch your stuff or leave as they see fit.

  16. avatar N8thecowboy says:

    That’s the first photo I’ve ever seen that’s made me consider joining the NRA.

    1. avatar Matt Richardson says:

      Ironic that it wasn’t released by the NSA, right?

  17. avatar jack says:

    I can’t stand self righteous SJWs. They are about as obnoxious as hoplophobes and coincidentally are often against civilian firearm ownership. The SJWs would have you believe boners are sexist.

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      I can’t stand self righteous anyone…

      But food for thought: I’ve had several girlfriends at once as well as a sub girlfriend at one point who really enjoyed a good spanking with leather.

      My guy friends have asked, “How do you attract all these women?” Most of my friends are “appreciators of female beauty” and other ridiculous creeper apologist labels.

      Food for thought: Those who crave the most validation are generally the least secure. As an example, the guy who is always talking about what a badass he is and telling everyone how he could destroy them is often the most likely to run away from a real confrontation or not throw a single punch.

      People who are secure in who they are don’t feel the need to constantly tell everyone around them what type of person they are.

      When talking about or to women, I learned at a young age how not to come across as a creeper. Unfortunately, some men never learn and chalk it up to some sort of progressive conspiracy or something.

      …to which I say, “No dude, you don’t come across as a virile male, you come across as a basement dweller who can’t talk to girls to save his life.” (Note: This was not directed at anyone here)

      1. avatar TheBear says:

        In retrospect I realize I over shared here. I guess I got tired of the insinuation some folks have been making lately that those who don’t come across on the internet as desperate mouth breathers who never get laid are somehow all beta males or have no testosterone.

        It’s possible to be a “real man” and a dominate male without telling everyone every 5 minutes that we like women.

        The ladies already know. Trust me – they notice when we look at their asses when they walk by even if they don’t always outwardly acknowledge it. This is part of why bringing it up in a written article or in casual conversation is considered bad form. It’s redundant more than anything.

        1. avatar Michael B. says:

          Thanks for the tips, virgin.

        2. avatar TheBear says:

          …says the guy who said: “Robert, you’re not a creeper or a sexist. You just know how to appreciate feminine beauty.”

          Have fun hanging out in your basement or appeasing your fat, angry wife. It has be to be one of the two. 😉

        3. avatar neiowa says:

          “sharing” is a metrosexual activity.

        4. avatar TheBear says:


          Maybe for people over 60 or folks with GEDs in trailer parks…

          Cultural vocabulary and speech patterns change – especially among the college educated (since they are more likely to be exposed to vernacular from other regions).

  18. avatar Renegade Dave says:

    I’d make a comment about how that doesn’t represent the clientele typically in my LGS, but then again, that’s not really representative of the American population at large either, so…

    I don’t doubt that a lot of OFWGs who are oblivious of the NRA will now have the NRA on their radar screen, but I don’t think this helps them with demographics outside of their “core”.

  19. avatar 4thestars says:

    Sure, the image above is aimed at getting OFWGs to join the NRA. But she’s blinged out more like a modern gal but not looking camo or tacticool. In that sense, I do think the image stands a chance to help attract a few more of those gun culture 2.0 and 2.x folks to the NRA. That is good for the NRA and good for all of us.

    (I’ve got no problem to your linking to Israeli Supermodels, Robert. It’s putting them atop the article posting that annoyed me, although I never complained about it because it’s not my website. Sure, it doesn’t help to attract straight females to the gun culture, but we gals are used to having mostly naked and sometimes completely naked women displayed everywhere and have learned to roll our eyes and move on. What did annoy me was waiting for an article to load on my phone because of an image, and to have that image be something that is not something I would voluntarily load on my phone. But links are totally different and just fine, because I don’t have to click on them.)

  20. There’s a reason that every beer ad in history has cute girls in it. It makes the male viewer think that’s what he’ll find and the female viewer think that they’ll be more like if they drink the offered beverage. All about how it’s presented. Gotta make it seem natural. More cuties imo, but put em on a beach if you wanna use bikinis. Otherwise, just “nice looking” works fine enough. (Thinking of the model you had in the cowboy hat and sporting the lever gun. Be a great way to lead off every gun review…)

  21. avatar neiowa says:

    Is she packing?

  22. avatar publius2 says:

    RF, yeah, the NRA models are sexy enough. And I’m all for the occasional tasteful link elsewhere to make a point. You old devil you.

    “Page views, Nick! Its all about the page views!”

  23. avatar SteveInCO says:

    A peculiar National Rifle Association recruitment video that never once mentioned guns (though it showed a couple on cops). I can’t disagree with the values it espouses, but many might scratch their heads thinking “what does this have to do with the NRA?”

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