Can Can Concealment Contest Rolls On – Enter Now!

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At last count, we had well over sixty entries in our Can Can Concealment unconventional carry gear give-away. And with such a great response, the question then becomes how to pick three winners. So we thought it makes sense to leave it up to you, our dedicated and discriminating readers. Check out all of the entries on our Facebook page here and like your favorites. We’ll continue to take submissions (send them to [email protected] with ‘Can Can Submission’ in the subject field) up until midnight Sunday. Then we’ll give everyone time to view the entries and like their faves through Tuesday and announce the winners shortly thereafter. Make the jump for a few more recently-received pics . . .






  1. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    Nothing like a beauty contest to spruce up our image, eh….

    They’re all beautiful. They’re all worthy. I vote to pick a name randomly from a hat.

    1. avatar JR says:

      Random drawing would be my vote, too.

      Doesn’t “liking” online give a potential advantage to the earlier submissions?

      1. avatar BDub says:

        I agree with this, Lets not turn it into something its not (or shouldn’t be).

    2. avatar H.R. says:

      I also like the random drawing. Seems the only fair way to do it.

  2. avatar wife says:

    I have an around the waist band. It is hot and scratchy. I also have the one for the bra and it moves around and when it pops out from underneath of the boob it’s is odd to say the least. I am 5’2and115lbs. Bra is 36B. Works okay. How much is this one. I paid About 30.for the waist and 70.for the bra. I liked a sports bra better and my pocket. I need to know if carrying lead in your bra is bad health wise.
    This one looks softer and more easy to get to .

    1. avatar Dan A says:

      I can’t speak from personal experience but my ladyfriend had a similar issue with the flashbang holster. She fixed it by wearing a camisole with a built in bra thing over it and I guess it helped quite a bit.

  3. avatar John Boch says:

    Thumbs down.

    My FB “likes” will be seen by my spousal unit who loves FB.

    Who I’d vote for at FB would be a WHOLE lot different than who I’d cast a private ballot for.


    1. avatar JeffR says:

      Publicly voting for the blond in the black lingerie could be very detrimental to my health.

      1. avatar bakers211 says:

        NOT voting for the blonde in black lingerie could be very detrimental to my health. I have to live with her!

        1. avatar JeffR says:

          Well done, sir.

        2. avatar Matt in FL says:

          This comment wins the thread.

        3. avatar John Boch says:

          Yup. You wins!

          My wife is still recovering from surgery!


        4. avatar Accur81 says:

          Excellent choice, sir.

    2. avatar CA.Ben says:

      Same here. Girlfriend won’t much care for me liking a whole bunch of photos of girls and guns. I’d be baking cookies for a week to get back out of the dog house.

  4. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

    Thanks to this contest I had to go on Facebook for the first time in like 6 months. Glad to see that my wife’s picture came through though.

  5. avatar Stephen M. says:

    One in the snow wins for me.

      1. avatar pyratemime says:


  6. avatar ensitue says:

    GLBT whiney protest demanding equal time in 3 2 1

    1. avatar JR says:

      If G=male. there’d be no point. This a contest for holsters designed for women.

      As for the rest…it seems they are eligible. How are they excluded?

      Whiners whine, but I guess that doesn’t mean the whining has to make sense.

  7. avatar pyratemime says:

    I was considering submitting a pic of my 3 yr old with her duck shaped bubble pistol in her waist band to imitate how I carry my CCW but after seeing the hardware (meaning the actual guns) in those pics it would seem rather incongruant.

  8. avatar Roll says:

    Ah, glad someone posted a pic with an M1A, wonderful rifle

    1. avatar Don says:


  9. avatar Rob1285 says:

    I’d like to think the snow pic would be better if she had a Mossin, SKS, or AK…

  10. avatar bakers211 says:

    Maybe a member of Can Can Concealment should do the picking… its their product and advertising.

    1. avatar Rob1285 says:

      Social marketing. All the fine ladies who submitted imagery are now out urging all their friends to “like/share” the Can Can page and vote for them. Free(ish) advertising, pushing the brand out to more people.

  11. avatar mrvco says:

    Facebook? Yeah… but no.

    Friends Don’t Let Friends Facebook.

    1. avatar BDub says:

      How would they know, unless they are also Facebooking? (yes, I just used Facebook as a verb)

  12. avatar Ike says:

    That one with the AK is great.

