Obama’s Anti-Gun Surgeon General Nomination on the Brink of Defeat


We haven’t really been covering it in depth, but Barack Obama announced a new candidate for Surgeon General a while back and every day it seems we learn something new about him. Dr.  Vivek H. Murthy seems like a suitable candidate, until you realize that the good doctor believes that extremely strict gun control is a matter of public health and was planning to use his position to advocate for that. The revelations sparked outrage from gun rights groups, and word comes today from the New York Times that the outcry of gun rights advocates seems to have been loud enough to pull the plug on the nomination.

From the New York Times . . .

Facing a possible defeat in the Senate, the White House is considering delaying a vote on President Obama’s choice for surgeon general or withdrawing the nomination altogether, an acknowledgment of its fraying relationship with Senate Democrats.


Senate aides said Friday that as many as 10 Democrats are believed to be considering a vote against Dr. Murthy, who has voiced support for various gun control measures like an assault weapons ban, mandatory safety training and ammunition sales limits.

The overall tone of the NYT piece is more of the same “evil NRA” propaganda that tries to paint the efforts of an organization with more than five million members as “radical” and “out of touch.” This from the same newspaper that lauds the “popular” efforts of Moms Demand Action and their couple thousand “likes” on Facebook. So it makes sense that the Times places the blame for the failure of this nomination squarely on the NRA’s shoulders, and no doubt the NRA is happy to oblige.

The real story here is one of the ascendance of gun rights advocates. Instead of playing a defensive game, gun rights people are finally being pro-active and going after any action in Washington that has even a hint of an anti-gun aroma. Four years ago we would have been content to sit back and complain about these machinations to our buddies, but now we’re taking a more active role and actually influencing politics.

With the midterm election coming up, I’m getting my popcorn ready. The media narrative may be that this coming election is a referendum on Obamacare, but my money is on gun rights being more important. We’ve seen what happens when we let “reasonable” people be elected and then turn around and try to infringe on our constitutional rights, and I’m looking forward to the crop of politicians that are about to be voted in. It’s gunna be a fun election cycle.

In the meantime, the Surgeon General nomination is on the ropes — but not quite down for the count. There’s still a possibility that Obama’s minions can save the day and make the needed votes appear. But if things are so bad that even the Gray Lady is starting to point fingers, we might just see victory after all.


  1. avatar Frank Masotti says:

    Good Lord I hope so. 🙂

  2. avatar Another Robert says:

    IMO, it’s not like the Surgeon General is that big a player in the scheme of things ( I think Joycelyn Elders pretty much killed whatever credibility the office held up till then). But still, it’s nice to see the squatter in the WH take a defeat, and even better that it came essentially at the hands of the “gun lobby”.

    1. avatar Publius says:

      Well, just like the Surgeon General was able to mandate the warnings on cigarette packaging, they could probably come up with some BS to justify a huge anti-gun campaign by painting it as a “public health” issue.

      1. avatar Another Robert says:

        Come to think of it– I think the SG “generated” the warning, but it was someone else (Congress? HHS or their forerunners at HEW?) that forced the companies to print it on their packaging. I might be wrong, but I don’t think the SG has that kind of authority. It’s pretty much a ceremonial/advisory/PR kind of office. Not that PR isn’t important, I’m still glad he is [figuratively] crashing and burning…

        1. avatar Jus Bill says:


          That Federal clown show tried to ban bullets because they were dangerous many years ago.

        2. avatar Stinkeye says:

          The FDA is the agency that mandates and enforces the warnings on tobacco products.

        3. avatar Rich Grise says:

          Cigarette smoke is fvcking magick that wards off evil spirits.

          Marijuana is chemotherapy for the metastasizing cancer of government.

    2. avatar jerry says:

      Elders certainly did damage the office, but she never failed to provide quality entertainment.

    3. avatar neiowa says:

      It sounds like Joycelyn Elders would be available for the job. See looks tremendously competent compared to ANY of the other Obuma cabinet/etc nominees to date.

