Rifle used by robber who shot his accomplice (courtesy losangeles.cbslocal.com)

“Police say two men walked into a mini-mart Friday to rob the place when things went terribly awry,” losangeles.cbslocal.com reports. Normally, that kind of lead indicates unnecessary bloodshed, tragedy and grist-provision for Moms Demand Action for Everytown’s Gun Safety. In this case, however, things didn’t go “terribly” awry. You might even say things went “wonderfully awry” (but I couldn’t possibly comment) . . .

About 11:15 a.m., the men, both believed to be gang members, walked into the store near the intersection of Alhambra and Hollister avenues in El Sereno, LAPD detective Michael Zolezzi said.

One man was wielding a rifle [above] and the other toting a machete.

As they attempted to rob the store, the man with the firearm got into a struggle with someone inside.

The robber’s rifle accidentally went off, firing a single bullet into his accomplice’s upper body. He died at the scene.

It’s unclear if the first man was the one to fire the rifle.

Neftali Saravia, who owns the tire shop next to the liquor store, said his neighbor who runs the mini-mart walked out, covered in blood, with a stunned look on his face.

“But it wasn’t his blood, though. It was the perp’s that got shot,” Saravia said.

The man with the rifle fled and was chased by two customers from Saravia’s tire shop and a street vendor. They caught and held the man until police arrived. It was unclear if he had made off with any money.

Like that matters. Anyway, live by the machete, die by the rifle. Just another day in the City of Angels. [h/t DrVino]


  1. avatar Michael B. says:

    Unintentional Defensive Gun Use of the Day or Idiot Gun Owner of the Day?

    1. avatar SpeleoFool says:

      Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Idiot Gun Owner Defensive Gun Use of the Day? A trifecta!

      1. avatar Robert W. says:

        “Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Idiot Gun Owner Defensive Gun Use of the Day? A trifecta!”

        No, should have been…

        Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Idiot Gun Owner Defensive Gun Use of the Day should have been a defensive gun use of the day.

        Where was the store owners gun to cap the machete man first?

      2. avatar Don says:

        That one may qualify for the annual award.

      3. avatar Mark Morrison says:

        That post wins the internet. +1

  2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    I can dance in blood, too, Shannon. Only mine is the happy dance

  3. avatar former water walker says:

    Yep. Karma is a bitch…and I don’t even believe in it. Ummm…they chased rifle thug & he didn’t try to shoot ’em???

    1. avatar Nick D says:

      It’s not made clear in the story, but I would guess that the perp lost his gun in the struggle, or probably dropped it after it went off. Or, criminals are incredibly stupid. Take your pick.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        All of the above.

    2. avatar Bernard says:

      I don’t call it karma. I simply call it a “reaction”. Every action has a reaction. Some are immediate, some are delayed.

    3. avatar Dennis says:

      Only one round in the rifle? The dropped gun hypothesis is more likely.

  4. avatar archangel187 says:

    “Come on, Tony! Tony! Tony?”

    1. avatar Jandrews says:

      “Anything to declare?”

      “Yeah, don’t go to England.”

      1. avatar ready,fire,aim says:

        LMAO ….I’m going to watch snatch right now

  5. avatar A samurai says:

    OMG! How did a suspected gang member get a Yugo Underfolder AK? Its California don’t they know those are banned! Especially not with a standard mag catch! OMG!

    1. avatar A samurai says:

      On a serious note: Is that a smooth back Chinese Mag I see in that photo? That’s a shame a nice mag like that is going to end up getting destroyed.

    2. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      for what Ak’s are going for these days, store owner should sell it and make a quick buck to deal with the cost of cleaning up the blood and mess

    3. avatar Elysium says:

      California Democratic Senator Leyland Yee of course!

    4. avatar Scrubula says:

      Quick, everyone blame other states so we don’t have to admit being wrong!

  6. avatar MotoJB says:

    Awesome…why didn’t the rifle accidentally go off again, killing the other perp? Oh well…

  7. avatar beefeater says:

    Whoa now, this obviously didn’t happen in California. That rifle looks like it has a 30 round mag and a pistol grip. We all know that the only rifles in CA have 10 round mags, bullet buttons, etc.

    edit: Ninja’d… by A Samurai?

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    “Anyway, live by the machete, die by the rifle.”
    My dark humor side laughed. Outloud.

  9. avatar Sammy says:

    MDA & Bloombum will stat this as another accidental death by assault rifle.

    1. avatar Fred says:

      And list everyone in the county as a victim.

    2. avatar Stinkeye says:

      If the gang-banger was under 30, they’ll also put it in the “child victim” column.

  10. avatar Illinois Minion says:

    What? Civilians did that? No MRAP? No shoot-out? In Commi-fornia no less, where magazine bans and legislation to the teeth disavow gun ownership?

    Shirley, you jest….

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      No pets shot either, at least no 4 legged pets.

      1. avatar Gunr says:

        No pets, only a pest!

    2. avatar Will says:

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A5t5_O8hdA&w=420&h=315%5D

      “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”

  11. avatar Full Cleveland says:

    Wave the bloody shirt. No really – go ahead and wave it for the good men and women.

  12. avatar Layne says:

    Should have been a DMU?

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    Call me a sentimental, but I just love a nice story with a happy ending.

  14. avatar Gregolas says:

    No, No, No! You’ve got all wrong! Guns are mostly inherently EVIL devices just waiting to main or kill. ( Ask any Demanding Mother) THIS one is one of the Good guns that is the exception that proves the rule. Angered by the nefarious humans misusing him, the righteous AK went off half-cocked to kill the perp and save the innocent storekeeper itself!

