Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Pro Forma Edition

“Sharon Duvernay, who now wants to move, said she plans to buy guard dogs and update her security system as well as install cameras on all sides of her home. ‘We’re putting better lighting everywhere and we’re thinking about barb-wired or razor-wired fencing,’ she said. ‘Regular activities, like taking out the trash, and every little […]

Our P320 Winner Is…

We’ve said it before, so we’ll say it one last time. The volume and quality of the entries to our SIG SAUER P320 content contest has been mind-boggling. Picking Dave Keller’s name out of a hat as the first winner was easy. Judging the best effort from the hundreds we’ve received has been a little more daunting. […]

P320 Entry: Ten Tips for Modern Hunting Success

By Eric J. As someone who’s only recent stumbled into the world of hunting with a centerfire rifle, I thought I’d offer my observations on what is apparently an ideal hunting rifle, from the perspective of an outsider reading fora and online gun rags . . . Rifles: 1) It must shoot sub-MOA

P320 Entry: Why We Shoot

By Hyrum Grissom My old Jeep Cherokee bounced along the dirt road up to the shooting range early on a spring morning. Sitting beside me was my four-year-old son staring out over the Southern Arizona desert as the beautiful orange sun rise streaked out over the purple horizon.   “Are we really going shooting Dad?” […]

Housekeeping: Thank You For Your Patience

Late yesterday afternoon TTAG was hit by a malware attack. Thanks to some quick work by our ad partner Lanista Concepts along with un-named drones somewhere deep within the Google monolith, all has been restored to normal. Now comes the post mortem process in which we figure out if we were victimized by some malicious […]

New From Blaser: F3 Ladies Competition Shotgun

Are you a serious clays or skeet competitor with a hankering for German craftsmanship, but maybe not quite enough bank for a Krieghoff? Well Blaser-USA has just announced their new F3 Ladies competition gun featuring an adjustable comb and length of pull and cast, along with gorgeous wood and a Speedbump recoil reduction system. Be […]

ShootingTheBull410 9mm Ammo Quest: Federal Premium HST

ShootingTheBull410 is back with another episode in the 9mm Ammo Quest. This time, it’s the most-demanded, most-requested video of the series — a test of the Federal Premium HST in the 147-grain +P version. Finding 147-grain ammo that performs well from a 3″ barrel has been a real challenge, and several of the heavy bullets […]