New From Strike Industries: Ambush Sling Loop


I’m no AR expert – not by any means – but this looks like a cool design. As all you Stoner worshippers know, there are plenty of Picatinny-mounted sling loops out there. But if you’re limited to a top rail and don’t appreciate your sling loop co-witnessing with your scope, Strike Industries‘ new Ambush loop has about as low a profile as you could ask for. And at $26.50, the price seems right. Details after the jump . . .

The Strike Industries Ambush low profile sling loop is the lowest profile sling loop designed for the MIL-STD-1913 rail. Made of solid steel, its unique locking bar design system allows for it to be light weight and durable. Because the Ambush sits flat in between the rails, it will not interfere with your sights and fit neatly under longer optics when mounted towards the middle of the rifle. The dual purpose loop and swivel sling attachments allows the user to choose which mount they would like to use.

Package include:
– 1 x Ambush Sling Loop
– 1 x Screw
– 1 x Universal QD Swivel Locking Bar

– Made of solid steel
– Dual purpose loop and swivel sling adapter
– Lowest profile sling mount
– No interference with optics

Price: $26.50


  1. avatar MotoJB says:

    Very slick…I like it.

  2. avatar Julian says:

    uuhhhh seems like it will pop off if it shook, or got dropped.

    1. avatar Elliotte says:

      Nope. If you click on the pic it’ll take you to the website where there’s more pics, including one that shows there’s a screw in the same slot the QD loop connects to. So it’s screwed onto the rail and shouldn’t pop off.

      1. avatar Julian says:

        Ah… my bad 😛

      2. avatar Michael C says:

        The screw is not what holds it on. The locking bar and loop have angled tabs on the bottom that grab the underside of the rail to secure it and the screw simply connects the locking bar to the loop. That is how virtually all accessories attach to the MIL-STD-1913 rail.

        1. avatar Julian says:

          Ah…again, I see it, when I click the image, is the 9th image that shows the angled little tabs you mention.

  3. Nice piece of kit.

  4. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    Looks like a good choice. I wish I knew about it a few weeks ago before I bought a different type.

  5. avatar C says:

    At least Stoners are less annoying than stoners.

  6. avatar Shane says:

    Looks pretty slick but I’m not that excited that it comes with a Seigrune printed on it.

    1. avatar theheineken says:

      My thought exactly….

  7. avatar OCD says:

    I actually like that. Nice.

  8. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    All tactical operators need extra rail space. You know the angled rails that you put on the foregrip’s rails attached to the quad rail?

  9. avatar jwm says:

    26.50 for a glorified beer tab? No wonder AR guys are in debt and broke. I guess it was to ghetto to tie off your sling to the front sight mount.

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