      Interesting how many quickly thought of the old dingbat. News report in the last week that she just released some idiotic report on some idiotic libtard subject.

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        Report is on how screwed up the DOD is for not promoting/allowing “transgender” deviants in the service. First hordes of harpies, then the queers, now it’s either/or nuts.

      2. avatar William Burke says:

        Didn’t Josie want masturbation taught in public schools? They learn soon enough, Josie.

        How things have changed; now they teach lesbian kisses.

        1. avatar Rich Grise says:

          ” now they teach lesbian kisses.”

          There’s a triple standard about kissing in America. Say you’re walking to the office and there’s a young couple making out in a door recess. Most people would ignore them, a few might say, “Get a room!” some might feel good seeing young love, whatever, but basically not that big of a deal. Now, imagine that in that same doorway it was a young male gay couple making out. Most would ignore them, some would cross the street to avoid them, some would want to kill them on the spot. Now imagine that in that same doorway there’s a couple of hot babes making out. They’ll attract a crowd of spectators! Once Fauz Snooze replayed that Ally Mc-Beal/Lucy Liu kiss clip and even the ladies at Faux said it was hot!

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          It’s not really about any “double standard”. People like it because it’s HOT!

        3. avatar Rich Grise says:

          Once, in Korea I hired two “business girls” simultaneously. In Korea, the business girls kiss their customers.

          I recommend it. <leer, snort>

    4. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Well, the surgeon general of the time (I thik it was Koop) did a pretty good job of getting Antismokerism established as the National Religion.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Well, it didn’t work on a sharp fella like you, Rich. Enjoy your Polonium-210!


        And, for the “sprinkles”, you’ve got lead and cadmium particulates! And they ask why it causes lung cancer….

        1. avatar Rich Grise says:

          From where comes your obsession with my personal lungs? And what do you think gives you the authority to dictate what I may or may not do with my own lungs?

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Show me where I told you what to do. Or made you do anything. I said cigarettes contain radioisotopes.

          They do. And I show you peer-reviewed evidence. You’re free to make your own decisions. Except the ciggies are making the decision, not you.

        3. avatar Rich Grise says:

          “And I show you peer-reviewed evidence”

          Again, who cares? Why are you telling me this? Whom are you trying to convince? I know cigarettes have trace elements. So does everything else. I don’t give a fuck. So why the fervent bleating?

          And “peer review” gives us wonders like the Church of Warmingism, so you know how much stock I put in that crapola.

        4. avatar William Burke says:

          Forget I ever said it. Until you have occasion to recall it on your own.

  3. avatar PeterC says:

    “Suitable candidate,” my posterior! The guy is 8 years out of medical school. His principal activity since then has been that of a political activist, having founded “Doctors for Obama,” which is now “Doctors for America.” Medicine is a sideline.

    1. avatar Dev says:

      Hey, in Obama’s world, it’s all about “what have you done for me, politically?” and not whether or not someone is qualified. Look at the ambassadors he has appointed.

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      From the WH perspective, he’s the perfect candidate. Maybe he’ll nominate Kal Penn next.

    3. avatar Gene says:

      It is a slap in the face for all those that serve in the PHS.

    4. avatar Jus Bill says:

      He’s also a “lab rat” – never in practice; never cured anybody. Ever. I think that tidbit was in the WaPo.

    5. avatar William Burke says:

      That would be an excellent point… if it were a medical job.

      It isn’t. It’s a political job, just like all the rest. Can we get that one on the table for consideration?

    6. avatar J- says:

      Of all the worthless, incompetent, know-nothings that Obama has stuffed into the clown car that is his cabinet, this asshole takes the cake.


      He is a 36 year old internist, barely out of his residency. He had made no significant or notable advancements in medicine. A search of the medical literature shows no publications in his field of medical practice. He is not qualified to be the dean of medical school or even head of an internal medicine department in a hospital, yet he supposedly qualified to be the head of the USPHSCC.

      So then, what is his qualification?

