Vermont Ski Resorts Upgrading to Energy Efficient Snow Guns

Killington resort snow gun (courtesy

“Ski resorts in Vermont are upgrading their snowmaking equipment with help from a statewide energy efficiency program,” reports. “Efficiency Vermont is offering rebates from $500 to up to $4,000 in a snow gun exchange program. Resorts trade in four older snow guns for every five new energy efficient ones they buy. The deal pushed Killington resort to boost its investment in snowmaking equipment, said Dave Lacombe, head of snowmaking. ‘We’re purchasing about $2 million worth of snow guns this year, which is a huge, huge deal to us.” You bet it’s a deal. Efficiency Vermont pays for those rebates from an “energy efficiency charge” on Green Mountain State residents’ electric bills. Some $45.9m in 2014. Imagine if you got a rebate on old firearms (against new firearms) paid for by a policing surcharge on your tax bill. Who’d be bitching then?


  1. avatar Model66 says:

    A real gun buy back program!

  2. avatar Gunr says:

    What caliber is that thar smoke spewing shoot’n iron?

  3. avatar John L. says:

    Black powder? White powder? I’m so confused….

  4. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    RF I would be bitching. Govt has no damn reason to be sticking its nose and our tax dollars into private sector business activity. For example the idiotic Pittman Robinson tax. Repeal of that one 70 years overdue.

    1. avatar Buzzy243 says:

      No! Part of that money is earmarked for public ranges! Without Pittman-Robertson we wouldn’t have all beautiful, well maintained public ranges that literally cover the country.

      /sarcasm off

  5. avatar Full Cleveland says:

    Another slow day. What about the guy in Helen, Ga that shot himself through the hand and killed a woman across the street? . Did I miss him on TTAG?

  6. avatar former water walker says:

    Ok I support you guys with a click. Go BEARS!

  7. avatar fuque says:

    You said “Guns!”

  8. avatar Sid says:

    If snow guns are outlawed, only….. people in Colorado can ski?

  9. avatar mrvco says:

    We could trade in our old inefficient 45ACP, 40S&W and 9MM guns for new, efficient .380 caliber guns.

  10. avatar Chris says:

    Stealing money from everybody to give benefits to the few. How lovely.

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