Thin Guys. Fashion. Red Wine. Remington Hearts Ammosexuals

The fact that no one actually shoots a gun in Remington’s video for its 1816™ line of men’s apparel is kinda perturbing. Well, it is to old fat white guys. Pulchritudinous pistoleros for whom a button-down shirt – any button-down shirt – is the height of fashion. This gun range of ballistically-minded, sartorially-challenged gun guys – Remington’s base – would no doubt prefer the company to spend its time and money building better guns *cough* R51 *cough* – than stretch the once-storied firearms brand like a piece of Turkish taffy. “1816™ transcends the timelessness of our visionary forefathers to the sporting gentleman of modern day.” What does that even mean? How can you transcend timelessness? I wonder if any of this clobber’s made in New York . . .


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Aha! Now we understand Cerberus’ brilliant strategy to restore Remington to a position of ballistic prominence — Big Green pants and shirts.

    Remington’s guns can fire when gently touched, causing grievous injuries, or they may not fire at all, but nothing can go wrong with clothes. Pants that fall down on their own or split down the middle? Zippers that don’t zip or that can’t be opened? We’ll soon find out.

  2. avatar Dermott says:

    RF, keep it up with these big words – to me and I’m buying a dictionary and sending you a bill.

    Really ??? sartorially

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      He’s not being pedantic, you’re just easily obfuscated….

      1. avatar ThomasR says:

        Please; I completely agree; eschew obfuscation.

        1. avatar ThomasR says:

          Instead, espouse elucidation.

      2. avatar esitue says:

        I heartily endorse, and affirm your poignant observation

        1. avatar James R says:

          Lets not be too bombastic people…

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Ouch. Robert, now you’re insulting some of my clothes.
    My wife, sure.
    My dog, maybe.
    My clothes? Never!

  4. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Yeah well being a bit overweight, none of these appeal to me. For mr the idea is to hide the fat belly. I already have several ways to hide my pistols.

    1. avatar Solitude says:

      I was thinking just the opposite. The fit looks too baggy for me.

  5. avatar archangel187 says:

    Dude that’s twice now….pulchritudinous means beautiful, but when you use it I’m sure you sarcastically mean its opposite.

  6. avatar ThomasR says:

    I don’t know about ammosexual; (do gun grabbers mean that to be insulting?) But when you got a bunch of guys running around in “sartorial splendor” with guns but then they don’t shoot the d-mn things!, the other word that comes to mind is metrosexual.

    1. avatar Gunr says:

      Is that anything like “Self dating”?

      1. avatar ThomasR says:

        It means you would never go to one knee to return fire from behind cover until you put your monogrammed handkerchief on the ground to keep your Remington brand slacks clean.

  7. avatar Jack says:

    What, no ascot?

    1. avatar Abad says:

      I’ve got my ascot in a bad situation a time or two…

  8. avatar Missouri Josh says:


    Fashion and guns going hand-in-hand?

    Its a pro 2nd Amendment man’s nightmare.

    For die hard Remington fans, however, I’m sure an old plaid-patterned wool shirt jacket is “where its at”.

    All jokes aside, I’ve got an old Pendleton from the 60’s, blue and green, that would match that hunting shack’s “motif” nicely. /sarc

  9. avatar Menger40 says:

    The only google search result for “pulchritudinous pistoleros” belongs to you, TTAG. Well done.

  10. avatar Gunr says:

    That small cabin in the opening picture looks really great except the 100+ gallon propane tank, and the electrical box kinda spoil it.
    Please don’t tell me there’s a big screen TV inside!

  11. avatar DrVino says:

    Guy holding the wine glass is doing it wrong.
    Holding the glass by the bowl is the wine equivalent of keeping your finger on the trigger. Sorta.

  12. avatar Art Vandalay says:

    I never go to the range without my full length fur coat and my European carry-all.

    1. avatar Hank says:

      “No, he’s very fancy! Want me, love me! Shower me with kisses!”

  13. avatar Bdk NH says:

    Does Remington make guns anymore?

    My (son’s) Remington 700 has been in their hands since May. The kid is going to have to use another rifle for hunting season. I will never purchase another Remington product. Ever. Especially feminized outdoor clothing.

    This is coming from an owner whose first gun purchase was an 870 at age 18. I own at least one or more of the following: 870, 11-87, 1100, 700, R-25, 742 and 7400. Remington, are you listening? Get your act together.

  14. avatar Leadbelly says:

    Baggy Hawaiian shirts to cover my J-frame are the total of my gun oriented wardrobe.

  15. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to ident that turboprop.

    It’s not a Pilatus 12, not a Piper Meridian, and not a TBM.