      He founded Doctors for Obama, later to become Doctors for America. An organization or PAC of medical “professionals” who helped push through the ACA. That, of course, being the same ACA that has resulted in more people losing health care than gaining it, which is about to cost America 2.5 million jobs, and has done irrevocable damage to our heath care system. This MD spent more time politicking for Obama than treating patients. He is a political hack. Being nominated for Surgeon General is recompense for pushing Obamacare in a white lab coat. This guy proves that high raking positions in this White House are totally for sale to the most inept person who can do Obama political favors.

      1. avatar Rich Grise says:

        Which clause of the Constitution authorizes such a thing as a “Surgeon General?”

        1. avatar JR says:

          Article 2, Section 2, Clause 1 mentions “executive Departments” and seems to give the President authority to appoint executive assistants.

          Does this apply specifically to Surgeon General?

          Your guess is as good as mine.

          The first person actually called Surgeon General was appointed by Grant in the 1870’s, which is an interesting date stamp to me.

      2. avatar William Burke says:

        “Doctors for Criminal Psychopaths”, more like.

      3. avatar Ardent says:

        Help! Does anyone know how to cancel a bid on eBay? I was trying to buy some furniture for the nursery so I bid on a ‘Mickey Mouse Cabinet’. Then I read the details and found out that I actually just bought Obama’s senior advisory staff.

  4. avatar William Burke says:

    How does one get their popcorn “ready”? 😉 A pep talk?

    The lesson in this: they NEVER quit, and we can’t either.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      “How does one get their popcorn “ready”?”

      Screen out the old-maids, butter and salt it, put it in a large serving bowl. Some people add cheese, and one time I even saw someone pour melted chocolate over it. I think that for that one they didn’t add any salt.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        You’re actually suggesting you can tell which kernels will pop, and those that won’t? Sorry, Rich, you shoulda save that one for April Fools Day.

        1. avatar Rich Grise says:

          “You’re actually suggesting you can tell which kernels will pop, and those that won’t? ”

          Well, not on planet Earth, no. But I do claim that I can tell the difference between kernels that have been popped and those which haven’t.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Well, the question, as I recall, was about getting the popcorn “ready”. I can see how “ready” can be taken two different ways, i.e., popping it, or, and this is how I think of “getting ready”, is to “get it into a position to be popped. If he had instead said “prepare”, that’s less ambiguous.

          But to me, “getting it ready” is whatever leads up to the popping experience.

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    This Murthy bozo is the kind of nominee that the Republicans would have filibustered in the past, which would have freed a bunch of Democrats from having to go on the record.

    So Dim Harry Reid pushes through new Senate rules that make it more difficult for Republicans to filibuster nominations like Murthy.

    Which means that certain Democrats are now cornered. They can support Mr. “I Have a Phone” by voting for Obama’s proposed asshat and thus get killed by the voters back home, or they can tell Mr. “And I Have Pen” to pound sand by voting not to confirm, which makes POTUS pout like a little girl and stamp his feet.

    The Law of Unintended Consequences — it is a b1tch.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      Ralph keeps it real

    2. avatar Rich Grise says:

      Oh, come on. You’re not a sexist. You know that little boys of that emotional age can pout and stamp their feet just as petulantly. 🙂

    3. avatar Wood says:

      That little pouty girl is a lame duck and the servants in Congress better be thinking about their possible future jobs, they’re usually pretty good at that.

    4. avatar William Burke says:

      The Surgeon General was a political appointment, and not one of expertise, since WAY before Obama. I dislike ObeyMe as much as the next guy, but that’s a bit of an unfair criticism.

      Unless you criticized the previous appointees, as well.

  6. avatar Publius says:

    Since this nominee is an immigrant, I suggest an amendment to the Constitution – any non-native born American who advocates a violation of any rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights shall be immediately deported.

