Weekend Photo Caption Contest



  1. avatar Robert W. says:

    “Between the Middle-Ages and the Late-Industrial Age, Jousting had taken on a new form.”

  2. avatar Colt Magnum says:

    “Don’t shoot me in the nuts. I still don’t trust this thing.”

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      “You shouldn’t kick me in the balls, Mrs. Kelly. My sister kicked me in the balls once . . .”

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:


        Danny Vermin

  3. avatar jay1987 says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you my newest invention… the riot shield. You see you use it to protect yourself from rocks and bottles that rioters throw at us.

  4. avatar TheBear says:

    “Tastes like chicken.”

    1. avatar William Burke says:


  5. avatar Zachary marrs says:

    The American Dr. Who had a very low budget

    1. avatar Bob says:

      Darleks! Dahleks! How do you spell it?

      1. avatar Great Scot says:


  6. avatar Smitty of ONE says:

    “All your Base belong to us…”

  7. avatar Paul53 says:

    What really happened at Roswell!

  8. They give me this 200 pound thing to lug around with my heavy .38. I need to invest in one of those new-fanged, light-weight Glocks.

  9. avatar Mitchell! says:

    Terrorists, drug lords, and white-collar crime were not the original focus of the FBI.

    Daleks were.

    1. avatar Toby in KS says:

      this one gets my vote. lol

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      Not bad!

  10. avatar Log says:

    The only way to stop a .30 cal ghost gun.

    Soon these will be issued to all school children

  11. avatar Nine says:

    Danger Will Robinson!

  12. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Wow, the Daleks from the original Doctor Who sure look different

  13. avatar Former Water Walker says:

    As seen on ” The Adventures of Superman” May 1952

    1. avatar Gregolas says:

      The robot might’ve killed Officer O’Malley, but seconds after Jimmy snapped this picture, Lois took it out with her ’53 Nash Metropolitan.
      Superman’s whereabouts are as yet unknown.

  14. avatar Gunr says:

    Boy! This old water heater sure came in handy!

  15. avatar Ralph says:

    In 1939, the Munchkinland police violently put down the strike of the Lollipop Guild.

  16. avatar Aaronw says:

    Texas Armoring Corp…. We stand behind our products…and in front of them, too.

  17. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    “I give you until 3 to come out.”

    “No, I give _you_ until 3 to come out.”

    “Hey, I commanded first.”

    “Did not.”

  18. avatar William Burke says:

    “DAMMIT, Earl, they forgot to give my my right leg guard! HAVE MERCY!”

  19. avatar SigGuy says:


  20. avatar Gunr says:

    Hey Copper! If you can put one through the ring on top, in one shot, I’ll give myself up!

  21. avatar Scholarcat says:

    I’m an armored teapot, short and stout…

    1. avatar William Burke says:


    2. avatar bontai Joe says:


      1. avatar Great Scot says:


  22. avatar Marine 03 says:

    “The Academy was tougher in those days.”

  23. avatar Rusty Shackleford says:

    It may have taken 70 years, but the Australian police finally had an answer to Ned Kelly.

  24. avatar T says:

    IT’S HOT IN THIS SUIT BOB! Can we just do this the shooting test tomorrow?!

  25. avatar Swarf says:

    This week on When Teletubbies Go Bad.

  26. avatar Avid Reader says:

    Testing continues on Bloomberg’s new armor for when he doesn’t have his herd of armed bodyguards.

  27. avatar Tile floor says:

    And so it begins…

  28. avatar Chris. says:

    Exterminate, Exterminate!

    1. avatar Great Scot says:

      Dammit! You got there before me!

  29. avatar Hugh Glass says:

    “Take me to your dealer.” (closest FFL)

  30. avatar Have Blue says:

    This was widely regarded as the weakest title in the ‘Call of Duty’ video game franchise.

  31. avatar TheYetti says:

    The OTHER Teletubby

  32. avatar Davis Thompson says:

    The steel burka makes its auspicious debut.