    It’s gotta be over 3 mil easy…

    1. avatar Tim says:

      It’s a Epic E1000.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        Ah, thanks! Bit cheaper than I expected…$2.75 million.

        34 thou ft ceiling…

        Such a deal…

        1. avatar Tim says:

          You could buy the Epic LT (similar plane) as a kit and build it your self.

          It would knock the price down a bit.

  16. avatar Bob Smith says:

    They’re ripping off Stormy Kromer caps? For shame, for shame I say!

  17. avatar Cameron B says:

    while i like that the clothes aren’t the “SHOOT ME” type with big green on it. they’re meh at best

  18. avatar Mike says:

    So it’s really expensive flannel shirts and kahakis with no mention anywhere of where the stuff is made. Which means not made in US. For about the same price you can get the same stuff, but made here, maybe even locally. Oh and they totally ripped off Stormy Kromer.

    1. avatar Mike says:

      Ok so the caps are real Stormy Kromers. My bad, I didn’t look at the whole web site.

  19. avatar esitue says:

    The reason behind the move is that Rem needs to make money and it cannot do that building guns in Socialist/Unionist/Obamist NE US
    But it can import clothing and sell it @500% mark-ups (at least that’s the plan)

  20. avatar Eric says:

    I think there is a deeper side to this story, RF are you trying to tell us something? Oh ya football is almost here, got to study my injuries.

    1940 all-state linemen
    Player; School; Pos.; Weight
    DeWitt Coulter; Masonic Home; left tackle; 195
    Billy Wyman; Houston Davis; left guard; 190
    George Kavoras; Corpus Christi; center; 180
    Ed Heap; Temple; right guard; 175
    Jim Warner; Amarillo; right tackle; 214

    Class of 2013
    Player; School; Pos.; Ht.; Weight
    Kent Perkins; Lake Highlands; OL; 6-5; 300
    Justin Manning; Kimball; DL; 6-2; 275
    Ishmael Wilson; Bishop Dunne; OL; 6-5; 275
    Kerrick Huggins; Skyline; DL; 6-4; 285
    J.J. Gustafson; Jesuit; OL; 6-6; 270

  21. avatar VictorLouis says:

    Shameless play off of Beck’s successful 1791 apparel line.

  22. avatar Colby says:

    I don’t have enough nopes!

    It looks like they’re trying to rebrand themselves to look like Filson. If I want to look like I’m wearing Filson, which is very rarely, I’ll just buy Filson products of known quality instead of Remington’s “Filson-esque” cotton poly imitations most likely imported from China.

    Of course I’m speculating that Remington’s clothing will be as shoddy as their current production firearms. I just know I’d hate to go on an elk hunt and accidentally stuff a cotton instead of wool sweater in my bag. I’ve learned how well that doesn’t work before.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      I believe they are more likely trying to emulate Berretta.

      1. avatar Colby says:

        You may very well be right.

        I always thought Beretta was just doing a bad job trying to imitate Filson. I know Beretta is a much older company but I don’t know if their clothing line came before Filson. At any rate. I’ve found Beretta’s clothes to be like most things European, over priced and under performing. Filson’s gear has stood up to real world use a lot better for me. Mostly I’m talking about my oiled canvas bird bag, a couple hats, and some handed down sweaters I use as a mid-layer in the mountains. Most of my Berretta clothes have been pretty good as long as I’m only wanting to look good at the range or in the Beretta store.

  23. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    For me, firearms are about life. Life is, well, kind of a big subject. So even for others who share my same general view about firearms, that will present in a variety of lifestyles, which is fine.

    For the man in this commercial, though, and those who identify with him, firearms seem more of a prop in the staging of a personal image. To each his own, I say, but you have to expect a certain amount of eye rolling.

    Put another way, and paraphrasing someone else’s words, this commercial represents and appeals to the kind of guy who likes to shoot his guns, but he doesn’t know what it means.

  24. avatar Rick says:

    Don’t forget your roots! You are a GUN company. When the people that have bought your products for years based on their dependability and quality start knocking you for cheap plastic parts and poor quality, LISTEN. Stop following and start leading!

    I know manufacturing is competive, and the use of quality synthetics in firearm manufacturing is in someways superior to metal and wood, but no one is going to wax nostalgic about grand dad’s Versa-Max someday.

  25. avatar Layne says:

    Wow what a bunch of overpriced crap! I have several identical looking shirts that cost 1/10th as much.

    And if, for some insane reason, I were going to buy a $6,200 fishing pole (I can imagine my wife’s reaction!) I would fly out to the place that makes them and tell them what I want. Not click “add to cart”.

  26. avatar A-Rod says:

    I’d rather buy something from Filson.

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