Mexico’s Small Arms Imports 2012 (Courtesy the United Nations)

SIG-716 (courtesy

One of our sources sent us this link to the United Nations’ rundown on Mexico’s small arms imports for calendar year 2012. He cautioned us that this is hardly a definitive list. “It’s not cross referenced with export reports,” he warned. “Also remember that governments only report what they want to. Especially the more corrupt governments.” Mexico is a poster child in that regard . . .

1. Revolvers and self-loading pistols

Italy 9465

9065 Beretta 9 mm pistols
200 Beretta 0.380” pistols
200 Tanfoglio 0.380” pistols

Austria 383

323 Glock 9 mm pistols 24 Glock 0.40” pistols
31 Glock 0.357” pistols 5 Glock 0.380” pistols

Germany 666

666 Walther 0.22” pistols

United States 2103

1620 Sig Sauer 9 mm pistols
65 Sig Sauer 0.40” pistols
12 Sig Sauer 0.45” pistols
33 Sig Sauer 0.357” pistols
1 Colt 0.45” auto pistol
152 Colt 10 mm pistols
200 Browning 0.22” pistols
20 ACP Colt 0.45 Government Model 1911 pistols, O1991 series

Brazil 558

558 Taurus 0.38” SPL. revolvers

Israel 47

47 IWI 9 mm pistols

Belgium 125

125 F.N. Herstal 5.7 mm Five Seven pistols

Czech Rep. 503

502 Ceska Zbrojovka 9 mm pistols

China 159

155 Norinco 9 mm pistols
4 Norinco 40 mm pistols

2. Rifles and carbines

United States (mostly the AR15/M16 platform) 4883

118 DS Arms 5.56 mm carbines
1 DPMS 7.62×51 mm carbine
1 211 Colt 5.56 mm carbines
515 DPMS 5.56×45 mm carbines
2336 Colt 0.223” carbines
77 Bushmaster 5.56×45 mm carbines
79 Colt 0.223” rifles
330 DS Arms 7.62×51 mm rifles
150 Sig Sauer 5.56 mm rifles
1 Colt 5.56 mm defense rifle
4 Barrett .338 rifles
60 Browning 0.223” rifles
1 Colt 7.62×51 NATO carbine, model CM901

Italy 5765

5 240 IWI 5.56×45 mm rifles  (ARX160) ?
410 IWI 7.62×51 mm rifles
115 IWI 0.223” carbines

Belgium 2

2 F.N. Herstal 7.56×45 mm rifles

China 118

12 Norinco 7.62×51 mm rifles
106 Norinco 5.56 mm rifles

Italy 303

303 Beretta 9 mm carbines

4. Assault rifles

Czech Rep. 1

1 CZ 5.56×45 mm 805 BREN A1 assault rifle Received as a gift

Italy 4537

4410 Beretta 5.56 mm rifles   (ARX160?)
16 Sako 0.308” Win rifles
60 Tikka 0.308” Win rifles
51 Beretta 0.40” carbines

5. Light machine guns

United States 185

34 Colt 9 mm sub-machine guns
151 US Ordnance 7.62×51 mm machine guns

Czech Rep. 152

151 CZ 9 mm sub-machine guns
1 CZ 9 mm Scorpion Evo 3 S1 sub machine gun
1 CZ 9 mm Scorpion Evo 3 S1 sub machine gun — received as a donation

Belgium 122

22 F.N. Herstal 5.56 mm machine guns
92 F.N. Herstal 5.7×28 mm machine pistols
3 F.N. Herstal .50 machine guns
5 F.N. Herstal 7.62 machine guns


