OMG! A GLOCK Fails to Fire! OMG!

Jarhead6 proves that even a GLOCK – yes a GLOCK! – might be ammo sensitive. Or prone to limp wristing. Or, God forbid, fail to function for some unknown reason. All I’ve got to say about that: all mechanical devices can fail. Anyone who believes that his GLOCK brand GLOCK will never, ever let him […]

Colorado Gun Ban Stopped by Recall Aftershocks

After the immense amount of Bloomberg money, old media airtime and Obama administration political capital was spent on enacting restrictive gun legislation in Colorado last year, the electorate rebelled. Grassroots campaigns led by people who had never been involved in politics beat the establishment. Two legislators were recalled. A third, thought to be in a safe […]

Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day Edition

Yup it’s a twofer: a Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day and an Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day all in one. The media part of the story comes to us without the slightest editorial hesitation from, starting with the headline: Gun accidentally discharges inside of Froedtert Hospital, deputy suspended. We’ll get to that unnamed […]

SIG SAUER to Produce All Guns in US by 2015

At the moment, SIG SAUER is a company that straddles the Atlantic ocean. Most of their manufacturing is done at their Exeter and Newington plants in New Hampshire, but for the older models and some of the more high maintenance designs the guns are still manufactured at their plant in Germany. Guns like the P210, the […]

Why Massachusetts Cops Oppose New Civilian Disarmament Bill

The Massachusetts Coalition of Police may not know how to Photoshop their logo onto a squad car, but there’s no question that they oppose Massachusetts Bill 4121, An Act relative to the reduction of gun violence. The NRA claims the bill would “empower police chiefs with discretion in licensing owners for shotguns and rifles, ban the private sale […]

Random Thoughts About Nighttime Home Defense

I didn’t want to go into the maze. The last time I’d entered Patriot Protection’s simulated house a simulated homeowner shot me with simulated ammunition that really, really hurt. By that point, I knew the training ground’s layout well enough. I also knew the chances of adding to my collection of painful welts and bloody dings during the room clearance drill […]

New Planet of the Apes Movie Promotes Gun Control

“The ‘Apes’ franchise has always been a politically loaded one,”‘s review opines, “and this latest entry states its left-wing credo in ways both allegorically implicit and bluntly direct. (You’d have to be pretty obtuse to miss the pro-gun-control subtext attached to misdeeds on both sides of the man-monkey battle.)” We don’t have any more […]

Everything You Know About Firearms Training is Wrong

By John Perkins and Ari Kandel In the main, firearms training is little more than target shooting. More “advanced” courses teach students to “get off the X” and “find cover and concealment.” They offer courses on “firearms retention” and “close quarters combat.” Some add stress to try and simulate a “real” attack. But most firearms training […]

Quote of the Day: Ya Think? Edition

“When a teacher combines a paranoid belief system, demonstrated mental instability, strong suicidal tendencies, repeated expeditions to purchase weapons, and expressions of homicidal desires, and when he refuses to give an honest account of why he wanted to purchase weapons, there is genuine cause for alarm.” District: Teacher’s actions were ’cause for alarm’ [via]

Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Ice-T’s Grandson Edition

The headline sure ain’t passive: Ice-T’s grandson arrested, accused of killing roommate. But the text soon lives up to our expectations of passivity when it comes to negligent discharges – especially when the shooter is a cop or a celebrity. In this case, the grandson of a TV cop. “Elyjah Marrow, 19, was playing around with […]