Win a Kel-Tec KSG – Last Day!

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You know you want one. You’ve been intrigued since Kel-Tec announced the KSG. But like most new Kel-Tecs, you figured you’d be old and grey before you actually ran across one in the wild. And that may still be the case. But here’s your chance. Click here to enter from your laptop or here from your mobile device, and you could be taking home your very own desert tan KSG. How cool is that?


    1. avatar Peter Griffin says:

      …You know what I haven’t had in a while?

      Big League Chew.

    2. avatar Andrew says:

      Now with more Allen Bolts and The tears of contest whiners being used as loktite.

      Ohhhh, burrrrn.

  1. avatar peirsonb says:

    Before the daily whining about the contest gets started, can I make one humble request? I do most of my TTAGing during down time at the office. I don’t know why TTAG makes it through the “no weapons sites” filter, but it does. KYGUNCO does not….can future such contests be run through an intermediary like the P22 contest?

    1. avatar John L. says:

      I understand where you’re coming from, but I would make the opposite request because the most obvious intermediary would be one I have no intention of ever signing up for – Facebook.

      On the other hand, most of the time I use a private cellphone using the cell data net to browse at work, and so have no problem getting to whatever sites.

      We both have the option of waiting until we get home, of course.

      1. avatar peirsonb says:

        There is always that, that’s why it was a humble request and not a demand 🙂

        Browsing at work does a couple things. First, it actually boosts my productivity by taking a 2-3 minute TTAG break every hour or so. Second, it lessens the nagging at home I get when I spend time on TTAG instead of with the wife, dogs, baby…..

        1. avatar KYGUNCO says:

          peirsonb we are thinking the same thing on intermediary site if we do this again. However, we don’t know if its wise to do another contest, a lot of people are getting mad that we are giving away a gun for free. And again for the record, we do NOT give your emails to ANYONE. We send 1 or 2 emails out a month to promote our own sales (which are usually pretty damn good too!).

          Christian Swarts
          Media & Marketing Director
          Kentucky Gun Co.
          (502) 348-3594

        2. avatar Lucas D. says:

          “…a lot of people are getting mad that we are giving away a gun for free.”

          Spoken like a true publicist, but I think the annoyance comes from announcing the giveaway over and over again when one post has always been enough for other contests.

          Oh, and TTAG? This new “You’re posting too quickly” crap needs to STOP. NOW.

        3. avatar John L. says:

          Re browsing at work, I agree on all of your points.

          Its just that doing so where I work using my work machine, could get me fired – non-sanctioned use, et cetera.

  2. avatar KMc says:


  3. avatar James R says:

    Lets see who can guess what next weeks free gun spam will be.
    I’m going to go with…
    Win a free REMINGTON R51 from a WYOMING firearms co.

  4. avatar Martin says:

    How about win an illegal “assault weapon” from Connecticut firearms inc.

  5. avatar Publius says:

    I was interested in owning one, until I saw that A) it has a tendency to tear up your wrist when ejecting shells (thanks Military Arms Channel!) and B) multiple reports of the plastic rail on the bottom snapping if you use a vertical foregrip. If I win, that baby is going on Gunbroker.

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    The last day? Thank god.

  7. avatar Tom from Georgia says:

    Lighten up fellas…it’s only a contest. You know full well that when you voluntarily enter you’re contributing to advertising revenue, both seen and unseen. But that is your choice. No one is making you enter, or click on anything. I didn’t enter the P22 contest because the pistol has a rather spotty reputation and so it wasn’t all that appealing. The KSG may well be just as balky, but if nothing else I can sell it easily enough.

    As I said before, there’s a balance between promotion and spamming, and most everyone’s mileage may vary slightly.


    PS: I’m getting that error message telling my I’m posting too quickly, as well.

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