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      That’s ridiculous!

      These two poor souls were victims of our evil gun culture, just as much as the 50,000 children murdered in American schools every day with guns.

      If the two of them hadn’t had easy access to guns (the NRA probably gave it to them, at a gun show, advertised on Armslist, without a background check), would they have robbed this store? Of course not! They would have finished school and ended up at Harvard or MIT. Their families should sue the gun manufacturer, NRA, and all gun owners for their obvious culpability.

      1. avatar Joe Wright says:

        He was such “nice boy, why did he have to die ? : )

    2. avatar DBPolice says:

      This AK was a diamond in the rough indeed. We should salute him.

  15. avatar KMc says:

    “It’s unclear if the first man was the one to fire the rifle”.
    Who cares, a POS ganger banger is dead and his buddy is in jail. Sounds like two wins to me.

  16. avatar DrVino says:

    That rifle:

    – Does not have a mag latch enclosure (“bullet button”) – illegal in CA
    – Has what appears to be a pre-ban 30 round mag – illegal in CA
    – Has an underfolding stock which is folded making the gun less than 36″ long – illegal in CA
    – Has an underfolding stock which has not been pinned or welded in unfolded position – illegal in CA
    – Is likely a Polytech or Norinco – illegal in CA

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      They probably got it from Leland Yee.

    2. avatar Roscoe says:

      Damn, looks like all those CA gun laws and type restrictions are pretty effective in stopping bad actors, huh? /end sarc/

      And anti-gun Democrat CA legislators keep passing more gun laws. Makes me wonder if they aren’t really trying to make the gun laws of CA ever more byzantine and onerous in the hopes that sooner or later every gun owner will at some point end up a felon either out of ignorance or disgust.

      Nah…Can’t be; they couldn’t possibly be trying to back door confiscation, could they?

    3. avatar A samurai says:

      Whoa Whoa Whoa. I’m sorry but I have to call you out on this Dr. Vino. I’m almost certain that’s a Yugo with a Chinese mag. I love Norincos. I dream about Norincos. I hope one day to be lucky enough to own one. But there are some distinct things in the photo that give it away as a Yugo:
      Norincos have squared underfolder stock arms but do not have the strengthening grove you can see in the photo, Yugos do.
      The sun is shining on the end of the receiver and it is clearly a matt black color, Norincos are blued.
      That pistol grip is the stock Yugo grip. I have never seen someone choose to put a Yugo pistol grip on a non-Yugo after market. It’s possible but not likely. What’s most likely is that is the stock grip and it is a Yugo.
      Norincos typically have one rivet affixing the trigger guard to the receiver (on each side) above the mag catch, Yugos have 2 like in the photo.
      Finally, the feature that tears it. If you look very closely in the photo you can see where the end of the receiver cover meets the back of the receiver. there is a rivet for the rear receiver trunion visible. But right above that, and below the top cover, is what appears to be another rivet. This sticks out in my mind because I hate them so. It’s not a rivet but a spring loaded plunger that locks the recoil spring assembly into the gun while it is assembled. It makes Yugos take one more step to take apart and reassemble, than any other AK, while you holed down the plunger to get the recoil assembly to lock into place. And If someone doesn’t happen to know that, they will get so frustrated trying to take the gun apart they will beat it apart with a hammer. I have seen several Yugos with such damage. I personally hate the extra complication, so I know it’s a feature you only get on a Yugo. I go out of my way to avoid that feature. Its also why I will never buy one. It bugs me so much.
      And that is how I KNOW that is not a Chinese gun, even if it is a Chinese magazine. It’s definatly a Yugo Underfolder. I rest my case.

      1. avatar DrVino says:

        You may very well be right.
        It occurred to me that it may not be a Chinese gun (I saw this post through my “smart” phone).
        People ‘customize’ AKs too, so while I saw it’s different from stock Chinese grips, I did not dwell too much on that.
        4 out of 5 correct – still ILLEGAL.

  17. avatar Mark says:

    Apparently the perps didn’t watch Machete or Tony Montano or Cabdriver!!!

  18. avatar Accur81 says:

    A gun control fail in every sense of the word.

  19. avatar Paul53 says:

    It takes a bad guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun!

  20. avatar Unknown Prosecutor says:

    Nice House of Cards shout out… If any of you are fans, do yourself a favor and watch the original BBC version on Netflix.

  21. avatar ValleyForge77 says:

    That is a happy ending in my book.

  22. avatar the ruester says:

    lol they should start telling criminals “if you use a gun you are 26 times more likely to be shot with it than to make off with your victims money.” Followed by a short brochure that instructs criminals to pee themselves and vomit in order to avoid a DGU. And then buttons. Lots of buttons.

  23. avatar Skyler says:

    AK-47 man should be charged with murder. That would be the happiest ending!

    1. avatar Bob20 says:

      Most, if not all states, consider it murder if an accidental death happens during the commission of a felony as a result of the actions of the criminal.

  24. avatar DBPolice says:

    How ever did this thug obtain a High Capacity Assault Clip-azine for his High Powered Assault Rifle in CA?
    I’m going to assume the rifle thug didnt get shot because the badass that disarmed him used him as a shield while emptying the 30-clip, into machete thug’s sternum, one handed. Hey its close enough to Hollywood, these things happen down there.
    I’m pretty sure if an accomplice gets killed in a crime the surviving perp gets charged with murder, I have heard of this happening around here.

  25. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

    You know it goes that way, at least that’s what they say when you play the game.

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