8 Glock 9 mm sub-machine guns

Syrian Arab Republic 6807

2 101 Mossberg 12-gauge shotguns
529 Browning 12-gauge shotguns
189 Remington 12-gauge shotguns
2 Blaser 12-gauge shotguns
10 Browning 20-gauge shotguns
361 Mossberg 20-gauge shotguns
60 Remington 20-gauge shotguns
15 Browning 0.410” shotguns
160 Winchester 12-gauge shotguns
1 10 Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun
10 Remington 0.410” shotguns
105 Sig Sauer 5.56×45 rifles
25 Remington .22 LR rifles
12 Remington .223 REM rifles
1 Remington .22-250 rifle
380 Mossberg .22 LR rifles
300 Pipeline .22 LR rifles
2 Sig Sauer .22 LR rifles
5 Weatherby 7 mm rifles
12 Remington 7 mm rifles
20 Browning 7 mm rifles
49 Remington 0.243” rifles
60 Mossberg 0.243” rifles
60 Browning 0.243” rifles
1 Eurosport 0.243” rifle
137 Remington 0.270” rifles
106 Mossberg 0.270” rifles
60 Browning 0.270” rifles
5 Blaser 0.270” rifles
7 Blaser 0.375” rifles
80 Mossberg 0.300” rifles
26 Remington 0.300” rifles
1 Jarrett 0.300” rifle
10 Marlin 22 LR rifles
1 Weatherby 0.300” rifle
20 Browning 0.300” rifles
20 Marlin 22 rifles
5 Blaser 0.300” rifles
56 Remington 0.308” rifles
60 Browning 0.308” rifles
74 Mossberg 0.308” rifles
16 Remington .30-30 rifles
10 Mossberg .30-30 rifles
60 Browning .30-06 rifles
118 Remington .30-06 rifles
100 Mossberg .30-06 rifles
3 Weatherby .30-06 rifles
10 Marlin .30-30 rifles
5 Winchester 7 mm rifles
10 Winchester .300 rifles
30 Winchester 22-250 Win rifles
130 Browning .22 LR rifles
10 Winchester .270 rifles
45 Winchester .308 rifles
23 Winchester .30-06 rifles
45 Winchester .243 rifles
45 Browning .223 rifles

Finland 132

18 Sako 7 mm rifles
25 Sako 0.243” rifles
15 Sako 0.270” rifles
16 Sako 0.300” rifles
29 Sako 0.308” rifles
12 Sako 30-06” rifles
16 Sako 22-250 Rem rifles
1 Sako 260 Rem

Italy 45

15 Fabarm .308 Win rifles
15 Fabarm .30-06 SPRG rifles
15 Fabarm .270 Win rifles

China 52

52 Norinco 12-gauge shotguns

Turkey 427

8 Hatsan 12-gauge shotguns
419 Hatsan 28” shotguns

Spain 155

155 Comlanber 12-gauge shotguns

6. Others

Italy 503 1

54 Benelli 12-gauge shotguns
341 Beretta 12-gauge shotguns
8 Benelli 20-gauge shotguns

Israel 114

99 Fabarm 12-gauge shotguns
15 Caesar Cuerini 12-gauge shotguns

Czech Rep. 1

1 CZ 40×46 mm 805 G1 grenade launcher


  1. avatar Nick says:

    “CZ 5.56×45 mm 805 BREN A1 assault rifle Received as a gift”

    Interesting. I wonder if CZ is going to be exporting these soon?

    1. avatar Oddux says:

      CZ gave them an EVO SMG too. Guess it doesn’t hurt to throw two guns out there and see if they make an impression.

  2. avatar Javier says:

    What’s the Vegas line on how many of those are ATF-sanctioned sales to drug cartels?

    Just kidding I don’t need to know. I’m taking the over.

    1. avatar Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

      Um, that would be 0.000%, as this is a list if sanctioned and (presumably) taxed imports, a formality the BATFE certainly didn’t bother with (they may have talked to about it , but it wasn’t a legal import) also this represents 2013 imports, we dont know of (and therefore cant graph) any gun smuggling operation into Mexico during that year. If your going to make a joke make it funny and don’t base it in complete stupidity.

      1. avatar the ruester says:


      2. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:


  3. avatar Sixpack70 says:

    “4 Norinco 40 mm pistols”

    Damn! That has to be ginormus!

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      The recoil must be a bitch.

    2. avatar Samuel Leoon Suggs says:

      I think thy may actually be talking about flare pistols this time, considering the fact that they got .40 s&w specs right earlier in the the list and the infinitesimal quantity ordered.

    3. avatar Jus Bill says:

      It’s the new Chinese light crew-serviced pistol. A gift to North Korea.

  4. The DEA/CIA gets drugs from the cartels, turns it into money using Rick Ross[1], and then completes shipments of arms in reciprocation through the ATF [2]. To recoup any losses, the NSA provides them with drug interdiction tip-offs on “accidental” recordings[3] if the ATF/DEA promises to strip citizens of their rights to vote and bear arms [citation needed?]. In combination with NAFTA[4] this is far more than an effective plan to keep the hardest working country in the world poor[5]. Thus keeping them from ever becoming a North American super power.

