New From Liberty Suppressors: Mystic-X – One Can to Rule Them All?


The worst part about buying a silencer is knowing that its usefulness is limited. For example, I can’t shoot 9mm or 22LR ammunition through my 762SDN6. I can’t shoot 5.56 through my Ti-Rant 9mm can. And I can’t shoot anything but .22 through my Prodigy. Liberty Suppressors is seeking to change all that by producing a do-it-all silencer, their new Mystic-X can. It’s derrived from their already popular Mystic design that can suppress anything from 9mm to full auto 300 BLK to even 5.56 NATO ammo (through a 16″ barrel, that is). The kicker: it only costs about $800. If it works . . .

That’s some serious competition for the big boys. The only thing that seems to come close to the versatility of the Mystic X is Silencerco’s Octane can, but not quite. There’s a definite “buy once, cry once” argument that Liberty is trying to make here, and they make it very well. If it works, that is. We’ve got an invite to check their stuff out soon, so we will let you know. Here’s their presser:


Liberty Suppressors is proud to announce the release of the new Mystic-X Sound Suppressor. The Mystic-X offers unrivaled caliber versatility, and can be used on .22LR handguns and rifles, 9mm Handguns and submachine guns, and many popular centerfire rifles such as .223/5.56 , 7.62×39, and .300 Blackout. In fact, the new Mystic-X is fully covered by Liberty’s lifetime warranty for use on over 50 different common use calibers. No other production silencer today offers that degree of cross platform and caliber versatility. Mystic-X utilizes a modular mounting system with a wide variety of mounts available, ensuring it can grow with your sound suppressor needs. The Mystic-X can also be disassembled by the user, meaning it can be cleaned and maintained for optimum performance, forever.

With unrivaled versatility, lifetime maintainability/warranty, and top tier sound reduction, the Mystic-X is truly one suppressor that fulfills roles others simply can’t.

For more information please contact:

TRENTON, GA 30752-5156
Phone: 706-661-6911 FAX: 706-229-6400
[email protected]



  1. avatar Gray05 says:

    .308 only in subsonic? No thanks.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Keep in mind it isn’t a rifle can. It’s a pistol can that’s extra beefy and can handle some rifle calibers, like full-power 5.56, 7.62×39, .300 BLK, and others with few limitations (like 16″+ barrel being required on 5.56 and 7.62×39) or no limitations (.300 BLK is GTG). It also handles every single pistol caliber on the market that shoots a 9mm or smaller diameter bullet.

      I’ve had a Mystic for nearly two years now and it’s awesome. I’ve shot .223/5.56, .300 BLK, 9mm, and .22 LR through it and lots of all of those things. I picked up an M1895 Nagant revolver recently to thread so I can shoot that (7.62 Nagant) silenced 🙂

      Not only does it work, but it’s one of the very quietest 9mm cans on the market, period. With sub-sonic ammo my CZ is no louder for the shooter than just racking the slide is. It literally, honestly sounds like a spring-powered staple gun. It’s also that quiet with .22 LR, but it’s excessively large for .22 LR. However, since you’re paying a $200 stamp it’s a GREAT can to start with. I ran it on .22 LR pistols and rifles, both semi-auto and bolt action, and a handful of 9mm pistols, a 9mm AR, a 5.56 AR and a 5.56 Tavor, a .300 BLK AR and Handi-Rifle, and probably some things I’m forgetting. Super, super versatile!

      1. avatar doesky2 says:

        Jeremy what does this do better than the standard Mystic?

        1. avatar Jeremy S says:

          Well this is the first I’ve seen of the new X version so don’t know anything that isn’t stated in the presser. The stuff in the second photo/graphic seems to hit on the changes vs. the original Mystic. I had my gunsmith coat my lock ring and 1/2×28 fixed mount black, so I took care of that one 😉 but actually left the front of the core as-is while the X has it coated black. Otherwise it looks like they shaved 1.5 oz off of it and made it so it’s the same diameter front-to-back (the lock ring on my original one is slighter larger in diameter than the body).

  2. avatar mike says:

    “The only thing that seems to come close to the versatility of the Mystic X is Gemtech’s Octane can”

    You mean Silencerco’s Octane can.

    1. Uh, yeah. Pretty sure that’s what Nick meant. Text amended.

  3. avatar Renegade Dave says:

    Wish the 556 was from an 11″ bbl and not a 16″

  4. avatar mike says:

    Not quite rule them all. You can’t shoot 40 and 45 through it. But other than that, the Mystic really is the most versatile silencer on the market.

