Steyr Mannlicher’s SL40 Grenade Launcher for Aussie’s EF88 Rifle

Steyr Mannlicher’s SL40 grenade launcher under EF88 rifle (courtesy

I’d buy that for a dollar! Thales Australia Press Release:

Thales Australia has selected Steyr Mannlicher’s SL40 grenade launcher as its preferred choice for Thales’s new EF88 rifle currently under development for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). A new product from the Austrian company, the SL40 has been chosen by Thales after an extensive testing process. It has been designed to integrate seamlessly with all EF88 variants and can be fitted in seconds by soldiers in the field without any specialist tools, delivering tactical flexibility . . .

The SL40 is a light weight (1.025kg), side-opening grenade launcher with a double action trigger, lever operated safety catch and 180mm (7”) barrel.

Thales is developing the EF88 rifle for Australia’s LAND 125 program, with an F90 export range complementing the offering. The SL40 will also be available as part of the Thales F90 offering.

In related news, Thales Australia is seeking Expressions of Interest from international companies for the provision of small arms accessories for an ongoing Australian Department of Defence procurement program.

Thales will commence small arms accessories product analysis and testing in early 2014 under its current Land 125 Ph3C contract. This will include a Request For Tender (RFT) process led by Thales in order to provide tender-quality information to the Department of Defence to aid them in their decision-making.

The primary area of focus is small arms surveillance and target acquisition system ancillaries for fitment to the EF88 weapon system.

The ancillary suite comprises several elements that can be fitted by means of the STANAG 4694 rail system and provide surveillance, target acquisition and point engagement by day and night. These elements should be compact, lightweight, simple and robust while delivering the required performance.


  1. avatar Excedrine says:

    If only 40MM launchers could be owned here without a $400 D.D. tax stamp. Or a very expensive Type 09 FFL. 😐

    1. avatar Doug says:

      $200 tax stamp for everything except AOWs.

  2. avatar Diesel Dan says:

    The EF88 sounds like a nice upgrade to the AUG with all the right improvements. Detailed info at:

    1. avatar Diesel Dan says:

      Has anyone seen any ballistic data or gelatin tests using the new F1A1 ammo with modified boat tail length and meplat?

      1. avatar Accur81 says:

        The new F1A1 ammo looks to me to be exactly like an M855 with the usage of the word “optimised” in multiple locations. The meplat, boat tail, propellant, and inside of the 5.56 have all been “optimised.” Whoopty-do. To penetrate steel, in 5.56, the M855A1 looks to be tops. The Mk 318 Mod 0 expands and penetrates nicely.

        As far as a battle round, I’d much rather have a 300 BLK close in or a 6.8 SPC further out if I’m using a AR / Aug / Scar platform. The militaries of the world are quite taken with the 5.56.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Spikes tactical makes some really nice 37 mm launchers.
    Got to paw all over them at the last gun show.

  4. avatar zack says:

    What’s the point in running BOTH a silencer AND a grenade launcher?

    1. avatar 505markf says:

      Doesn’t seems that odd to me. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don’t. Or, maybe one is for killing and one is for fun?

    2. avatar Vhyrus says:

      When it’s time to go loud, you can start it off right.

      1. avatar lolinski says:

        You are going to shoot more bullets than you are launching grenades. So it doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Should have gone with a reflex type suppressor so it doesn’t stick out past the GL.

    3. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      Suppressor is still reducing the damage to your hearing.

    4. avatar peirsonb says:

      Those two shouldn’t be mutually exclusive….clearly TTAG has given me yet another new goal in life….

    5. avatar seans says:

      Well suppressors make it much harder for people to return accurate fire at night.

  5. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Want! Stupid tax stamps, stupid import restrictions, stupid NFA.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    RPG’s, people. Why argue with success. Yes, the 40mm is easier to carry and the ammo is more packable. But the RPG is worlds above the 40mm in punch and power. And it has anti tank capability.

    Or RPG’s and underslung 40mm”s. Best of both worlds.

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      Never heard of a 40mm being considered an anti-armor weapon. Are you saying that the RPG is more effective as an anti-personnel weapon than a thrown grenade or 40mm launched grenade?

      If so, you’re probably right, but rate of fire would be lower and you have the whole backblast thing to worry about. Limited ammo, too, but man, I sure wouldn’t want to be the target.

      1. avatar seans says:

        They make anti-personnel RPG rounds that are leagues above anything a 40mm can do.

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