Was an R51 Really a Good Choice for the Cover of ‘The Future of the Gun’?



  1. avatar Bigred2989 says:

    Could have been worse. Could have been a Smart Gun.

    1. avatar dracon1201 says:

      And there you have it!

      1. avatar Robert W. says:

        Considering the faux circuitry pattern as a background, do you think that is what the publisher was going for, and just picked a stock picture of the most futuristic looking (to them) handgun?

        1. avatar Another Robert says:

          I expect you are exactly right.

        2. avatar Rich Grise says:

          Another Robert says:

          “I expect you are exactly right.”

          Me, too.

    2. avatar Eric says:

      Or a R51 with smart gun technology.

      1. avatar SteveInCO says:

        The R51 could have smart gun technology added with no effect on its functionality even if the owner loses the watch.

        1. avatar Robert W. says:

          He wouldn’t have a watch to throw at them along with the gun.

      2. avatar Rokurota says:

        Claridge Hi-Tech

    3. avatar Fred says:

      Seems odd to pick a design that’s from 1917 as the future of guns.

    4. avatar Scott says:

      You guys really need to stop ragging on the R51. I mean… every day? We get it, you have something against Remington. We get that it was a shit gun. But give it a rest already.

  2. avatar Ross says:

    No, no it was not.

  3. avatar Noishkel says:

    Maybe if you think Mom’s Demand Action are right… They just want ‘common sense’ gun control. In other words the only guns you may have are the ones you can’t use.

  4. avatar rammerjammer says:

    Kinda makes you wonder if the author knows Jack or his friend Shit about guns.

    1. avatar Tomyironmane says:

      Probably not the author’s choice, I hear they don’t always have a lot of control over their cover designs. The Publisher, however, probably knows the gentlemen in question.

      BUT, I have it on good authority that Mr. Jack has left town.

    2. avatar Abad says:

      LOL! Awesome. We can say “shit” here?

  5. avatar Ace says:

    Reading the book’s description on Amazon, the marketing copy says:

    “Bestselling author Frank Miniter details the amazing breakthroughs waiting to happen in gun technology that could make today’s firearms exponentially safer and smarter—if the anti-gun lobby weren’t halting progress in its tracks.”

    I had to read that several times because I’ve never heard the gun grabbers described as the “anti-gun lobby”.

    It sounds like it has a pro-gun bias, and the comments also seem to agree that it is a good book. Come on TTAG, we demand a review!

    1. avatar Zachary marrs says:

      Yes, we want a review

    2. avatar Rich Grise says:

      To me, “exponentially safer and smarter” sounds like those stupid “smart guns,” unless they’re talking about Track Point, which I get the impression that both are universally hated and loathed by “Real” POTG, which implies that the writer of the Amazon blurb got it exactyly back-asswards.

  6. avatar Noishkel says:

    Hmm… I just noticed something. The cover on the Amazon listing is different than the one on the authors site.


    Maybe someone involved with the project realized the durpyness of having the R51 on the cover.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Reports say that this tome is VERY pro-gun.

    1. avatar Accur81 says:

      That’s too bad, because Remington and the R51 are clearly anti -gun.

      1. avatar Indiana Tom says:

        Actually, the R51 is a gun control proponent’s dream come true.

      2. avatar JoshinNC says:

        You made me laugh, sir. Thank you.

  8. avatar MP says:

    I did laugh when I saw that. I don’t think we should judge this book by it’s cover. Crimson Trace is cool.

  9. avatar CharlieFoxtrot says:

    Just heard an interview with the author on Tom Gresham’s guntalk. He’s one of us.

    1. avatar David says:

      Well, Dick Metcalf was also “one of us”, till he wasn’t, but I have heard very good reviews of the author and the book

      1. avatar Ralph says:

        According to the author, he used to be one of “them.” He found his road to Damascus when he researched and understood the facts. I can’t see him going back to the Dark Side.

        As for Metcalf, he was always a Fudd. He never changed — we did.

  10. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    The R51 was featured on Outdoor channels Gallery of Guns. A little lag time huh? I don’t think anything in particular about this cover. Maybe it was chosen before the debacle.

  11. avatar lolinski says:


  12. avatar esitue says:

    This is typical r-Type (Liberal) biologically driven subterfuge, advertise a self-defense tool that will get the K-Type buyer killed as a means of breeding with their widowed mate and corrupting the gene pool. Really, it is that simple.

  13. avatar KCK says:

    The electronic circuitry in the background was meant to imply that the pistol itself was smart. I think they wanted to join that graphic with a modern (not brick like) looking gun

    1. avatar Tomyironmane says:

      And that slab sided abomination of composites and bad design isn’t bricklike? Gimmie a 1911 any day of the century. It’s not as clumsy or random as that little blaster, an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

      1. avatar bigfinger76 says:

        I don’t know about all that, but I do know it’s the ugliest handgun I’ve ever seen.

      2. avatar Avid Reader says:

        Well, it does have the functionality of a brick. ..

  14. avatar Tex300BLK says:

    Depending on the political inclinations of the author… could be implying a wish more than anything else. That wish being that in the future all guns will be useless turds.

  15. avatar KingSarc48265 says:

    The R51 might be the perfect gun for the cover. Companies beta testing 1st gen garbage on the consumer is a growing trend.

  16. avatar Pascal says:

    TheBlaze has an interview of the author.

    As part of that interview, he read a quote from his book that was from a gang member

    The only way I can see to change this is to empower the individual…to carry concealed. And then your mother or that store owner or whomever is on par — is equal to that gang member and so on who is carrying that gun illegally. And you’ve just then brought mature people who know how to responsibly handle guns…into that society to be good examples of gun owners…and you’ve changed the whole social dynamic then of that idea of the gun in those bad neighborhoods.

    1. avatar Tomyironmane says:

      Let it never be said that a ganger don’t love his mom and pop too.

      1. avatar Rich Grise says:

        That’s assuming he knows who his “Pop” is. I suspect that kids who have a real Pop don’t become gangbangers.

  17. avatar pod says:

    If they were looking for a futuristic firearm, there’s plenty of “space guns” that actually work, floating around. The FN F2000 “Standard”, with the original included scope and shroud looks super-futuristic.


    Or the Tavor with the MARS optic.


  18. avatar mercutio says:

    absolutely, a gun that doesn’t work – a gun the gun control people can support.

  19. avatar danrrz says:

    Unless the authors premise was that future guns will be reincarnations of century old designs that didn’t fare well in their own day, and then are summarily rushed to market without a shred of quality control I’d go with a big fat no.

    1. avatar esitue says:

      I understand that the Caracal was the odds on favorite as the cover gun but licensing the image was a no-go for political erasons

    2. avatar esitue says:

      And here I thought was the only one with such egregious suspicons

  20. avatar Static NAT says:

    Yo! Gun community … stop judging a book by its cover! That’s the sort of prejudice we get from the gun-grabbers. Here’s some feedback on this book: http://blog.joehuffman.org/2014/08/14/symbolism/

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