Weekend Photo Caption Contest

World War I in 1915 (1)


We’re a little late in announcing it, but the winner of last week’s contest and soon-to-be recipient of a pair of Smith & Wesson M&P earmuffs is Paul53. A polite golf clap by everyone would be appropriate at this point.


  1. avatar Howdy says:

    Got their Schwinn bag limit.

    1. avatar Phil COV says:


  2. avatar John Galt says:

    Persons of interest in world’s first recorded bikejacking.

  3. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    Two rebels caught going cross country after fleeing the local constable in opposition to the new limits on gears. They were later sentenced to life in jail for having bikes with 15 gears rather then the legal 4.

  4. avatar Bob Wall says:

    “We’re a little late in announcing it, but the winner of last week’s contest and soon-to-be recipient of a pair if Smith & Wesson M&P earmuffs is Paul53. A polite golf clap by everyone would be appropriate at this point.”


    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Very good Bob.
      And congrats Paul53

      1. avatar Gregolas says:

        He can’t hear us clap. He’s got the muffs on.

  5. avatar Omer says:

    Totally unrelated to the caption contest.

    I’m not digging the new site layout. I’m probably just used to the old version, but this one is really annoying to navigate through. Just my two cents, thank you.

  6. avatar Jason says:

    Due to an alarming overpopulation of cycles in the county, father and son team return from the first annual cycle cull hunt. They each are sporting fine 2 point specimens.

  7. avatar Gunr says:

    I would have never believed it! Four flat tires in less than three minutes.

  8. avatar danrrz says:

    Italian 2nd Mountain Division: Rolling Carcanos members Mario and Luigi shown carrying first generation tactical mountain bike prototypes.

  9. avatar barnbwt says:

    Adventures in Bikepacking

    (love the new layout; more bandwidth-suck and ads than ever. CPU fan spools up in 5 seconds flat!)

  10. avatar Wheelsucker says:

    “Listen, this is stupid, the Belgian Army invented cyclocross because they don’t have any goddamn mountains.”

  11. avatar RetMSgt in Pa. says:

    Combat cross-country biking taken to new levels.

    1. avatar WV Cycling says:

      I would LOVE to have a biathlon style Ride-n-Gun course!

      Imagine a ten mile mtb loop with two or three stations to shoot at before finishing. That would be heaven right there.

  12. avatar LongPurple says:

    “Back in the old cavalry the horses carried the troopers. Now they have us carrying the transportation. Glad they switched to bikes from horses.”

  13. avatar Gunr says:

    You look back over there, I’ll look up ahead, the trails gotta be around here somewhere.

  14. avatar tfunk says:

    When Sergeant Wellington was informed that you are supposed to RIDE bicycles, he had a sudden suspicion the rest of his company might have fared better had they used their pistols to “throw” bullets at the enemy.

  15. avatar tmm says:

    When sarge said horseless chariot, I didn’t expect this.

  16. avatar Mediocrates says:

    I know there is a bike path out here somewhere!

  17. avatar Phil COV says:

    Open Carry Bicycle Walk

  18. avatar Phil COV says:

    “Nobody needs 10 bicycles…”

  19. avatar aaronw says:

    George Mallory’s early ideas on an Everest ascent were… unconventional to say the least.

  20. avatar The500SWRush says:

    Now this is old School extreme biking!

  21. avatar Jus Bill says:

    What photo?

  22. avatar Gregolas says:

    Where’s the picture? Hard to make a caption on something you can’t see.

  23. avatar John L. says:

    It was war. Total war. The whole of the private sector was engaged.

    Ford made airplanes.

    Singer made pistols.

    Remington made bicycles.

    And supply officers … well, sometimes, they made mistakes.

  24. avatar CCDWGuy says:

    A new way to travel “Bike Packing”

  25. avatar Charles says:

    Insert proper fist bump here.

  26. avatar Model 31 says:

    Orville, we’ll never find any .22 lr riding these bicycles. Yea Wilbur, to cover more ground, we should build a fixed wing flying machine.

  27. avatar Full Cleveland says:

    It’s a long way to Tipperary and mostly uphill.

  28. avatar 12DuallyDog says:

    We need to get the hell out of these mountains fast , someone’s going to mistaken us for elk !

  29. avatar doesky2 says:

    The “top men” working on the site.

  30. avatar Steve says:

    Introducing the Schwinn tactical keymod rail, with integrated, limited rotation QD sling swivel sockets. Available in Black and FDE. Designed by operators, for operators.

  31. avatar mitch says:

    “How many times do I have to tell you? You simply do not operate hard enough for a single point bike sling! Stay tactical, dammit.”

  32. avatar tfunk says:

    “These Open Bicycle Carry attention whores are gonna get bikes banned for the rest of us! Idiots!”

    – Paul T. McCain

  33. avatar John in AK says:

    Although it was legal under Tyrolean game law to stalk the rare Tyrolean Bird of Paradise or ‘Deutschstirolparadiesvogeln’ while astride pedaled transport, once the wily but beautiful avian creatures were brought to earth and their plumage made into gorgeous and colourful hat decorations, Willy and Karl remembered to abide by the Fair Chase rules, fold their stalking bicycles or ‘Zusammenklappbarbeschleichenfahrraden,’ and carry out the nobly dispatched prey on foot to avoid any unpleasantness with the Jagdaufseher.

  34. avatar 33AD says:

    “I don’t get it, Larry. Sarge said these things would help us cover more ground but all it’s doing is killing my back!”

  35. avatar Jay1987 says:

    Dammit RF, keep walkin!!! We really pissed em off when we changed the site.

  36. avatar Paul G. says:

    When bikes are outlawed, only outlaws will have bikes…

  37. avatar brdflu says:

    Not only are these men members of the NRA they are also members of the NBA.

  38. avatar BRY says:

    Shut up! You’ll change your tune when we get to the top.

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