Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: MMA Edition

Joe Riggs out of UFN 51 after ‘unfortunate accident’ with gun, the headline at proclaims. Setting aside the “unfortunate” descriptor, I’m not a big fan of the word “accident” when it comes to negligent discharges. I prefer “negligent discharge.” It’s a term that ascribes blame for an inadvertent ballistic event. “The UFC announced Tuesday […]

Colleen Daley: We’re Not Attacking the 2A, We’re Saving Lives!

Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence big cheese Colleen Daley attended yesterday’s kabuki Senate gun control hearing, ostensibly aimed at protecting women from “gun violence.” No one can say Daley doesn’t recognize a juicy fundraising opportunity when she sees one. Here’s an email blast she sent out last night: I was honored to attend today’s Senate […]

Attempted Murder, Suicide in Chicago Loop High Rise

“‘What we have here is a workplace violence issue,’ (Chicago Police Superintendent Gary) McCarthy told reporters. ‘Apparently there’s a technological company on the 17th floor. They’ve been undergoing a downsizing. They’ve demoted a number of people.’” Initial reports are, as always, sketchy, but the un-named shooter McCarthy was talking about apparently wasn’t a raving Muslim […]

OMG! Americans! Carrying Guns in DC! OMG!

  Mother Jones reporter Stephanie Mencimer apparently needs a Valium, a stiff drink or maybe a couple of hits of Colorado’s newest tax revenue bonanza. Something to calm her palpitations at the thought of peasants carrying guns in the District. The title of her piece Anyone With a Concealed Carry Permit Can Now Come Dangerously […]

ShootingTheBull410 9mm AmmoQuest: Winchester PDX1 124gr

Today’s test could prove interesting; I’m trying Winchester PDX1 (124gr +P) through the 3″ barrel pistol. Now, PDX1 is advertised by Winchester as being the FBI’s duty load, and since I’m using the FBI standards for penetration, surely PDX1 will pass with flying colors, right? The only problem is . . .

Boxer’s Fix: Gun Violence Prevention Orders

Reader Tim T. recently wrote to one of his senators, Barbara Boxer. For those unfamiliar, this is someone to whom even those on the left give a pass under the assumption that she’s simply an idiot rather than a run-of-the-mill venal liar. We’ll leave that determination up to you. Toward that end, consider this little […]

Taurus Announces Anthony Acitelli as New President, CEO

Fresh on the heels of their dismissal of Mark Kresser as head of Miami-based Taurus USA, the Brazilian gun maker has just announced that they’ve hired Anthony Acitelli as President and CEO. Acitelli is a firearms industry vet and comes to Taurus from Colt where he was SVP of sales. Press release after the jump . . […]