  13. The baby with the .9mm is pretty cute.

    1. avatar Elliotte says:

      If you’re talking the one above, thanks. It’s a cap gun from when her mother was young.

    2. avatar bakers211 says:

      “.9mm” I see what you did there 😉

  14. avatar launchpadmech says:

    Well that’s it for anyone else. Start saving if you want one.

  15. avatar Donna says:

    I have to say that I am disappointed in the new method for choosing the winners. This gives a huge advantage to the earliest submissions as they will have had more than a week to already be garnering likes (ex, the first picture up there already has 86 likes). This also turns this contest into a “who is showing the most skin” or “which picture is the sexiest” contest which has nothing to do with a persons ability to shoot. I am now debating if I am even going to enter. The photo of me posing with my 30-06 and the 600lb Kudu that I had just taken with that same rifle won’t have a chance against someone posed in lingerie.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      The “earliest submissions” issue is a good point. Perhaps some re-thinking is in order.

      As far as “skin vs kudu,” I think you’d be surprised.

    2. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

      I’m going to have to agree. Of course the photos with the most skin are going to garner the most likes, we weren’t told it was a sexiness contest (I might have sent some more obliging photos of my better half if I knew that were the case). The photos posted earlier also have a distinct advantage over those posted later. Not that I really care, but it looks like some people went through a lot of trouble to send in great pictures.

      Donna, send RF the picture. I’ll vote for any woman who made the investment and effort to take down a 600lb Kudu.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        The points made here are well-taken. We’re discussing other options.

        Donna, send in the kudu photo. 🙂

        1. avatar Donna says:

          Thanks for the encouragement. The photo has been sent.

        2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

          Awesome Donna,
          Can’t wait to see it!

        3. avatar Elliotte says:

          Well if you’ve got 3 sets of prizes, what about 1 fan pick, 1 TTAG staff pick, 1 random pick

  16. avatar Calibertarian says:

    Facebook like contest = worst idea yet. Anyone not already well-established has no chance, and it’s going to come down to who’s showing the most skin.

    So much for not coming across as a bunch of misogynistic morons. Well done.

    1. avatar the ruester says:

      Sigh. A woman can’t even send a picture of HERSELF to this site without someone bringing up the lame “sexism” tripe. You know what would be sexist? If you waited for your wife or girlfriend to get out of the shower, threw a rifle at her and then quickly snapped a shot, then immediately posted it to facebook before she knew what was happening. Then this contest would be sexist. This is not that. Sorry, your righteous indignation has no merit.

      1. avatar Jared-Tampa says:

        Great idea for the next contest 🙂 whoever is still alive after doing that at the decided upon date wins RF’s Caracal.

    2. Yes, it’s completely misogynistic for women to send photographs of themselves with their firearms. It’s disgusting, I tell ya. What could they be thinking, degrading themselves in this manner. Just look at those poor, exploited damsels above.

    3. avatar H.R. says:

      Whether it’s misogynistic or not depends on how the contest is decided.

      But given that the suitable end-users for the holsters TTAG is giving away are women… having a contest exclusively for women who shoot guns does make sense.

  17. avatar mike says:

    I dont get the point of the contest. Is it just send in a pic of you with a gun or actually about concealment. There is maybe one or two that actually have anything to do with concealing a weapon.

    1. We simply asked for photos of women with their guns. Period.

      1. avatar Don says:

        I see a double entendre

  18. avatar Fudgesicle says:

    Now, I already mentioned my proclivity towards women with short hair in the comments to the previous post. Yet you people keep posting more and more pictures of said women holding bad ass firearms. Are you TRYING to get me in trouble with the wife?

  19. avatar 0351 says:

    Lady at the bottom with the hat has style.

  20. avatar Tim says:

    I think it should be chosen at random. If i had no life i would get all my friends to vote on a picture i sent in.. But this working for a living is getting in the way of me getting free stuff!!! Sound familiar?

  21. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    What I noticed after looking at the pictures is the excellent trigger finger discipline.
    Way to go ladies!

  22. avatar H.R. says:

    I’d vote for way more than three if I could.
    The only fair way to do it though is random drawing.

  23. avatar Dave says:

    This contest sort of offends my sense of right and strikes me as wrong. I don’t see how having women (or men) send in pictures or women with firearms sends the right message about… well anything other than ‘boobs and guns r good’. I can appreciate pretty girls with guns as much as anyone else who enjoys that, but something’s just “off” about this thing. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this sort of stuff.

    Oh well.. Good luck to the contestants.

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