Rock Hill, SC Home Invasion. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

I’m going on the bloggers’ equivalent of a two-week holiday. In other words, I’ll be blogging from a different location. Dan and the team will take up the slack – won’t you boys? And speaking of slacking, I’m going to toss this one to you. AW sent me this story of a Rock Hill, South Carolina home invasion reported by What teens would open the door to strangers at 3:00am? I reckon the boys’ account is as fishy as a fully stocked koi pond. What’s your take? . . .

ROCK HILL — Robbers stole 23 guns from a Rock Hill home early Thursday when they forced their way into the house, held two teenagers at gunpoint, forced them to the floor and stashed their valuables into pillow cases, police said. Police were sent to a Westerwood Drive, off Constitution Boulevard, home at about 3 a.m. when they received calls about a suspicious person, according to a Rock Hill police report. Dispatchers told officers that the homeowner’s children spotted a man walking into the house with a shotgun, but the children left the scene and did not know if the gunman was still at the house. Police secured the house and spoke with the homeowner, 45, via telephone as she drove home from her job in Fort Mill. The woman arrived home with her son, 16, and his friend, 17. The teens told police that about 30 minutes earlier, someone knocked on the front door. After the friend opened the door, the person on the other side stuck a shotgun and his foot in the door and forced his way into the house. Two men then went inside the house and pointed a gun at the teens, the report states, before forcing them to the floor. The friend told officers he recognized the voices of the two men and identified them as two 18-year-old men. The suspects began taking various items in the house, including cell phones and 23 guns, and putting them in pillow cases. After the robbers left, the teens left the house, locked it and walked to Rite Aid so they could borrow a phone and call the homeowner. Police have started an investigation.

I bet they have. What should they ask whom?


  1. avatar Cameron says:

    This is why I never tell “friends of friends” that I own guns. Hell, some people I consider to be friends don’t even know that I own a “certain type” of gun. Shit happens when you have a big mouth.

    1. avatar FoRealz? says:


      You wouldn’t tell everyone about your mistresses jewelry collection that you gave her or about cash you keep at your house. No need to blab about other highly sought after valuables you own.

      But you know, some people are of the type dumb enough to put the empty box from their new 50 inch flat screen TV at the curb.

  2. avatar Ems_92 says:

    I hope they find those responsible

    1. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

      The responsible ones are likely the teens in the home yapping to their buddies about the guns, and the homeowner for not having the weapons properly secured-23 loose guns in a house with kids? you can afford that many weapons but do not have a safe……., hmmmm- I may be wrong but if this story has any fact to it-it is that it sounds fishy.

      1. avatar Drew says:

        Didn’t read the story entirely, did it mention the guns not being secured? Regardless a safe is a momentary hindrance to dedicated thieves.

  3. avatar B says:

    Loose lips get your cool s**t stolen.

  4. avatar Full Cleveland says:

    Something stinks.

    1. avatar The Brotherhood of Steel says:

      They fit 23 guns into pillow cases? Even if they were all hand guns (doubt that) that’s allot of hardware to cram into a couple pillow cases

      1. avatar B says:

        It was 2 Puerto Rican guys, wearing striped black shirts, a black mask, and carrying a large sack with a $ sign on it. They fled on a train track cart.

        1. avatar Akira says:


  5. avatar former water walker says:

    Well I don’t buy it. On the other hand if these 2 yuts are known to the kids I suspect they’ll get their stuff back pronto. I know I did some real stupid s##t when I was young. Glad I didn’t get caught…

  6. avatar dwb says:

    First, uh, no, I think this is in SC, not MD.

    “The friend told officers he recognized the voices of the two men and identified them as two 18-year-old men.

    I think that says it all. They recognized the voices, let them in, and got robbed probably because they bragged about all the guns and valuables in the house. Don’t brag about your valuables. You never know when a friend of a friend has a prescription drug problem (or worse) and may have trouble paying the collector.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Thanks for the correction.

  7. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    staged. Kids probably wanted to buy some cool toys and didn’t have the cash or they owed $$ to their heroin dealer

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      Agreed. Just too convenient all around.

    2. avatar Indiana Tom says:

      Agreed. My first thoughts exactly

  8. avatar Gunr says:

    Who the hell leaves 23 guns lying around, a couple maybe for self defense (seemingly useless in this case) Somebody should tell these folks about a new invention called a SAFE!
    If you can’t resist opening the door to a stranger in the wee hours of the morning, at least have a loaded, and off safe gun!

  9. avatar Hannibal says:

    “and spoke with the homeowner, 45, via telephone as she drove home from her job in Fort Mill. The woman arrived home with her son, 16, and his friend, 17.”

    Okay, that makes it sound like they were with her driving home?

    “After the robbers left, the teens left the house, locked it and walked to Rite Aid so they could borrow a phone and call the homeowner.”

    So did she pick them up on the way back from work?