    1. avatar Dev says:


  7. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    The NRA is evil because Executive Director Cox announced the vote would be scored. There are 6 very vulnerable Dems in Red States. Add in the republicans and even under Barry’s math, you don’t get 51 votes. Same thing happened with Barry’s candidate for Civil Rights chief in the DOJ. Note there Harry “Palms” Reid even voted no so he has the ability to bring up the nomination again (after the 2014 elections when the Red State Dems are cleaning out their desks). NEVER GIVE UP THE SHIP!!!

    Besides, this “doctor” is so unqualified . . . . . he has never run a hospital let alone a department in a hospital. Nope . . . .

  8. avatar UnapologeticallyAmerican says:

    Mr Leghorn,

    Obvious you write about guns and not medicine. You said that Dr. Murthy seems like a suitable candidate until….

    #1. The good Dr Murthy graduated med school in 2008 and hasn’t really practiced medicine since. He isn’t double boarded in anything. Don’t know if he is even boarded in any one speciality. He held a teaching position at Harvard, but didn’t really teach anything, mainly because he is a brand new doctor. He will be leading Indian health, prison health, FDA, NIH etc… The only thing he has really been active in is politics. Which is fine, but be a politician then and run for office ( many doctors abandon medicine and do that). He is no more qualified to be the Surgeon General than a new grad lawyer who has only clerked for a Senator becoming a Supreme Court Judge.

    #2. He wasn’t born American, which isn’t a requirement. But when you claim another country as your home. When you make annual trips there to help underprivileged children. When you donate millions of your own money and money you raise to that country….that doesn’t seem very American to me. He could set up health clinics in inner city’s, or in rural farm country where there is a need for health care. He chooses another country to serve.

    Guns are not the issue. Dr Murthy is NOT qualified for the position of Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Murthy doesn’t consider himself American, so why would any Senator vote for a guy to be the senior physian in the United States.

    Then again the nomination is coming from a President many question his citizenship, and the same President that put someone in a position of enormous responsibility who’s main source of experience for the job was the fact that she happened to be married to a former President.

    1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

      It’s un-American to send your money and your energy to another country? Based on all the money, energy and lives we’ve wasted in the middle east in the last 11 years I thought that toiling in vain and wasting resources in other coutries was the very definition of what it means to be an American. Seriously, there’s already plenty to work with here when trying to defame this guy, you’re overreaching.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        Want to see the sandbox right here in CONUS? Visit an Indian reservation. AWAY from the highway. Try to find the clinic. See how well fed the kids are.

        There are real, pressing needs here in America right now.

  9. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

    We are talking about the a Surgeon General, right? This highlights the absurd lengths to which Wayne L. Pierre and Chris Cox will go to further entrench their power. The Surgeon General is not a Second Amendment issue. This is fabricated to further bring the President to heel.

    1. avatar mrvco says:

      Well right and that is the point. Identifying guns as a “public health” issue puts the Surgeon General and the “Guns as a Public Health Issue” debate solidly in 2A territory.

    2. avatar Another Robert says:

      1. Dr. Murthy makes it a Second Am issue if he purports to bring gun control legislation into his “medical” agenda.
      2. Anything that brings this President “to heel” as far as curtailing his ability to infringe on Constitutional rights and ignore Constitutional limitations is welcome, be it “fabrication” or not.

    3. avatar Avid Reader says:

      It shouldn’t be a Second Amendment issue, but the administration has no one else to blame for making it one.

    4. avatar Ralph says:

      This is fabricated to further bring the President to heel.

      Well, you’re as FOS as ever, but even if miracles happen and you’re correct, so friggin’ what? POTUS should be brought to heel.

      1. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

        Just as long as we are clear that it has nothing to do with 2nd Amend – just hobbling the Predident.

        1. avatar Another Robert says:

          In this case, hobbling President “I have a pen”, aka King Obama the First is, in fact, protecting the 2nd, along with various other provisions in the Bill of Rights.

        2. avatar Wood says:

          Just so long as we’re clear the nominee made it about the Second Amendment. And since I’m here, I’m happy if this does make potus squirm. He’s earned it.

