One More Day to Get Your P320 Entries In!


If you’ve followed us for a while, you know that we’ve done a few of these content contests in the past. We love them because we get to run great submissions from our talented readers. You love them because you get a shot at a free shootin’ iron. Our latest iteration though, has been a whole ‘nother kettle of fish. We’ve been deluged with entries this time, what seems like twice the volume of past contests. What’s more, the quality of most of the submissions has been exceptionally high. All of which is to say that we’re way behind, but that’s a good thing. We’ll continue to run the pick of what we’ve gotten for the next week or two. Once we’ve finally sifted through it all, we’ll then announce the winner. So if you haven’t sent yours in yet, you still have until midnight tomorrow. Keep those cards and letters coming in.


  1. avatar Steve Case says:

    Wait. What??? The quality of the submissions has been exceptionally high? That’s impossible. Right wing gun nuts are clearly uneducated redneck hicks that cling to their guns and God. Right?

    /sarcasm off

    1. You forgot “knuckle dragging”.

    2. avatar MarkPA says:

      Please clarify: “Right wing gun nuts are clearly uneducated redneck hicks that cling to their guns and God.” You can’t possibly be implying that there is anything wrong with being a “right-wing gun-nut” or being “uneducated” or a “redneck hick” or “clinging to guns and God”! Please assure me that you were not making any such implication.

  2. avatar 80 D says:

    Shootin’ iron? Is that on the William Burke’s Approved List of Gun Nomenclature?

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    There really has been some terrific entries.

    A sincere thanks to the fine peeps at Sig Sauer.

  4. avatar Jake Tallman says:

    Dear God I don’t envy the judges. So many phenomenal submissions….

  5. avatar Tom from Georgia says:

    Well you know what to do with mine 🙂


  6. avatar MadMedic says:

    So having sent my submission in a wk ago means you just haven’t gotten to it yet do to volume, not that you hated it and decided not to post?

    I can live with that version of reality… 🙂

  7. avatar rustybx says:

    How about a poll to select the winners? Maybe pair entries in groups so we’d have several rounds of voting. A shootout if you will.

    Will bump page views as people reread the entries.

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