    Lol, that was actually very fun to write. Alex Jones would be proud…….. Too bad I’m gonna get strip searched at the border next time :/


    1. avatar AngryAZ says:

      report your computer stolen unless you want a free cavity inspection for all domestic and international flights for rest of your life….

    2. avatar Marcus Aurelius says:

      Hide a treat for the agent who does the cavity search. A decider ring sounds right; I’m sure they’ll get the joke.

  5. avatar Al says:

    Interesting how many American guns come to Mexico from Syria. Did the Contras move north?

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    So Mexico imported a couple of thousand guns and exported a couple of million people. It hardly sounds fair, does it?

    1. avatar Lazer says:

      I think Ralph’s on to something let’s do that, what they did. If no one has any objections and since I’m still gonna be stuck in NYC for a while, let’s begin our people exporting with Bloomy and his crew, some moms for them to give action to, Coumo and Feinstein. If we could include all the assholes who can’t merge properly on a set of stairs, never look up from their phones, and feel the need to push their way into crowded trains because they are just so much more important than the rest of us, I’d be super psyched. I’m sure the rest of you can think of folks who would fill out our export list nicely, now what awesome stuff should we bring in?

      1. avatar 505markf says:

        I’d be willing to donate my mother-in-law.

  7. avatar KCK says:

    Interesting Note: most of the counties sales were their own product (Belgium/FNH, Italy/Beretta) with the exception of the largest, Syria. They seem to be a dealer of U.S. production.
    Until early 2013 we had an arms embargo to the Assad regime?
    So is this for the Syrian Govt to raise cash. Why wouldn’t Mexico buy direct from U.S. manufacturers instead of Syria?
    Just wonderin’
    Theories anyone?

    1. avatar Jus Bill says:

      CIA-provided rebel weaponry. From independent “arms brokers.”

      1. avatar Paul Rain says:

        Well, at least the evil beasts which Obama’s Ammurica is supplying with weaponry are selling it, rather than using it. Thank god for small mercies.

  8. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    FN 7.56 x 45 ?
    Another gun and caliber I “need”?

  9. avatar 505markf says:

    Someone save this list. We might need foreign imports one day if Obama has his way with the 2nd Amendment. Nice to know who’s open for business is all I’m saying.

  10. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:


    8 Glock 9 mm sub-machine guns”

    I didn’t realize Glock made anything but semi-automatic pistols. I read “sub-machine guns” and I think pistol caliber carbine, or at least a machine pistol. I do know, as I learned from the ATF website, that it’s technically possible and apparently simple to swap out the slide cover plate and transform your basic Glock pistol into an extremely illegal full auto firearm. But does Glock themselves sell factory pistols in that flavor? Seems silly.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Glock 18.

    2. avatar Anon in CT says:

      Glock 18.

      What – you think that they can’t count?

      1. avatar Jonathan -- Houston says:

        I had my doubts. After all, the G17 holds 17 rounds, but the next smaller 9mm holding 15 rounds is called the G19. Something always seemed odd about that.

        And didn’t Glock just skip numbers 40 and 41 when coming out with their new G42 double stack .380? Who am I to question the method to Gaston’s madness? I still believe every annual rumor that this is the year they’ll make and market a civilian PCC.

        Anyway, I’d never heard of the full auto G18 before, so thanks for the info. What Mexico is going to do with those one can only imagine.

  11. avatar Anon in CT says:

    Israel =/= Italy.


    Just sayin’

    1. avatar claudio says:

      Exactly, FABARM and Caesar Guerini, Italy not Israel

  12. avatar JSIII says:

    What the hell does law enforcement or MIL need with these
    1 Colt 0.45” auto pistol
    152 Colt 10 mm pistols

    Sounds like special order on account of the Colt 45 and outfitting some sort of special unit…or a cartel with the 10MM Delta Elites(assuming)

  13. avatar JAS says:

    Military and Police standardize as a matter of cost effectiveness. With so many different arms on the list a lot of it has to be for resale. Especially the stuff from Syria.

  14. avatar rlc2 says:

    I was about to discount this as bogus when I assumed this was State Dept or DOJ info.

    But its ok now I see that its coming from the UN. Totally trustworthy…

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