    The whole thing smells bad but the writing is vague enough I can’t be sure to blame the author or the subjects.

    1. avatar TxGal says:

      “So did she pick them up on the way back from work?”
      Sounds like it me. Mom needs to get security system w/ video she can monitor
      while at work. Not to say youts are bad kids, but would not trusted myself at that age.

  10. avatar Paul says:

    Why did the kids leave the house to make the call from Rite Aid?? Why not just call from the house as the “robbers” had already fled?

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      While other parts of the story make me suspicious, that one can be explained by many homes not having a landline anymore. Mine doesn’t. Of course, I home carry, so no worry about someone taking my cellphone either.

    2. avatar VaqueroJustice says:

      Increasingly, cell phones are the only phones for many. It just makes sense, economically speaking.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Call 911 from a cell phone (in most of the US) and the 911 operator will not have a valid location (or address) to you. “Next Generation”, when fielded in your area will do better.

        Many areas of the US do not yet even have address/house (911) number signs or road name signs in rural areas.

  11. avatar Rebecca P says:

    Rock Hill is South Carolina. Especially if someone is driving from Fort Mill to Rock Hill.

    1. avatar Rebecca P says:

      And “heraldonline” cinches it: that’s South Carolina.

        1. avatar Pat Chiles says:

          I grew up down there and was suspicious as soon as I saw “Constitution Blvd.” Followed your Google link and found this was near the Boyd Hill area which is not a good place to be at 3AM. Pretty much Da Hood, so no surprises here.

  12. avatar Scrubula says:

    Should have looked through the window and seen a shotgun.
    Assuming this wasn’t planned, and the teens had one of the guns available for self defense.

    1. avatar Nick G says:

      1. I always look out the peephole or window before answering the door.
      2. Unless its someone I know well, Im not answering the door @ 3am.
      3. I always have a firearm with me in the house.

  13. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    If you come to my door at 3am and have a shotgun, you will also get to meet my shotgun.

  14. avatar AJ says:

    To the author: Rock hill isn’t in Maryland. The place you’re talking about .based on the intersection is Rockville Maryland.

  15. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Someone needs to be a tidge more picky about whom they call friend.

  16. avatar Robert Seddon says:

    (f the homeowner gave the cops any of the numbers from any firearms, it may not be, but I bet if they didn’t they are looking for a way to hide them if the cops come to confiscate..

  17. avatar ST says:

    Likely situation one:inside job. Kids hatch a scheme to rip off Ma and call the cops to cover their tracks.

    Likely situation two: boy brags to girl about his parents gun collection. Girl tells her gang banger homies, who hit the home and use her as pretense to gain entry.

  18. avatar SelousX says:

    This is the reason I home carry, especially if I’m not expecting visitors. Even if I’m coming out of the shower to answer the door, I’m dressed in a towel and a 9mm of one sort or another.

  19. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    The story and the lead picture seem a bit, oh…..
    Fishy, that’s it!

  20. avatar Jay1987 says:

    I’m betting her son’s friend bird dogged the house for that job. Somethin else is fishy 23 guns and no safe or did they give the combo away??

    1. avatar Drew says:

      Breaking into any gun safe is easy enough.

  21. avatar Mike says:

    Her kid and his friend sold them for drug money. Start the questions with them and grill them. Something stinks about the story.

  22. avatar Great Scot says:

    I smell a rat here… He recognized the voices, that probably means that he was bragging about these possessions and got his desserts. Sucker.

  23. avatar Chris says:

    I’m from Fort Mill and have some LEO friends. I’ll see if I can’t get any more info to forward to you RF

  24. avatar Out_Fang_Thief says:

    A room, a teenager, a police detective. The truth will spill from a yammering jaw soon.
    It has been 2 days, and the same 4 scant paragraphs are all there is? Not much info.

  25. avatar JT says:

    “the teens left the house, locked it and walked to Rite Aid so they could borrow a phone and call the homeowner.”

    This is one of the fishiest things to me. Wasn’t there a house phone? I get some people don’t have them (I don’t) but in that case go to a neighbor and when they did eventually call they called Mom instead of the cops. Sounds like they were trying to buy time to let their buddies get clear of the area.

  26. avatar Tony Ellis says:

    That was actually Rock Hill, SC but hey, it such an outlandish story, I’d prefer tje publicity to be elsewhere. Besides, everyone knows you can’t own 23 guns in the “Peoples Republic of Maryland”

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Thanks for the correction. It was noted this morning, but we’ve been having some back end issues (might wanna get that checked out), so it took a while to get it fixed.

  27. avatar Chilly says:

    I grew up down there. That’s in the Boyd Hill area which is pretty much Da Hood. Was suspucious soon as I saw Constitution Blvd.

  28. avatar K says:

    This article here would be my brother and his idiot “friends”.

  29. avatar S says:

    The kids dad passed away and he owned a gun collection somehow somebody found out and stole 23 of the x amount of guns there were.

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