    5. avatar Sammy says:

      Is that a refurbished race card? Just askin’.

      1. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

        Face card

    6. avatar Jus Bill says:

      The Surgeon General is not a Second Amendment issue.

      You’re absolutely right. The Surgeon General should be apolitical. Murthy is as far from that as you can get. He thinks that the RKBA is an epidemic to be cured. The last time he saw an ER was in med school, and it sure wasn’t in an Inner City Public Hospital at 3 a.m. Maybe when he passes his specialty boards and has some time actually trying to practice in spite of Obummercare we’ll consider him.

    7. avatar El Mac says:

      Spoken like a well oiled troll.

    8. avatar William Burke says:

      We are talking about the POTUS, right? This highlights the absurd lengths to which Barack H. Obama and Cass Sundstein will go to further entrench their power. The POTUS is not a Second Amendment issue. This is fabricated to further bring the NRA to heel.

    9. avatar jerry says:

      So sayeth the troll

      1. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

        Some of you guys have a fixation on childish fantasies like “trolls” for some reason. I am not ancient but dare say I have been a life member of the NEA and TSRA longer than many of you have been alive. Pick up an American Rifleman from 1962 or 1972 and compare with today’s edition. Fully 1/4 to 1/3 of the magazine today is devoted to political action and requests for money. Don’t tell me Wayne L. [sic] Pierre hasn’t gotten rich off these politics and Gold Line and such other ads

        1. avatar El Mac says:

          I could care less if Wayne gets rich or not. As long as he can keep your Lord in Chief out of my safe, I’m a happy man.

        2. avatar jerry says:

          I don’t give a shit how long you have been a member of anything. Virtually every post you make on this site, you take the contrarian view. You come here looking to start an argument, and it is obvious to a blind man that you are an Obama supporter. Are you really shocked that you would be called out for it?

        3. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          My my did we rub a nerve. Of course a cretin could not possibly fathom anyone having different educational life experiences and the like having differing views. Lay off the personal attacks it demeans you not me. AMF

        4. avatar El Mac says:

          Personal attacks? I don’t see it. I think what the did was report FACTS about your posts. You are a statist. If that bothers you or you feel personally slighted by someone pointing that out, perhaps you should take your ball and go home???

        5. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Of course I a statist because I would be an anarchist by definition. Most of whst was written was not fact but opinion. It would appear that unless one joins the “me too” chorous any contrary facts or opinions are unwelcome. It’s not my ball to take home so I’ll stay and play.

        6. avatar William Burke says:

          “Anarchist”? Don’t think so. Neither was Lenin.

        7. avatar Rich Grise says:

          ” perhaps you should take your ball and go home?”

          They never do, which is why I recommend simply shunning them.

        8. avatar jerry says:

          Such a sad little troll. “educational life experiences”. You my friend are a fraud. NRA member? Please. If you have ever owned a gun I would be shocked.

        9. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          You wouldn’t have a clue tho I have been direct in all my posts about my membership in NRA and TSRA some of the weapons I own and load for. As for
          my life and education you couldn’t possibly know. I don’t agree with many of your opinions and question some of your “facts”. Too bad. If everyone agreed with you there would be no discussion just uh ha

        10. avatar Jerry says:

          Jeez pal, time to quit I think. You are not a supporter of the 2A and it is painfully obvious. And you are right, I have no clue about your life experiences, education or anything else. I would assume you suffered some traumatic life event. There really is no other explanation for being a liberal democrat.

        11. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Any opinion contrary to yours especially about the Surgeon General fails the Second Amendment purity litmus test (I know it’s really a ph test) condemns one to perdition. Give it up indeed

        12. avatar Jerry says:

          Yes, do please give it up. I am not calling you the troll that you are for this one topic. Every topic you post on, you do this. This is hardly the first time you have been called troll. And not just on this site. I bet you get quite the thrill going to Free Republic and other conservative forums and posting “Obama is the greatest”!!!! Now how about you get busy with that Hillary/Biden 2016 fan club. Bet you can’t wait to vote for her.

