Obscure Object of Desire: J.D. Cabrera Coffee Table

JD Cabrera coffee table

Guns make terrific art. Just ask artists Jeff Coons, who raked in $1.4m from CNN’s Anderson Cooper for an as-yet-nonexistent sculpture made from Sean Pean’s gun collection. (No, I did not make that up.) A reader emailed us a promo for the above object d’art by JD Cabrera, who’s slightly more familiar with guns than Balloon Dog boy. “JD’s extensive experience with firearms ranges from building single actions for Colt, lead gunsmith behind the startup of the current Henry Repeating Arms, inspecting firearms for import, building Uberti firearms in Italy all the way to designing the Colt Pony. The size of the table can be deceiving but it is 60” x 34” and stands 22” tall. The top is ¾” museum glass. The wood stocks of the guns were hand carved from a block of wood. The trigger guards were all created from pieces of brass and then gold plated. The gold plated balls on the end of the stocks can be turned to adjust the height of each leg. The sights have been fire blued, just as the original ball and cap muzzle loaders were.” $25k Interested buyers please email [email protected]. More pics after the jump . . .

JD Cabrera coffee table 3


JD Cabrera coffee table 2


  1. avatar michael nieto says:

    I herd rumors that Sean pen had a massive gun collection

    1. avatar Pencotron says:

      Yeah, he had a few in a car that was stolen off the street a few years ago.

  2. avatar ShaunL. says:

    That belongs in a castle somewhere, or the home of a soon-to-be-divorced man.

    1. avatar William Burke says:

      A soon-to-be-divorced legless man.

  3. avatar Matt in FL says:

    That’s really cool looking, but I have neither 25 grand nor room for a five foot coffee table in my living room.

  4. avatar lolinski says:

    Can’t you just duct tape some Hi-points under your glass table, like everyone else?

  5. avatar Ralph says:

    And look — Cooper’s Second Rule!

  6. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    That’s cool. I really like unique tables and desks that incorporate someone’s hobby, profession or whatever passion of theirs. It’s great to be excited about whatever positive things you’re doing with your life and to want to express it.

  7. avatar Paul W says:

    25k. Owch. But it looks badass

  8. avatar Marc says:

    That takes some serious talent. Insanely awesome table!

  9. avatar jwm says:

    That’s man cave material there.

  10. avatar Gunr, from Oregon says:

    I’ll bet that would look even cooler if it had an animal skin laying on top the glass. Like a bobcat or fox maybe.
    I agree. it’s definitely Man Cave material!

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