Demolition Ranch: The Next FPSRussia?

Ever since person or persons unknown executed FPSRussia’s business manager, Kyle’s videos have lacked that certain je sais quoi. Specifically, joie de vivre. Fun! Excitement! Post-modern irony! I’m not saying our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Hall of Famer is walking through his on-camera appearances. It’s more like he’s zombie-stumbling. Be that as it is, the Demolition Ranch dude has turned a simple party trick – catching a shotgun shell inside the action and firing it – into a proper shtick. OK, not this video. But the highlight reel at the end indicates that he’s no one-trick pony. More than that, his ebullient ‘tude is endearing. And there’s no faux accent to distract viewers from the firearms festivities. One to watch.


  1. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    He seems to look like a fun guy to watch.
    I hope hes a tad more safety conscience then FPS is.

    1. avatar tmm says:

      He probably has a little room to work with.

  2. avatar ReadMore says:

    I am having a hard time feeling like the above story takes an adequately respectful tone about said murder victim. Just my opinion. I cringed my way through the first few sentences.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      ReadMore, this blog comes with a heavy dose of snark in its delivery and comments.

      It’s probably not for you.

      1. avatar Damp says:

        I don’t understand the snark when it comes to an unsolved brutal murder.

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          It sure as hell is considering the relationship to FPS Russia.

          It’s quite possible this blog isn’t for you as well.

        2. avatar Damp says:

          Maybe there’s something wrong with you when you find humor and entertainment in the un solved brutal murder of one of our industry insiders.

          FPS Russia is a brand, like a movie or TV show. His team managed more views than most cable tv shows. Like a tv show, sometimes things just run their course and viewers tune out. The creative setbacks with the loss of Keith are obvious and the months long hiatus didn’t help. FPS broke a lot of ground and set a high bar for others to hurdle. It takes hours of planning, shooting, and editing to get two good minutes of video – not to mention tens of thousands of dollars in production gear and props.

        3. avatar Geoff PR says:

          Damp, that # woosh # sound was the obvious going right over your head.

        4. avatar Grindstone says:

          Nothing better for the gun image than to have a leading gun blog make light of a murder.

        5. avatar Stacy says:

          Geoff, I’m pretty sure nothing went over anyone’s head. I guess you’re just crass enough to enjoy making fun of a man’s brutal murder, and the effect of that loss on his friend.

          This post wasn’t “edgy”, it was “low”. There’s a difference.

        6. avatar AndrewinDC says:

          “This post wasn’t “edgy”, it was “low”. There’s a difference.”


  3. avatar John Boch says:

    Hopefully he’s not a Stolen Valor kinda guy like that Cory guy from the Cory and Erika show.


    1. avatar TheBear says:

      He’s not. Nor is he an “operator”. Demo ranch is more of a redneck scientist.

      1. avatar Rokurota says:

        He finds the term “redneck scientist” offensive. Why, he even says so before showing off his garage-made bullpup.

        1. avatar TheBear says:

          Uhhh… that was humor. He’s embraced the term.

          Attaching “scientist” almost anywhere in a label is a sign of respect.

        2. avatar Rokurota says:

          Well, someone did it. They thought I was being serious. Even though I attached the video. Come on, people.

      2. avatar TheBear says:

        I feel stupid now.

    2. avatar Grindstone says:

      He’s a real vet.

      Veterinarian. He has a whole separate channel about that.

  4. avatar Geoff PR says:

    He is one of my favorite YouTube channels. He also a veterinarian and has a channel for that as well. Check out his vet videos – The poor dog with about 100 porcupine quills in his mouth and covering its tongue is quite interesting…

    He has an infectious sense of fun much like Kristen Joy Weiss…

    Someone ought to set up an introduction for them…

    1. avatar TheBear says:

      I like demo ranch a lot. His vids are entertaining and he seems like a cool guy.

    2. avatar EthanB says:

      I like his channels, Texas Aggie all the way. I actually think that he used those porcupine quills in one of his bizarre shotgun loads.

