Passively Constructed Negligent Discharge Story of the Day: Gun Show Edition


Rifle Fires at Gun Show; Olympia Man Cited for Reckless Endangerment the story proclaims. “A vendor (not pictured above) who attended a gun show at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds this weekend now faces reckless endangerment charges after a rifle he purchased from another seller accidentally discharged, causing a bullet to ricochet off the concrete floor and go into a display case. Though the gun fired in a room full of people, no one was hurt, said Linda Bailey of the Chehalis Police Department.” If I were the buyer, I’d ask for my money back. And my gun rights. On bended knee.


  1. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    Something about bugger hooks and bang switches?

    1. avatar pod says:


      Also, every gun show I have ever been to requires all weapons, period, to be unloaded and the action opened and blocked with a zip tie or a lock…wondering how this happened to begin with?

      1. avatar Gunr says:

        Just what I was thinking, somebody really dropped the ball on this one.

        1. avatar Gene says:

          Uh, the seller for not checkimg when handing over the firearm and the buyer for not checking the firearm when handed it? That’s two safety checks that were ignored.

      2. avatar JasonM says:

        I’ve been to a few WAC gun shows in the area, and they have guys on every door checking guns. But once you’re inside, it wouldn’t be much effort to slip into the bathroom, remove the zip tie, and load it up.
        I can’t see a reason a seller would cut the zip tie and load up a gun he’s selling (particularly, since he could get kicked out if caught), so I’d suspect the buyer did it.

    2. avatar surlycmd says:

      And assumptions.

  2. avatar Paul53, says:

    Never buy a gun without testing it first.

  3. avatar Scottlac says:

    Step one of handling any firearm. Clear it. Blame the seller all you want. I’ll blame the one who’s hands were on it when it fired.

    1. avatar Jim says:

      I blame them both. The seller should have cleared it before putting it out, and the buyer should have checked first off.

      1. avatar pod says:

        Agreed. If I handle a firearm, anywhere, I always check, even if it’s redundant. Keeps the good habit going.

        And again, the gun shows I’ve been to are hardcore. No concealment allowed and all exposed weapons (i.e. if you bring something in to sell or get modified/repaired) must be cleared with a lock or zip-tie through the chamber. And no ammunition allowed (unless you are a dealer) period. I don’t mind it, since the gun shows do attract the yahoo element.

        Maybe things are different up north…

        1. avatar Dave the dude says:

          “I always check, even if it’s redundant”.

          You can say that again…

      2. avatar Delmarva Chip says:

        +1 Always verify that it’s unloaded. Not a hard thing to do.

  4. avatar former water walker says:

    Me too!

  5. avatar Mark says:

    Um… ask for his money back? Why? The guy who “accidently” discharged the firearm was negligent. He apparently forgot that all guns are always loaded.

  6. avatar Dave s says:

    Always clear the weapon, even if you take heat for clearing it

  7. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Reading this as I sit here, dry firing my new rifle….

    1. avatar Gunr says:


  8. avatar Dave C says:

    Charges filed… Because this was tge first time in a long time the ND wasn’t at the hands of a LEO.

    1. avatar Gene says:

      I LOL’d

      Difference is they are professionals that have training. That makes it different and more forgivable.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        I guess they’re trained in how to do a ND?

  9. avatar Dan says:

    Well, he was from Olympia, that’s about what you would expect.

  10. avatar William Burke says:

    He MISSED! And the part about “this weekend”? Does that mean today? Or “last weekend”?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Please take your sentence construction issues up with the people who actually wrote the sentence. I seriously doubt anyone from is going to read your complaint here.

  11. avatar steve says:

    The same thing happened at a gun show in northern Ohio last year except a person was shot. I guy traded in his gun that was loaded to a dealer. The dealer bought the gun and the seller left the show. The dealer then was disassembling it with his buddy sitting next to him. Then boom. His buddy was shot. I thought how the hell was that missed by the police when they inspect the guns coming into the show. This accident happened at the peek of the gun craze last year. I think it was February. I have never seen a line so long to get into a gun show. I left the show 10 minutes before this happened and saw it on the news. The news said that police were looking for the man who sold the gun. My thought was they should be looking for the man that missed it on inspection. Way to pass the buck.

  12. avatar Jus Bill says:

    The shooter should be made to clean up the poop on the floor as punishment for his “Stupid in Public.”.

  13. avatar fuque says:

    A liberal gun grabber plant, to show how unsafe these dastardly gun shows are…

  14. avatar Jay Zee says:

    Guns kill.

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