  33. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Dr. Morbius’ first version of Robbie just wasn’t quite right.

  34. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Story boards for Star Wars where R2D2 attacks … oh never mind.

  35. avatar Lord Wulfgen says:

    Look out Ned, he’s coming straight for us!

  36. avatar Defens says:

    Joe Friday meets the Propane Ninja

  37. avatar dh34 says:

    Introducing the Thomas the Tank Engine line of body armor

  38. avatar Wendy says:

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

    1. avatar Dennis says:

      This got my vote. Good Star Wars reference and plays nicely to the photo.

  39. Spike TV’s pilot episode of Battle Bots.

    1. Security at Ford City Mall relegated to armored segway.

  40. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

    Danger Will Robinson, Danger!

  41. avatar Bernard says:

    ‘Tis but a scratch. Give me all you got you pansy.

  42. avatar DanRRZ says:

    RoboCop III- The Prequel

  43. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    Not the knights who say, “Nee…”

    1. avatar dh34 says:

      We might need the holy hand grenade for this one!

  44. avatar Gunr says:

    Somebody finally finds a use for a giant steel condom.

  45. avatar Paul53 says:

    Every picture says a thousand words. This one starts with “you know this won’t end well.”

  46. avatar Gregolas says:

    “May the Forge be with you.”

  47. avatar Steve says:

    Be very very quiet, I’m hunting robots.

  48. avatar Kim Burr says:

    … When Officer McGruff was asked how he liked the new Invisible Ear Protection Devices his reply was, “WHAT?”

  49. avatar Bgryphon says:

    No fair! He had to go and re-invent the wheel!

  50. avatar A-Rod says:

    The Great 1946 Miami Shootout. It took another 40 years for the cops to figure out that the were inadequate against body armor.

  51. avatar Gregolas says:

    Crockett and Tubbs looking for the right undercover outfits.
    Tubbs decided on the double-breasted instead.

  52. avatar FsN says:

    Gort, I am your father…

  53. avatar Model66 says:

    Hey! What’s that behind you…

  54. avatar Foster says:

    Former TeletTubby, Po, caught leaving the scene of the crime wearing full body armor.

  55. avatar LongPurple says:

    Dammit Joe! That’s a portable riot shield, not a porta-potty.

  56. avatar dh34 says:

    The new chastity belt is almost ready. We have one last test before we deliver it to Shannon for her date with Diggler.

  57. avatar Matt in Maine says:

    Dammit! He’s got juggernaut.

  58. avatar JoshtheViking says:

    All your base are belong to us!

  59. avatar jon says:

    I just love me some Blind-firing!

  60. avatar big lars says:

    Sergeant Frank Drebin, Detective Lieutenant Police Squad.

  61. avatar Spitfire says:

    Damn it bill not in the suit again!

  62. avatar Phil says:

    Red light!

  63. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Only way to stop a bad guy with a trashcan is with a good guy with a trashcan.

  64. avatar dh34 says:

    Pawn takes Rook.

  65. avatar Great Scot says:

    The Iron Giant is shorter than I remembered…

  66. avatar stokeslawyer says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is why the Mayberry County Sheriff’s Department SWAT Team NEEDS an MRAP! Do you really want us kicking down the door to a dangerous meth lab in these?

  67. avatar Dave says:

    Let’s show this to the CA school board… we’ll sell MILLIONS!

  68. avatar Alan Longnecker says:

    In the years following Obama’s military cuts, American armored cavalry misguidedly tried to fend of the rule of our benevolent robot masters.
    All Hail Xorkxon!

  69. avatar NVBound says:

    Montior v Merrimack personal edition

  70. avatar John L. says:

    The new Level XX body armor may not be for everyone…

  71. avatar drmrs says:

    “Klaatu Barada Nikto.” (which translates-The evil eye watches you.) drmrs 5/31/2014

  72. avatar Bart says:

    So this is where the ‘militarization’ began!

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