        13. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Oh my it’s true it don’t agree with you about much. That’s life. I enjoy reading most of the post here some irritate the heck out of me some I don’t understand. But you I do. Narrow minded people who are afraid of anyone who questions their beliefs I understand though. That’s not a second amendment issue however, that’s just narrow minded. It can be overcome too!

        14. avatar Rich Grise says:

          Maybe he wants to suck her d!ck.

        15. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Holy shot you guys are all a bunch of queers what have I stumbled into?!

        16. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Narrow mindedness is its own reward. It can be cured. However one must first open one’s mind to the possibility that there are other possibilities. The Surgeon General as a second amendment issue please. If you don’t like my input have me banned!!! That ought to work!

        17. avatar El Mac says:

          Cured? No doubt through one of your godvernment’s “reeducation camps”?

        18. avatar JR says:

          “I a statist because I would be an anarchist by definition.”

          False dichotomy.

        19. avatar Jerry says:

          You really should try another tactic pal. The smug condescension has no effect on me. I don’t care that you disagree with my beliefs. I take issue with deceit, with trolls. You may actually believe that you can support the 2A and the democratic party at the same time. You cannot. Narrow minded. Ouch. You have wounded me deeply.

        20. avatar Rich Grise says:

          “Narrow minded. ”

          You bet your sweet arse I’m narrow-minded, when it comes to the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It Shall Not Be Infringed.

          That is all.

        21. avatar Rich Grise says:

          WTF does the National Endowment for Arts have to do with anything? Or is it National Education Association? That would explain a lot of the socialist bias.

        22. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:

          Sorry old fat fingers don’t work as well wi iPhone as with keyboard. Another issue is iPhone’s penchant to “correct” spelling it deems incorrect. I typed NRA or at least thought I did.

  10. avatar dwb says:

    The NRA announced they were scoring it. This must be proof the American people are ready to support gun control at the polls. Or, not. Hey, where is Bloomie and his million minions?

  11. avatar the ruester says:

    I’ll take that bet about gun control trumping Obamacare. A lot of dems will probably stay home because of it, and that will be what wins the day for us IMO. Gun control is just the cold front that starts the lightning; make conservative friends who oppose Obamacare this year, take them to the range. Allies for life.

    1. avatar Another Robert says:

      Maybe so, I’m sure his gun control stance hurt Algore badly in some states, notably Tennessee. But rank-and-file Dems have an utterly astounding capacity for self-delusion on things like this. That’s how reliable Dem party-line hacks like Chet Edwards kept getting re-elected over and over in West Texas districts.

    2. avatar dwb says:

      gun control trumping Obamacare? Since when? Gun rights people are something like 3x more politically active, and but all accounts hate Obamacare. More like a 1-2 punch bye-bye for the Dems.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        [Points sternly to the electronic voting machines]

      2. avatar Ardent says:

        I think you have a better grasp of the model dwb.

        Obama Care and the 2A are separate entities, both of which happen to energize the base on the right to get out and vote. I don’t think anti-2A sentiments are much of a voting motivator even on the far left, and I think that the debacle of Obama care will de-energize the base of the left.

        The major difference in this years elections will be (IMO) that independents will abandon democrats at the polls. Couple that to a demotivated base on the left and a highly motivated base on the right and I think Obama care, much more so than 2A issues, will hand the senate to the GOP.

        I’d even go as far as to say that the NSA spying thing is going to be more influential at the polls than the 2A. Let’s face it, the AI are largely single issue voters and even if they weren’t they tend to share several core beliefs such as small government and fiscal responsibility. The AI is largely a party line GOP block to begin with and so the direction of gun rights isn’t going to have much effect on their vote as it’s already to the right. The trick this year is that Obama has screwed up so badly in so many ways that he’s poisoning senate dems just by existing and the actual facts in play don’t make it any prettier.