  5. avatar jimmie says:

    WTH, I buy mine in April and they come out with a better one 5 months later? Wonder if they will do an upgrade?

    1. avatar salty says:

      well heres your solution, never buy anything again, because it will eventually become obsolete

    2. avatar Retrocon says:

      Check out their website, they have a reasonable upgrade path, no new stamp required!

  6. avatar Dave says:

    Sounds promising… But do the rifle rounds only suppress on longer barrels? I eagerly await a thorough review!

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      Some rounds have too much pressure in shorter barrels, and the can is only officially rated to handle those calibers on 16″+ barrels. For example, .223/5.56 and 7.62×39. .300 BLK has no limit and can even be shot full auto through the Mystic. Anyway it isn’t about suppressing, it’s about pressure. This is still technically a pistol can. Full power rifle cartridges, let’s say .30-30 and .308 and whatever else (smaller in diameter bullet than 9mm, of course), can only be shot on any length barrel if their pressure is reduced — basically subsonic loads.

  7. avatar Matt in TN says:

    Seems nifty, but not one to rule them all. If you want .308 you’ll need another can, .45 needs another can, and a seperate .22lr can would be best. And with that the mystic is already covered.

    On the other hand, if you can accept not doing .308, .45 and will deal the lead, you really can’t get better than a current mystic. This will probably be even better. And a lot cheaper than what was proposed above.

    1. avatar Jeremy S says:

      I went about 18 months using the Mystic on all sorts of .22 pistols and rifles until I decided I was ready to buy a dedicated .22 LR can just to have a really tiny, light one. The Mystic is excessive in size and weight for .22, but it’s damn sure EXTREMELY quiet. Considering you’re looking at a $200 tax plus a ~9-month wait, the Mystic is easily one of the best first suppressors anyone could buy. Or the best. I haven’t regretted the choice for a second. Only if I had tons of $$$ to spare would I consider getting a collection of dedicated-caliber/use suppressors instead of the Mystic that covers so many bases and does it so well.

  8. avatar JasonM says:

    Cool! That covers every caliber I own, except my .357 lever rifle and revolver (who cares), and my .308 (but I wouldn’t trust anything other than my Thunderbeast precision can on there).
    Looks like I might be getting a fourth suppressor sometime in 2015.

    1. avatar Chris says:

      It will handle 357 from your lever rifle just fine.

  9. avatar Jeff says:

    They should probably get a better proofreader of their ads.

    “on more that 50 calibers”

    1. avatar Cymond says:

      It sounds a little confusing, but it’s a true statement. The Mystic-X is rated for, like, 53 different calibers/cartridges such as 357 Magnum, 300 Blackout, 7.62×39, etc.

  10. avatar Anon in CT says:

    Kinda big for a pistol, no? Covering .22, .223, 7.62×39, .300 BLK and 9mm carbines is pretty cool, but why gild the lilly?

    1. avatar Chris says:

      It’s about the same length, diameter, and weight as other pistol caliber cans.

    2. avatar Jeremy S says:

      It isn’t the smallest but it certainly is one of the quietest. I got it primarily for 9mm pistol use and it freaking rocks in that application. Ridiculously quiet. Some of its weight can be attributed to the beefed up baffles, but I was glad to make that tradeoff in order to use it on my Tavor and AR and all sorts of other stuff.

  11. avatar asdf says:

    If only suppressors were legal in my state. 🙁

    1. avatar Roll says:

      Arizona is in the free part of America, give it some thought!

  12. avatar Grindstone says:

    Would’ve preferred to to be more accepting of supersonic .308.

    1. avatar mike says:

      Supersonic 308 is a whole ‘nother level for silencers. You need a dedicated rifle can at that point. The best ones usually support calibers all the way up to 300 RUM.

  13. avatar OODAloop says:

    Oddly enough, they list 5.56, lots of .30 cal rounds and 6.8 SPC, but not 6.5 Grendel. On the possibility they might have *accidentally* forgot to add that caliber I emailed them asking about it…

  14. avatar Frank says:

    Sigh, I just ordered my third can. Wish I had ordered this one first and I still need another one for the .308.
    This is getting expensive.

  15. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I’m liking this. I just need a .308 silencer first though.
    Can’t wait for the write up.

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