      1. avatar NickinTX says:


  5. avatar Mark N. says:

    That would be “je ne sais quoi” ( “I not know what”). When pronounced, the je and the ne are elided.

    1. avatar SD3 says:

      Stop that damnable French talk.

    2. avatar Felix says:

      Many languages have a way of indicating the negative, or opposite, of a verb. Usually the absence of this negative renders a positive meaning.

      If you ne sais quoi, some of the rest of it do sais quoi.

    3. avatar Todd S says:

      Speak ‘Murican! None of that baby talk! 😉

  6. avatar John Fritz - HMFIC says:

    I’ve been watching/enjoying DemRanch vids for a while… had absolutely no idea he was a doctor. I just ran through a couple of his vet vids. Excellent!!!

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      Yeah, it’s cool the way he shows even the graphic procedures.

  7. avatar Brentondadams says:

    After I got over the stupid fake accent, I was always irked by FPSRussias utter lack of mention of groups or orgs that promote the 2a. Not even a get out and pro gun vote message.

    Maybe I am way off base but I can’t seperate the two. Especially when you draw so many eyeballs.

    If I’m wrong I’m wrong, but if guns are just a prop to sell t shirts or whatever I’m not interested.

    1. I don’t give a crap what the character Professional Russian’s politics are. He is obviously pro gun. Why can’t he just be entertaining…which he is.
      Hickok45 on the other hand when he delvs into even the slightest hint of polititalk, always says “I try not to get political”. I actually wish he would be more outspoken on issues because I respect his opinion so much. Yes he has gone to rallies and given speaches and they are great. I would like more of that from him. FPS on the other hand?…different animal and they are both useful.

    2. avatar Layne says:

      I don’t know if Kyle is a smart man, but his character is not. Speaking about serious issues in his fake voice could only hurt.

      But he does seem to reach a lot of pimple faced airsoft operator types, many of which probably live in traditionally anti-gun urban areas, so spreading the gospel of the gun to places and people that aren’t hearing enough of it is a commendable achievement.

  8. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    More dame and less dude.

  9. avatar ensitue says:

    FPS Russia?
    Is that like DHL?

  10. avatar Alpo says:

    Yup, demo ranch is one of the few YouTube channels I subscribe to.

    FPS Russia at 4:24

  11. avatar Phil COV says:

    “Do you think you can do two in a row?”

    Yep. Oh, reloading…

  12. avatar Don says:

    Demolition Ranch has been around a long time. They’re one of my top favorites, along with Hickok45 and Military Arms Channel. They do a lot of cool experiments along the lines of “what would happen if…”

  13. avatar NickinTX says:

    Don’t forget about his VetRanch channel. Most of the procedures he performs/films are almost 100% off of donations. He seems like a pretty cool guy who is just another fun enthusiast like all of us.

    FPS Russia, meh. He is ok. He’s not really that entertaining to me. I also like hickok45 and MAC channel.

    BullitMcqueen is also a good one. Same with the powerfactorshow

    1. avatar Phil says:

      There’s a Gun Youtube channel for everyone of us. We might not like it, but FPS Russia do attract a lot of new people to be interested by firearms, mainly young generations that can relate to video games and sensational youtube videos.

      If it’s one way to have people to get interested in guns and defend the 2A in future (mainly young voters), I’d say: That’s better than nothing.

      Of course, it might not be the most instructive video, but it’s just pure entertainment… nothing more, nothing less.

      Personally, I did subscribed to over 20 gun youtube channels and I’m glad because it offers me a large variety of gun videos, depending the mood. 30 years back, we couldn’t even hope for that much content. Youtube has more impact today that any TV channels.

  14. avatar MaxHedrm says:

    Interesting, I’ve been watching him on & off for quite a while. Both for the explosions and the fact that he doesn’t look like the usual freaky bearded, survivalist type. Didn’t know the Vet part.

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