        We’re not just seeing purple district dems in trouble (see David Jolly in Fla), they’re actually hurting in some true blue districts and entrenched RINOs are even on the run in primaries because of being too closely associated with Obama care (see Mitch McConnel in KY being run down by Mark Bevin).

        The democrats have really out done themselves. Obama went full retard for the fringe on the far left and has pretty well positioned the party to be popular only with radical environmentalists, true socialists/commuists, activist homosexuals, inner city blacks and a few other relatively small groups that simply don’t represent enough votes to carry the elections.

        Who did they leave behind? Largely; women, who have by all polls lost their affinity for Obama and by extension democrats and much of the electoral process, many will stay home. Hispanics; nothing happened with immigration and the issue has pretty well died after being crushed by the Obama care debacle. They’re not likely to vote republican, they are just much less likely to vote in this election at all. Young people; They were a force for Obama but don’t tend to pay much attention to midterms or congressional races in general in the first place. Add to that the utter lack of a rallying cry on the left (what exactly has been accomplished in the last 4 years?) and the mess that is Obama care, the stalled economy and the NSA digital spying issues which resonate among the young voters and you have them likely staying home in droves.

        Democrats will be fine only in pure blue districts but anywhere that they need anything like a significant turn out of independents they are well and truly screwed come November, and they did it to themselves.

  12. avatar DBM says:

    Obama doesn’t need congress to approve of the Sturgeon General. He has a pen and with do it on his own.

    1. avatar Sammy says:

      If this nominee is defeated keep an eye on the position, as well as the office for the head of the DOJ Civil Rights Division. If they go unfilled expect recess appointments for one or both. He can kind of get around Congress and the will of the people that way.

      1. avatar Jus Bill says:

        I don’t think Congress will dare let that happen. This is an election year, and the critters are getting VERY nervous.

  13. avatar Bill says:

    I’d say that the dems are stuck between Barack and a hard place.

    1. avatar James P Barnett Jr says:


  14. avatar Hannibal says:

    All I heard about in the media was that the special election in Fl went the way it did because of Obamacare… I think Democrats are going to find that their latest push for useless gun/people control is going to hurt them quite a bit, as a party.

  15. avatar Mike Donatello says:

    Even if he was PRO-GUN, Murthy is still unqualified. He’s only 36, which puts him seven years out of residency at the most (unless he’s a Doogie Howser clone). Seven years practicing board-certified medicine is not enough time to amass the level of experience expected of a surgeon general nominee. This man’s only experience worth noting is as a political operative for Obama. Period.

    1. avatar Sammy says:

      The lack of experience and knowledge posed no impediment to our current POTUS.

  16. avatar S_J says:

    Vivek Murthy is to Obama what Harriet Myers was to Bush–purely a political nomination with no occupational merit whatsoever. Even if Murthy wasn’t anti-gun he’s still a hack and deserves to be shown the door.

    1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

      Harriet Myers was deemed qualified by various bar groups and my national bar would have supported her nomination

  17. avatar cigardog says:

    Compare and contrast with, say, Richard Carmona.


    1. avatar the ruester says:

      Wanted to ban assault cigarettes (cigars) IIRC. I think the theme is that if you give a doctor that kind of power he/she will inevitably propose some kind of ban on something you love. A lot like marriage.

  18. avatar brenton adams says:

    All the tears and bed wetting in the article and comment section confirm to everyone, pro gun and anti gun alike, that the NRA is the big dog.

    The louder these gun grabbers wail and gnash their teeth, the better you know your measly 25 bucks a year is being spent

  19. Gun Rights will not be as big a deal as obamacare: simply, because politicians view obamacare as a bigger vote winner. Look at it this way: every baby boomer with enough of a brain left to read a newspaper every couple years has an opinion on ObamaCare and they view it as either satan or savior and will vote according to that view.

  20. avatar El Mac says:

    Never fear friends, the Returdicans will save snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!!!!!

  21. avatar racer88 says:

    The last “real” Surgeon General was Dr. C. Everett Koop. I even got to meet him personally when I was in the Navy. Very cool guy. Every SG since has been a joke.

    As it turns out, my brother is a newly-minted Harvard neurosurgeon. I asked him if he knew / knew of this SG appointee. He did. He said that Harvard has an “army” of these politically-active and virtually non-practicing doctors. And, “Vivek” was no exception. They are required to rotate “on service” for a month in the hospital, and then they’re “off service” back at their “research” for several months. When Vivek was on service, the staff were not happy. Why? Since he rarely practiced, he “didn’t know what he was doing.” My brother said that, thankfully, he never had to call on him.

    So, there ya go, eh? Nothing new with this administration. Politicians and political appointees presiding over regulation and legislation that addresses issues and subjects for which they are abjectly UNQUALIFIED.

    Six years out of med school??? HA! That’s nothing, even if the doc HAS been actively practicing.

  22. avatar Sergio says:

    I try not to troll the anti’s propoganda, but this article came up on an anti-NRA thread on my Facebook feed (again, not trolling, I just went to a very liberal university), and when I read the following comment I couldn’t help myself.

    From an actual commenter: “the politicians aren’t the real problem. The worst culprits in this are the voters whom these politicians are so afraid of losing. After all, the NRA and its money wouldn’t mean a thing if the voters didn’t allow the ads that NRA money buys to influence them to such a degree that they vote for the candidates who run them. And, of course, we can’t give a pass to the people who COULD vote but DON’T. The bottom line is that the NRA is as powerful as it is is because we the people GIVE them that power with our votes and our silence.”

    So I say to you, card-carrying members of the NRA, thank you for being the “real problem” of tyrants and their stooges, wherever they appear.

    1. avatar the ruester says:

      That comment is just so typical. “If it wasn’t for corporate advertising, everybody would think like us.” And if everyone who could vote did, I don’t think it would work out the way this half-wit thinks it would. /rant

    2. avatar Wood says:

      Replace “NRA” with “Federal Government Bureacracy” and see how the the author likes that.

    3. avatar Sergio says:

      I tried to find the thread this morning, just because I was curious to see if anyone with any intelligence might respond to some truths I pointed out. Big surprise, it either vanished or I was banned from viewing the thread. Nice to know what the perspective of a gun rights advocate is worth to them.

  23. avatar Gerri says:

    say there’s 80 million gun-owners; multiply by the $1800.00 it cost for psych eval; it comes out to $144,000,000,000.00; then consider or guess how many of the 80 million gun-owners psychiatrists scattered across the country would identify as “must have further monitoring and/or treatment?” what do you suppose the dollar profits over even 40 million people’s lives will add to the Psychiatric Empire in America, not to mention the Pharmaceutical Empire, both lining the pockets of Politicians??? PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU for all of us to please write something in protest to legislators & others of this idea first heard with the nomination of Dr. Vivek Murthy to Surgeon General. you can count on the ‘idea’ will not end with him, and it is time to making it known what you believe on these economical powers taking more and more of WE the PEOPLE into their business of being in our business. it is also time to start educating all the activists who don’t seem to understand they’re playin’ with people’s inalienable right to Liberty! please add mr. obama’s Demand of $$$$ to Psychiatry Gun Research: $3.77 trillion fiscal 2014 budget. http://www.psychiatry.org/advocacy–newsroom/advocacy/obama-releases-proposed-budget-includes-mental-health-funding

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      The Second Amendment is quite clear. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The Founding Fathers didn’t write, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed unless some unelected witch doctor decides you’re not sufficiently obeisant to the tyrant.”

  24. avatar sage419 says:

    Unfortunately, with congress scheduled to go on recess soon, it may not matter. Look for the Liar in Chief to make a recess appointment or two…

  25. avatar Col. Angus says:

    I sent an email to my own RAT senator, in opposition to this nominee. So maybe it does help.

  26. avatar cubby123 says:

    If he’s on the brink push him in the drink!

  27. Thank you Choti Singh. And thank you Ed. Your articles are always appreciated.
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